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  1. I am no techie but my son recently purchased a product "BAM" from ATT that is a wireless device for internet access. The device is 1500p and a one year contract for 10 gb per month is 3000p so total cost is 4500p. Or you can try it for a minimum of 2 months, then the out of pocket cost would be 1500p for the device plus 200p each month so 1900p. The gb at that price is 1.5 gb per month. If you are not satisfied, you can terminate at the end of two months. Pkgs are available up to 16 gb per month at 1000p if 10 gb is not sufficient for you. I am not aware of the speeds available in your area.
  2. Can you recommend any hotels on the Zac route to Saltillo in the event you get stuck somewhere between Saltillo and Zac?
  3. Yes I can confirm this also and they have accepted pets since the remodel was finished about a year ago. There is an excellent restaurant 10 minutes up the road on the lateral, El Meson Principal. If you cannot make it to Saltillo going North, there is a new hotel that just opened in San Pedro about 1/2 way the distance from Matehuala, but I do not know about the dog policy.
  4. Does anyone have first hand experience with this: Is it possible to move directly from an FMM to Permanent Resident and skip the 4 yr Temporal Visa? I´ve got two friends who want to do this now if possible. Thanks.
  5. Dr. Nestor Antonio Ocaranza Velasco, (Dr. Nestor Ocaranza)
  6. 387-783-2801, Closed Sundays, opens about 9 AM closes around 10 or later
  7. I converted to this plan a couple of months ago. Recently I was in the states and my 30 days ran dry so I went to the local barrio, found a cel kiosk in a grocery store and paid my 100 pesos, actually it cost me $12 USD for the 100 peso plan, an extra charge for the clerk to do the deal. Now my tel cel will call and text US>Mexico landlines and cel phones in addition to calling from Mexico>US unlimited. You just need to add the 011 52 before the area code/number when calling into Mexico. If you are calling a cel in Mexico, you also have to plug in the 1 , so 011 52 1 xxx xxx xxxx.
  8. Sierra Del Tigre, Tracks in red are beginner/intermediate.
  9. Mexico residents 60 and older get a substantial discount with the Jalisco state DIF card at Chopo for medical tests something like 10 to 15%. I don´t know if the other labs mentioned in this thread provide the same discount. I have not been to a lab in a couple of years though so maybe that has changed. I remembered that I had to ask for the discount, they will not offer it to you otherwise.
  10. Do those prices reflect a DIF discount or straight up retail?
  11. El mas rico no es el que tiene mas, sino el que necesita menos.. The richest is not the one that has more, but the one that needs less..
  12. Ah Chihuahua! Cuanto apache... Cuanto indio sin huraches. I've always heard Ah Chihuahua but never the follow up part about the apache and indian until today. Anyway my friends get a big kick out of the whole phrase. Also this one I heard today while standing in a line with a bunch of Mexican lawyers in Guad: Cuando vayas a abogado, llevate un gato... Que el gato salta sobre el abodado, el es un rata. Si, el gato corre, el es un pero, un gran chingon. When you go to see a lawyer, take a cat. If the cat jumps on the lawyer then the lawyer is a rat. If the cat runs from the lawyer, then the lawyer is a dog, (as in the US, a junkyard dog that will get your money.) One of the lawyers told me that modismo for the rich upper class Mexicans (and/or pochos who return to Mexican and act like rich uppity Mexicans) is creeidos. A young girl standing behind me said that younger Mexicans call uppity Mexicans and pochos --- fresas (strawberries). You can sure learn a lot when you are standing in line for 6 hours.
  13. Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres. ............ Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. Antes de hablar es bueno pensar. ...(It's good to ) think before you speak.
  14. I'm closer to 60 than 50; but I just don't roll over and give up no matter how bad my Spanish is and how slow the progress is. Sure its harder at an older age, No argument from me about that. Poco a poco. I just think a lot of people use the old age argument as nothing more than a excuse. Ultimately the question for each is: What do I have to lose by being persistent and trying every day? What do I have to gain by continuing this effort? A no brainer for me despite my old age.
  15. "perhaps we can try a little harder"... Agreed. It is surprising to find how many gringos could care less about learning Spanish. Many are here for the cost of living and climate. I met an American about 60 yrs old last week who needed translation help at a store in Ajijic and although he has lived here 10 yrs and he is married to a young Mexican woman and he has a child with her----- he was unable to understand a simple invoice. His excuse was that he was too old. Gee, give me a break....
  16. The bookstore in Ajijic used to have a book of common Mexican dichos. Never read it but someone may find it of interest. I don't know if those mentioned in the book pertain to the Jalisco area either.
  17. Five or so of the more than 20 slang sayings I previously posted could be interpreted as low class or rude and should not be used in conversation unless the other party is a close friend. Most of the sayings are however used by many Mexicans frequently. I would delete the previous post as it was not my intent to stir up trouble, but since it has already been quoted by others, my deletion would serve no purpose. Perhaps the moderator can clean the thread. Sorry bout this. I won't post any more slang because oftentimes slang can be interpreted many different ways by different people.
  18. Here's a few, with a lot of spelling errors though: Como te ha ido? How's it going, how's it been for you? answer -- muy bien Mi corazon late y late como burro sin mecate - My heart beats and beats like a burro without a lasso.... Que chido - How cool! Que barbaro (a) - Awesome Que dios se lo paque. - Thank god you have paid. Al pueblo que fueres hacer lo que vieres - To whatever village you go, do as they do ( do as you see) Como te veo me vi, como me ves te veras - Like he sees now I saw, Like I see he will see.. (for example, father to son..) De tal palo, tal astilla - The father and son are same, like the phrase in english, the acorn does not fall far from the tree.. Hijo de Tigre pintito- son of the tiger, both have stripes, similar to above phrase De tal palo, tal astilla.. Hay Jalisco, no te rajes - Don't be afraid in Jaliso, No chickens in Jalisco, never give up, don't quit Jalisco.. Si se puede Mexico, Yes Mexico we can! Pueblo chico infierno grande - Small town big hell, as in gossip for example Te portas mal or mal por tado - You behave badly. Andale pues - Go safely like (Que te vaya bien.) Jalisco nunca pierde y cuando pierde, arrebata. Jalisco does not lose, and when we lose, we take it back. Tu eres muy burro - You are stubborn Pobre sito chillon - poor cry baby Creo que si - I believe so Las palabras del abuelo son de gran valor para mi - The words of my grandfather are of great importance to me Edited by Kiko 12/11/08 to remove potential offensive slang phrases.
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