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  1. Pour a can of Coors light in a mug and leave it by the pond for the Heron. He won't be back.
  2. I have been to Dr.Hernandez. Dr. Fabian is now my urologist.
  3. If anyone has contact info for Jason and Michelle who used to manage 4s restaurant please send me a pm.
  4. Many of my Mexican friends only used apodos (nicknames). Heck, many of them do not even know each other's given names although they grew up together since kinder. I learned that lesson when stopped on a dirt bike in the mountains of northern Michoacan near Cotija de la Paz. After being stopped by the local "jovenes" and questioned I told them my friend in the nearby town was Juan Carlos Chavez. Never heard of him. At least I had cell phone reception so I called Juan Carlos and told him that the guys who stopped me did not know him. He said, tell them I am Quincea, his nickname. Problem solved. The driver gave me his cell phone number and told me if I ever needed anything to call. Gracias.
  5. Do not rely on hearsay from anyone who lives in a fracc or your real estate agent. Pick one and ask for the fracc records so you can verify what percentage of the fracc members pay their dues. Compare the math of a small fracc with 50 homeowners that collects 50% of the dues vs a large fracc with 450 owners that collects 50% of the dues. When the time comes to drill a well, and it will, an assessment will be the method to pay for the new well. A lot easier to pay for a well when you have members who pay their dues. There is strength in numbers. A fracc that has amenities such as a club house, pool, tennis courts, racquet ball courts, and/or gym, etc will have leverage with non-paying members because they can ban the deadbeats from using the facilities. A fracc with few amenities does not have that option. Also it is common to hear at lakeside that "Mexicans do not pay their dues." It all depends on which fracc you are referencing. Some yes and some no. Good luck.
  6. Maybe this guy can repair printers Compucel del Lago Benjamin, owner
  7. Tow it to San Luis Soyatlan, turn right at the OXXO. Drive up the hill, then park it. The local chop shop will mince it into pieces in about three hours. Problem solved.
  8. Oil filters are manufactured specific to either conventional oil or synthetic oil. A big waste of money if the mechanic installs the wrong filter.
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