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  1. You fkg crack me up. Please send me in pm the link for that hilarious video of the older couple about isolation, choice A or B. The thread was deleted by mod for whatever reason. That was the funniest video I have seen this past week.
  2. Here is an image posted on another website by a friend of mine who travels to Sayulita frequently. Seems the locals have decided that they are not going to wait for the feds to act. I like Sayulita. Not too crazy about some of the old gringo hippie expats who walk around town there with their bait T-Shirts, "I love Thailand." Ni modo.
  3. Thanks Ferret for posting a proactive comment.
  4. In agreement with daisy2013, everyone needs to take personal responsibility. In agreement with daisy2013, everyone needs to take personal responsibility. Blame anyone you want but the bottom line is the horse is out of the barn. It seems to me that all countries are manipulating the statistics to save their economies. That is what political leaders do. Mexico IMHO in my area has stepped up to the plate and is taking an aggressive approach to meeting the challenge. We were in route to the Mazamitla area today to pay respects for a deceased friend and were blocked from entering Mazamitla. Also in La Manzanillo de la Paz. A huge step forward to prevent the Tapatios from transporting the disease to outlying areas. Thumbs up Mexico!
  5. The news story I read attributed the outbreak to a Mexican truck driver who entered Mexico from Texas. He entered the emergency room in a Monclova hospital and promptly infected more than two dozen of the hospital staff. Either way, the horse is out of the barn.
  6. CDC this week has stopped posting some of the CV statistics on its website, no surprise here.
  7. I know Dr. Virgen and I have had surgery in Angeles del Carmen. I would get two more opinions. Best of luck to you.
  8. ^^^ Well that is discouraging news. On another front though, UdeG has been researching Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Gruñon disease that usually runs alongside Moco Guajolote disease. Both are common in expat communities with elevated infection rates among older white males. We can only hope.
  9. The pattern I see is chaos. What is the pattern you see?
  10. AngusMactavish please do not confuse me with the facts.
  11. Do the presidents of fraccs meet with or communicate with other fracc administations? Some fraccs have an aggressive approach to this problem. I would start there. My guess is that the older and more established fraccs have an above avg track record.
  12. We whatsapp video call. Better than driving in Guad traffic.
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