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  1. My ILOX is down in SJC for the last hour. You may want to call for tech service one of these numbers, (353) 532 7514 or (353) 128 1008.
  2. I think Saturday and Sunday the malls are closed. Not confirmed but what I was told.
  3. Yoiu have nothing to lose by adding a trip to the recaudadora. One more layer of insurance.
  4. Ugh, Tio Sam's. Tempted to hijack the thread but I will keep my big mouth shut this time.
  5. Anyone have experience with Whirlpool inverter units?
  6. Ubiquiti Unif Wireless...has a solid reputation. I know an installer but he is in quarantine. Anyone with some basic knowledge can install the product. Very powerful signal coverage. Best of luck to you.
  7. He could have new construction on the property that required a new pole due to distance. I saw this once in Joco with a casita addition.
  8. I was in Lopez Ferreteria this morning and I noticed that they have a Swiss Brand knife display at the front entrance. This hardware store is about a 1/2 block East of Donas Donuts on the mountain side of the carretera.
  9. I have made that drive 4 times since March and have had no problems. Only stayed at one hotel one time and that was in Aquascalientes at the Hampton Inn. In May in route to Jalisco, CBP pulled me out of the line at Bridge II because the overzealous officers were suspicious that my Jalisco plated car was stolen. I guess they were having a slow day. That was two weeks ago. All crosses on Mexican side were simple, only temperature check at Bridge II and no Aduana. One temperature check North of Zacatecas. Maybe the rules are different if you are driving a foreign plated vehicle. No construction delays on the Aquascalientes route. Que le vaya bien.
  10. I've been told switchblades are legal in your home but not in public. Carry any knife to a public event like a soccer game and you are much more likely to have a problem if the police search you. In general, my friends will lay the blade of a pocket knife across their palm. I have brought down many knives for friends and that is the first thing they do. If the blade length exceeds the width of their palm then they say the knife may be confiscated by the authorities.
  11. I wonder what tennis players do when 4 players are handling the same ball for two hours and wiping sweat from their faces?
  12. If you want a good knife, buy a CRKT. Not a true switchblade with spring action, but works as good or better. A quality tool legal on both sides of the border. https://www.crkt.com/m16-03s-classic.html
  13. AKA the species "IRS Auditor" NOB.
  14. The wifi in the recent Ilox installs is improved over the first generation. Ilox provided a FiberHome model HG6244C in my install.
  15. Have you called their Tech line at 353 532 5844? If that does not help, a visit to the office in Ajijic may help. The office person there can call for you and work it out. My service dropped off dramatically and I called the two tech numbers I was given upon sign up but never got thru. After a visit to the Ajijic office the person there told me I had the wrong numbers. He gave me the above number and then he called the tech line and the problem was resolved. As far as the cost of materials this was also a surprise to me and I was billed about 2000 p because my line exceeded the number of meters allowed, That was not explained to me when I signed up, but then spilt milk. I could care less after living with Telcel at 3mb dn and 1 mb up for the last year. Before that TelMex and their system was down on a monthly basis two or three times. So Ilox thus far is the less of three evils. Depending on which speed service I use, I am getting anywhere from 25 to 50 mb dn on the 30 mb pkg. Up averages around 10-12 mb. But those numbers are fluid.
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