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  1. Speaking of misinformation from the BS media, here is an idea:
  2. The cartoon would have been better if it was grandma, not mama.
  3. So now the National Guard is part of the military along with Mexican Defense Secretary General Salvador Cienfuegos who AMLO brought back to Mexico in a heartbeat from the US after his arrest on drug charges. Cienfuegos knows where the bodies are buried. Move along, nothing to see here.
  4. No different than the elections, only the colors change. Same police but in white trucks.
  5. FWIW, there is a scam that is currently running with Volaris. Doctored fake emails are sent out to passengers a few days before their confirmed flight and they are advised that their flight has been changed to an earlier date, like within 24 hrs. When you call Volaris customer service for information, the call is transferred to someone outside of Volaris who will scam you for new tickets and a payment thru Zelle, which cannot be reversed. You have been scammed.
  6. Anyone notice that the Delta variant is exploding in Cabos and Cancun. No surprise, since the Americans are restricted in their international travel to many countries but not Mexico?? Thanks, what a great job Mexico is doing to protect their citizens. You can thank the American anti vaxers
  7. Anyone who ever owned a British car or moto from the 70's will get it....
  8. If it is any consolation, your neighbor problem could be worse. You could have Jerry Detrick for a neighbor.
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