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  1. On Vicente Guerreo across from Ferreteria Venado is a store that has oxygen tanks. I assume he does exchanges. I do not know the name of the store.
  2. Credit goes to Ben Irvine, a pizza delivery driver in London who is also a free lance writer.
  3. Solar powered fountain pumps with one small panel are available.
  4. That's not true. He called Alex Jones of Infowars the day after he was elected and gave Alex and his viewers credit for his win.
  5. Actually Biden did give Operation Warp Speed and Trump some credit in December 2020 when he received his vaccination, Biden receives Covid-19 vaccine, praises Trump's 'Operation Warp Speed' (nbcnews.com)
  6. 'Your child will wait for another child to die.' Amid Covid-19 surge, Dallas County has no pediatric ICU beds left, county judge says - CNN A year ago the anti mask crowd was screaming the economy will crash with mask mandates. Well I guess they were right, now that the young are dying off there will be no engine to drive the economy. How ironic is that?
  7. Does anyone have first hand experience with these buried wire fencing products to keep small pets out of pool areas?
  8. From what information I was able to find, 44% of the ICU beds are filled with Covid patients in Florida. From NPR, a news media source I consider more reliable than the other main stream networks cartoon shows. With Record-High Cases, Florida Emerges As COVID-19 Epicenter : Coronavirus Updates : NPR
  9. What about the rights of those patients who are in need of immediate treatment from cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, organ transplants, etc but cannot receive treatment because the hospitals are full of patients who have refused a covid vaccination?
  10. When I walk on a plaza and most people are without masks, I become forgetful and/or complacent of the pandemic danger. Then when I see someone with a mask on, I come back to reality. I am reminded to keep a couple of meters away from everyone so I take some steps back from all I come close to. A mask is a mitigating factor in the protection from the virus if for no other reason it is a reminder to social distance. There is no certainity in life, but masks and vacs are the best we have at this time.
  11. J & J is better because I invested in it. Nothing better than one's self interest, right??
  12. I glanced at the stats last night and China has reported about 4500 deaths from COVID. I guess the bigger the lie, then more people will believe.
  13. Everyone is an expert in immunology nowadays,
  14. FWIW, Dr Sam told me that a Sinovac shot on top of two Pfizers was the gold standard vaccination.
  15. @elevator Tried to pm you but you cannot receive messages.
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