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  1. Nope. Good gps software for here is E32 Cartografica. http://cartografiagps.com/en/
  2. Many Mexicans who are asking for a few pesos are not scam artists. Many are in need of help. I agree that scams seem to be more common in expat areas because of the gringo influx. If you don't want to give a few pesos here or there, then don't. But expats who paint Mexicans with a wide paint brush as scam artists are simply no different than those Mexicans who call expats Ugly Americans. Like the saying goes, when you judge others, you are judging yourself.
  3. A good idea is to take a gps with you for a bread crumb trail for some of the tracks as seen here in red.
  4. Sierra del Tigre is a few thousand hectares of mixed trails in pine forest setting. You will need to ride on the libre to San Cristobal and there you can take the dirt road over Sauz to Teocuitatlan and then an entrance to dirt roads of Sierra del Tigre. ATV Rentals are available in Mazamitla.
  5. Benjamin at Compu Cel in Joco can either repair or advise you. Bi-lingual also. CompuCel
  6. Some 37 yrs ago I took my girlfriend to South Padre Island for a three day weekend. I distinctly remember that the best prime rib I had ever had (up to that time) was at a restaurant by the name of Louie's Backyard. A few months later we married and flew to Zihuatanejo for the honeymoon. But that is another story for another day.
  7. My neighbor saved a Yorkie Poodle mix from the street. The Yorkie Poo has been groomed. She is in good health and all vaccinations have been made by Ladrone. She is about 3 years old and about 7 lbs. She fetches, plays well with other dogs, potty trained, and she is not a yapper. Very calm laid back pup. Looking for a home now that she is healthy and safe off the street. PM me if you want a good small lap dog.
  8. Kiko

    Mexican Passport

    Will you post the attorney's contact info? The going rate with the LCS lawyer or ABC Legal, Azucena, is about 20,000 pesos.
  9. There is a reason you see scooters everywhere in Jocotepec with smooth brick, paved, or concrete road surfaces. Ajijic and Chapala area not so much with piedra. So drop some coin and buy Japanese, either Honda CGL Tool or Honda Wave with 18" or 17" wheel set. Those small 12" wheel sets on scooters with short wheelbases do not do well on piedra. Japanese motos at this price bracket only cost about 10% more than comparable Chino brands but the Japanese models last forever. Resale values of Japanese brands are far better also. Buy Chino, Buy twice.
  10. No worries. I did not think you meant me, I like diverse opinions but not insults, regardless of the intent.
  11. I stand by my comments. I do not equate human lives with cars. But I get your drift. I own properties in both Mexico and Texas so yes this is an issue for me. We can agree to disagree without personal insults.
  12. Yes the subsidies provided by ACA end next year 2020. That begs the question, how many poor Americans have died or will die from lack of affordable medical care between 2016 to 2020 because their states rejected the subsidies. The new Medicare guidelines in the current proposed budget will cut $1.5 trillion between 2020 and 2029. How will that affect you? This is a valid topic for expats because many still pay US taxes and claim Medicare benefits.
  13. Do your homework. Full Medicaid availability is not equal in all states. Many states refused the medicaid expansion as provided by the Affordable Care Act. Severe limitations and availability for the poor in states like Texas and Alabama. Many other states also.
  14. Maybe the newer biodegradable plastic bags are more feasible. We have the same HEB cloth bags we bought over 30 years ago in use today.
  15. I am very aware of the fracc problems on both sides For the record I did not vote to accept the financial records as presented by the President. Also I stated in my post that I did not agree with the rules of the meeting for several reasons. In my opinion, if the RC members wish to try to resolve the important issues on the table today, then the first step is to refrain from insulting those members who may not share our opinion. That was the purpose of my earlier post.
  16. I think the woman (OP referenced) spoke of her affection for the Mexican people and their culture. She grew up on the border and had traveled extensively throughout Mexico all of her life. She stated she was a permanent resident of Mexico for 15 years and had served as both president and vice president of fraccionaminetos in Mexico. She said this was her first membership meeting at RC and was disturbed at the behavior of some of the members during the meeting. She was polite and respectful. She did not point any fingers at the expat members. She said that disruptive, impolite, and disrepectful behavior undermines the credibility of one's viewpoint with the Mexican people. This behavior creates more division. My observation was that a group of expats repeatedly disrupted the meeting with random heckling and shouting directed at the Mexican Jocotepec official, Mexican Board President, and Mexican Fracc attorney. They broke the rules of order repeatedly. I did not agree with rules of the meeting but I did abide by those rules. At the conclusion of her comments she stated we are guests in this country and so we should be polite and respectful. "Pathetic, Gushing, patronizing?" Draw your own conclusions.
  17. The world needs more people like Diana Kennedy today. Excellent read.
  18. Bancomer contacted me Friday with a fraud alert when I made a mistake with a transfer on my mobile account. I had started a transfer and canceled.
  19. Whenever someone mentions mushrooms, I think of the story of the German family who went into the forest to collect truffles. As they were preparing a meal at home with their truffles they gave some to their cat. When they sat down to eat, the cat leapt up ran around the dining room several times screeching in pain and then collapsed. The family immediately rushed to the hospital and all had their stomachs pumped. Upon returning home, they found the cat with a litter of new born kittens under the dining room table.
  20. Thanks for posting this article Bisbee Gal. I keep a place in Michoacán and in this pueblo I know many older Michoacanos who desperately want to see their children one last time. I will go there on Friday and inform them of this program.
  21. Like the old Mexican joke when Pancho Villa told his men, "Today I have good news and bad news. The men all cheer. Tell us the good news first Pancho. Pancho says today we all get to change our underwear. Cheers from all of the men. What is the bad news Pancho? Pancho Villa says, Juan you change with Pedro, and Manuel you change with Gustavo, Mario you change with Enrique, ……….."
  22. I think there is an AT&T sucursal in Joco on Morelos within a block of Wings and Fly.
  23. Probably someone in the Roca Azul RV park could help out. Worth a drive by.
  24. ^^^^ Same Juan Cornejo I mentioned and the address is correct.
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