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  1. He's still around. I usually get a response within 3 or 4 days, seldom the same day.
  2. Laughable that anyone would find Lancet to be junk medical science but then post dozens of links from bitchute.com.
  3. I understand clearly the above post and I agree. Mexican-Americans typically will refer to themselves as Hispanic or Latino. In my experience, here in Mexico, my Mexican friends refer to themselves as Mexican. If I mention Hispanic or Latino, their reply usually is "those words are the language of the north." Either way, more than one way to look at this.
  4. Mexicans are Caucasians. Their ethnicity is commonly referred to as Hispanic. In my mind, Hispanic means you are of Spain, Latino means you are of Italy. On the US census there is no option for either Hispanic or Latino because neither is a race. There are only 5 races in the world, Mexican is not one.
  5. Maybe governments could offer a $10,000 USD reward to bounty hunters for the assist and arrest of rapists. That should have an effect on unwanted pregnancies.
  6. Nowadays some trolls are Covid long haulers with cognitive impairment.
  7. It's all about freedumb of speech.
  8. I think this web board will be around for a long time.
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