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  1. Carl Cameron, former Fox News Chief Political Correspondent, explains the "Disinformation Disease" that envelopes the opinion news anchors at Fox. Follow the money. Follow the Money
  2. OK. thanks for correcting my timeline. So five months late and not seven months late. One video vs hundreds of FOX pushing the anti-vax nonsense. Lots of deaths over the last seven months could have been avoided. Numbers do not lie. Just trying to present the facts, not fiction.
  3. Got a video of that? Your post is somewhat misleading, Sean said nothing until a couple of weeks ago, and then the next day he walked it back.
  4. Fox news anchors did not start recommending vaccines until July 20, 2021. Does anyone have a video of Fox news promoting vaccinations prior to July 2021? I can find dozens of vaccination fear videos from Fox news prior to that date. The horse was out of the barn, seven months too late. These anchors are not journalists, they are paid anchors laughing all the way to the bank.
  5. Read the headline and then do your homework. It's not rocket science, it is Base Rate Fallacy. Today's Homework
  6. I find it ironic that the anti-vaxers who did not want to be part of the "experiment" fail to realize that now they are the control group.
  7. For all of the non maskers/anti vaxxers who based their opinions upon "credible" sources like facebook, QAnon, Faux news, Drudge report, Parler, and Breitbart, etc. etc. > You may want to take a trip to Joco and ask a medical professional about his first hand Covid experience, Dr. Adolfo Nuñez. At the entrance, walk down to the third row and turn left, then about 10 meters later you will find him on the right. He was infected by two American expats from Ajijic. Dr. Nuñez was dead in 72 hours. He was not vaccinated since the vaccine was not available to medical professionals in Mexico in the first tier roll out. Descanse en Paz Dr, Nuñez.
  8. If you followed the video to the end you will find this anti mask anti vac clown is hawking Anti-Fauci T-shirts. These you tubers are all in it for a buck and laughing all the way to the bank. Follow the money. Nothing to see here, Just another fraud,
  9. The largest drop in life expectancy for Americans was in 2020, at 1.5 years. The biggest drop since 1943. Science is a fluid process of learning, but science does not lie. Numbers do not lie. You can bet your bottom dollar that all of those main stream news anchors pushing the anti mask / anti vax agenda have been vaccinated and are laughing all the way to the bank. Follow the Money.
  10. Defund public education and you end up with this mess. The average American reads at the 7th/8th grade level. Keep the people ignorant and you can manipulate and control them with misinformation. That is what keeps a political party in power. Follow the money.
  11. Science is not the truth. Science is finding the truth. When science changes its opinion, it did not lie to you. It learned more. Not my words, but from someone who is not married to their beliefs.
  12. Ferret once again you are confusing many here with facts.
  13. Reminds me of your words last year on this web board..."the kung fu virus is the same virus as the common cold,,,more people die of the flu every year than Covid,,, it will all go away tomorrow", now 612,000 dead Americans and millions in the world. I think I will pass on your opinion this time.
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