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  1. Coming from Chapala, drive thru the first stop light in Joco, a Chinese restaurant will be on your left a few doors past the Guadalajara Farmacia. If you cross Calle Nicolas Bravo, then you drove past the restaurant. I think one day a week is a buffet day, maybe Monday. A Chinese buffet place is on the same road but before the stop light and it is also to your left side.
  2. No legal expert here. If it were me I would install a camera/doorbell/speaker system. I would only open my door to friends or those invited. That may not solve the immediate problem, but it may avoid further escalation of the conflict and provide you more time to resolve the core issues. Best of luck.
  3. But it must be true, I read it on Borderland Beat.😄
  4. In the case of the vivero, it was an inheritance not a sale. I don't know how the law compares that to a sale. There were lawyers involved and the sisters did receive something. I do not know if the property has since been sold by the heirs. I just know the son in law tried his best to force them to quit but that did not work out for him. I also have always paid at closings as required by law.
  5. Back on topic, get a stencil and spray paint on your front door: CJNG in bold letters. The police will not bother you. Problem solved.
  6. This is exactly what happened to Rosa y Lupe who had worked at the Vivero across from the Laguna Centro on the libramiento for over 20 years as managers. When the American owner passed last year, the Mexican son-in-law inherited the property and told them to go dig a hole to plant a 15 yr old palm tree. Yeah sure. In the end they were terminated and paid a few pesitos on their pension. Rosa had worked 7 days a week with only two holidays a year, Easter and Christmas. Lupe, her sister, had one day a week off, Thursday and then two holidays each year. The new owner inherited millions but greed knows no bounds. Does not matter Mexican or expat, I have known expats who have done the same. In my mind, there is no right way to do the wrong thing.
  7. Thank You for reminding us of the efforts of so many kind and generous expats at lakeside. I hope your post will spark others to follow in Sue's path.🙂
  8. If you are unable to wait for a 2 to 4 week appt time at the Guadalajara consulate you can take a small vacation and drive to San Miguel Allende, GTO. The US Consulate there will notarize your documents on a walk-in-basis I think Mon thru Fri 12-1:30PM. A mini vacation with great sight seeing and great restaurants. Or there is always PV but I do not know if they accept walk-ins. Like the Mexicans say, "There is always a way....."
  9. Last week I paid for two vehicles and they told me to come back in April for the tarjeta circulacion. The next day my wife went and paid for her car and they gave her the tarjeta. 🤔
  10. I gave a "like" for the 'second meter comment to run the pool pump.' I did that and it dropped me out of DAC. I tried to add a second meter in Ajijic but no luck. In Joco a few years later, there was no problem with a second meter add. Go figure. The other comment about the "poor folk" who are illegally connected ?? I do not know any Mexicans who steal electricity but I personally know 6 Americans and Canadians with puentes installed in their meters to bypass the meter and hence free electricity. They certainly are not "poor folk", just cheap asses. All of them could easily afford a solar system. After one of the Americans was caught with the puente in his meter, he paid a hefty fine, 20,000 Pesos. So he waited until his neighbor left town for vacation. He dug a trench to the neighbor's house and illegally connected for electricity and water to run his pool pump. How would you like to live next to that guy?
  11. Same guy has opened a shop on Viciente Guerrero in Jocotepec and that shop is the best around for those who live in lakeside west areas.
  12. Michoacán, el alma de México. Everyone just about is in the guitar business there. You need to hunt to find the best though.
  13. I think the 357 Magnum cannot be registered in Mexico, it is not a permitted handgun. Hence, the ammo will be nearly unobtainable. That may be the reason for the bargain price. Unregistered and no ammo. You could probably sell it in Ajijic anyway though and still pocket some pesos.
  14. Don't leave me hanging. Does Costco have salted butter today? . . . . .LOL
  15. Be sure to visit Paracho, Michoacan in early August for the International Guitar Festival. Or anytime of the year. You won't be disappointed.
  16. I don't worry too much about being an opionated person. If someone asks my opinion. I refer them to my wife. 😁
  17. Some posters just have a bad hair day once in a while. I dunno, I don't care. Not my problem. Some people see life as a half glass empty, others as a half glass full. I tend to think like an engineer, the glass is the wrong size so just pass the bottle and forget about the glass.
  18. Borderland Beat...Anonymous owner and many anonymous contributors such as various carteles that use the BB to intimidate and threaten other carteles and their families.
  19. "No dejes camino Real por vereda" which means don't leave the main road. . . .
  20. I have about 40 new in the package brushed nickel pulls if anyone is interested. Someone goofed up.
  21. If you want contemporary/modern pulls, the store to the right of Casa del Plomero has a good selection.
  22. I have had 5 root canals at lakeside with the most often recommended dentists, including Haro. Three of those 5 root canals failed within 5 years. The last two remaining root canals were done in the last 18 months with other recommended local dentists, so time will tell. I do not know your age, but for me at 66 with compromised tooth enamel, the three failed root canals occurred when those teeth fractured and had to be extracted. So then implants were the only remaining option. if I had to do this over again I would have skipped the root canals and gone to implants. The only pain free root canal that I have had was about 6 months ago with Dr. Coty Salas.
  23. If someone is losing sleep over this then here is an option. Go to Amazon or Ebay and buy two high capacity bathroom scales (don't worry they are cheap). Place one scale under the right footing of your Lp tank and the other under the left footing of the tank. Record the numbers of the two scales prior to filling and add together. After filling your tank, record the scale numbers again and subtract the first number from the second reading. Lp per liter weighs about 1.1 lb. Do the math and now you can sleep at night. Better yet forget spending $80 for two scales and apply that money to a solar hot water system.
  24. Which lakeside restaurants are open today? Thanks
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