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  1. Conversational narcissists. Moral of the story is that you are never too old to learn something stupid from these folks. Small minded people talk of others, Boring people talk of themselves, INTERESTING people talk of ideas and get things done.
  2. Chida foto. If I can kick start a Honda XR650R with a race cam and no decompressor I can kick start that Brit no problem. No soy puto. You got my number or pm me.
  3. To quote my own post, LOL, if you need some help to mod a quad (hey that rhymes), Estoy a sus ordenes cuando disponsible.‎ This is not "virtue signaliing". This is what fellow motocyclists do. 🖖
  4. FWIW I did see a Kawasaki quad for sale near the pemex on the libramiento a couple of days ago on the East side going north.
  5. "Ay Jalisco, no te rajes." (Don't give up.)
  6. I do not know when you were there. My neighbor was there 3 weeks ago and her bill for 7 nights was 800,000 MXN. It is not just Puerta Hierro del Sur either. All of the hospitals have jumped in fees a lot in the past few months.
  7. Mexico's version of "Death with Dignity" is managed by your local vet. just messin with you, I don't take life too seriously
  8. In my experience, properties in close proximity to Ajijic tend to hold value better, In your case, I would go with San Juan Cosala. On a side bar, one bit of good advice an agent gave me many years ago was to buy a property with few if any stairs. I have had 5 properties here, 4 at lakeside, and I agree with the stairs issue. Buena suerte.
  9. Will you pm me his address please?
  10. He told me I had to pay out of pocket for meds and GNP would reimburse me. It was a time critical situation. GNP did not reimburse me because the protocol is that the agent is required to order the meds thru GNP. Someone in his office was in training, like "Fake it until you make it." Speaking about healthcare costs here, Puerta Hierro del Sur is 5000 USD per night for a room. Best to have a Plan B.
  11. For the benefit of others here, if you drop GNP and then later want to acquire a new policy, GNP will not accept you after the age of 65. Excellent insurance although a local agent here dropped the ball on my one claim. His error cost me $5000 USD.
  12. Safety concerns on HWY 200, like much of Mexico, is fluid. You buy your ticket and take your chances. Probably safer than Mazamitla today. Who knows tomorrow?
  13. Not a challenge to your comments, but I am curious how was it determined that the trucks were CJNG? I was in Zamora a couple of years ago and they came into el centro with 20 trucks and CJNG decals on the doors and murdered some police officers. Bunch of meth head baby killers. I assume it was determined they were CJNG because they own the plaza here in lakeside towns.
  14. His history, from bankrupt at 59 to millionaire in a few short years. I remember Rob as humble and kind. You won't find a nicer person than Patsi. Rob Krakoff
  15. Dual citizenship I believe. His career was in the US, not sure if he was born there or here. Has full pension from union in California and some medicare but I do not know the details.
  16. My friend in Joco had a retina detachment eye surgery here. An emergency. Medicare reimbursed him $2900.00 USD and the ck arrived in two weeks. I do not remember other details. Been kicking around the idea of canceling B/G since the travel cost is high/unpredictable. Good private Mexican medical will cost (69 yrs) about the same as B/G combined. If you cancel B/G then reapply later the problem will be that pre-existing conditions are a factor in coverage. FWIW
  17. I spent a few summers as a kid polishing brass musical instruments. Dip it an acid to remove lacquer, buff out the metal on a machine with a cotton wheel and buffing compound white rouge, repeat with red rouge, mount the instrument on mandrel in a vice, cut strips of cotton cloth about 1" wide and 18" long and apply brasso. You wrap the cloth strips around the tubular pieces and have at it in a back and forth movement. Finish it off with a piece of clean soft cotton. Degrease. Lacquer. Done. Yeah so to answer OP, there is no Easy way.
  18. Reminds me of Angus who disappeared when in Melaque.
  19. I know this is a shot in the dark but if you posted the general area of the US that you will relocate to then just maybe someone on this board knows friends in that area who will help. Just a thought.
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