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  1. A few months ago I took a friend to Texas and crossed at Colombia. He had 6 liters of expensive Tequila and a case of beer. The credit card terminal was not functioning and CBP refused the tax payment in MXN pesos. Neither of us had dollars so CBP made him pour it all out in a 55 gallon barrel. YMMV
  2. There are some who are older than Artsnob, Some arrived with Moses when he parted the waters of Lake Chapala.
  3. 42,000 km and rising. 38hp/22 ft/lb torque at 360 lbs curb weight. Norton levers, Racetech suspension front and rear, Hi-capacity radiator, tail rack for luggage, Saddleman seat, frame sliders, and rear spools included. Jalisco plated. Original owner with factura and all fees paid in full. Never dropped or wrecked. Needs nothing. A sportbike with compact frame and ergonomics fits vertically challenged riders well. 80,000 MXN OBO. Will consider trade for a 70's Brit bike or BMW airhead.
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