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  1. Con dinero, baila el perro. A dicho Mexicans say when dealing with Aduana.
  2. ^^^ I think the issue with Aduana is if the ATV in the back of the truck had a license plate or not. When I crossed with a plated dirt bike, I removed the plate and lights from the bike before I crossed into Mexico. I explained the dirt bike was for offroad use only. I still had to do a lot of 'splaining to get Aduana to put the moto on one TVIP as remolque. That was about 8 years ago at Colombia bridge N of Laredo so maybe the rules have changed. On a sidebar, there is about a 30 mile stretch of road as you leave Colombia bridge and enter into Mexico that has some criminal history. When I returned the truck and bike North I had a problem on that stretch of road. I would not recommend that route for anyone in a truck with bike in back based on my experience. YMMV
  3. You might get lucky and find a loaner bike here, street or dirt?
  4. Two vehicles will require two TVIPs. One person cannot hold more than one TVIP. The husband can have one title/registration in his name for one vehicle to obtain the TVIP for that vehicle. The wife will need the title/registration for the second vehicle in her name. Depending on age of vehicle the deposit on your credit card will vary $200 to 400 for each vehicle. Years ago I used the current state vehicle registration docs. Some crossings will accept state registration and others may ask for the title. Bring both. If there is a lien on a vehicle and you choose to use the title, they may ask for a letter of permission from lender to take the vehicle across the border. Insurance is required and the liability limits vary state to state so go for the max. Shop around. They probably will not ask to see proof of insurance at the border but if you are in an accident then you will need to have it. Also passport and drivers license names must match. Or you can get your TVIP online, https://www.banjercito.com.mx/registroVehiculos/ Always note on the FMM/TVIP forms that you will be in Mexico for the max allowed 180 days just in case you get delayed, then you will not forfeit the deposits. Do not lose the paperwork or you will not receive your deposit refund when you exit Mexico. If the moto is an unplated dirt bike, you could possibly bring it in under "remolque" on one TVIP since it will not be ridden on public roads. Depends on the official on duty that day. You should confirm the above info as these TVIP requirements are known to change overnite. Good luck,
  5. Send a pm to RVGRINGO. He lives in the McAllen, Texas area and if I remember he is a vet. You won't meet a nicer guy.
  6. The spin of "global warming" into "climate change" is explained in the movie "Vice", now showing in Ajijic. Also, the spin of "estate tax" into "death tax" is explained. Excellent movie.
  7. Although I am a gavacho, I am impressed when my beaner friends introduce me as a mexicano culo blanco. Gotta love their sense of humor coupled with non judgment of others.
  8. Kiko

    IMSS vs. SP

    It will take longer than 10 minutes if you are required to provide proof of residency like a letter from the Presidencia along with foto and supporting documentation. I forget the legal term for the letter. After you do all of that, then yes 10 min at the SP hospital.
  9. Paid capital gains on one sale. I remember the wait period is in fact 3 years and not 5 years.
  10. ^^We had 3 real estate transactions here in the last 6 months. The above 2 posts reflect our experience during that time frame. Good luck
  11. It wasn"t a joke. Some squirrels chewed thru my Ford pickup wiring harness once in Texas up under the air cleaner where there was an electric element that heated the diesel in winter time. I had it repaired then sprayed Jalapeño juice on the repair. Worked great. Since it was in Texas there is a good chance they were mojados.
  12. Jalapeño juice diluted with water
  13. Another perspective is that perhaps some sgl expat men are seeking opportunities with destitute Mexican women. This time it backfired.
  14. Ask your Mexican neighbors if they report burgularies to the police. If you have homeowner's insurance theft coverage then you will need a police report.
  15. Personal experience with neighbors who have been burglarized in the Jocotepec Municipio. The police need to catch the perps in the act. In twelve years I have known a handful of expats with camera systems who have been to the police with video and no action was taken by the police after viewing the videos. In one instance the police recognized the perps in the video, but took no action. YMMV
  16. Video is an option if you are willing to hunt down the perps on your own to extract justice. The police will not act on video. The perps know this. Just saying.
  17. I asked a Mexican friend which Mexican insurance carrier he used for his car. His reply was "I have the Nike policy."
  18. My pentair model required cleaning every three/four months. Still working fine after 5 years. If that does not work, zipmypackages.com will bring you a new one from the US a lot cheaper than 15k.
  19. For maximum efficiency it is a good idea to have a gpm flow indicator installed on the return line from the solar panels to the pool. This will provide you with an accurate gallons per minute flow rate for your system. Then you will know how to throttle the pump outlet to the solar panels to achieve the correct flow rate thru the panels. Every system is different pending piping ID, piping length run, and head to highest point of solar panel installation. Too much pump/flow rate is just as bad as too little pump/flow rate. Without a flow indicator you may end up with some trial and error adjustments. Another person's advice may not apply to your system.
  20. Nice try... but no cigar. Most ppl who are impoverished are so because their govt does not fund education. Sort of tough to understand "vision" if you do not know what it is.
  21. There is a special place in Hell for those posters who denigrate and disrespect the victims. An absolute shame that we have expats here who find a tragic event so entertaining. Sick.
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