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  1. I don't know about your friend, but I have had good luck finding gringos here on America's Most Wanted reruns.  Season two had a guy I went to high school with in Texas.  We always knew he would be famous one day.  He will miss our 50th reunion, Supermax in Colorado won't give him a weekend pass.  Maybe El Chapo will loan him a shovel.

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  2. 2 hours ago, MitchF said:

    Sorry, I meant happy...lol

    If you see an "X" on the "heart" icon after your mistake, a short tap on the "X" will remove your error.

    Sometimes I give an A-hole a "Like" just to make them wonder what I am up to. LOL

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  3. You are as safe or safer here with the proper precautions unless you become sick.  Consider a Plan B because you will not be flying back to the states with a Covid + test.  I'll take my chances here anyday  but if I had to return to the US I could make it by car in one day, no covid required test for land travel.  There are no certainties in life, Best of luck to you

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