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  1. You may want to google up Compucel del Lago, he is near the corner of Independencia and Vicente Guerrero. I am not sure about the house calls. The last number I have for him is 333 330 7827. He has a facebook page also. Speaks Spanish, German and English. Benjamin Zuñiga.
  2. It has been four years since I did it so I am not familiar with the current rules. if I remember I took an infantile sized photo along with a copy of a page of my escritura (deed) that had my name on it from a property I owned in the municipio of Jocotepec, copy of permanent resident visa, and copy of a recent telmex bill that had my name on it. I pd something like 35 pesos for the letter.
  3. Same process in Jocotepec upstairs in the Presidencia of the plaza.
  4. And eye protection glasses.
  5. I would like to add that you should not trust hearsay from others who are from your state. Contact the election supervisor in the county of the state that you are registered to vote in. Texas for example seems to have different rules amongst many of the counties.
  6. If you are able to obtain a copy of the original Texas title and you want a Texas plate for the vehicle then you can expect to pay all license and registration fees retroactive since the last registration. In recent years, the titles for US vehicles were voided at the border if you nationalized the vehicle at the border. I suggest you call the county of the residency of your boyfriend and inquire about specifics. (Maybe not mention that you bought the vehicle in Mexico.) I am not familiar with bonded titles in Texas but that may be another option if the title had not been voided at the
  7. Sorry to hear about your wallet. FWIW, I lost mine one day about 6 months ago when I was distracted counting my change on a purchase. I slipped my wallet into my back pocket but missed the pocket and it fell to the floor. Later in the afternoon after I realized the wallet was missing, I went back to the last store where I had used it and asked the owner if he had found it. But no luck, so we walked over to the church on the plaza and he asked if they would announce over the public address speakers about the lost wallet. They made the announcement a few times I think. The next day t
  8. And to think just three months ago some posters here compared Covid-19 to the common cold virus.
  9. It seems each county in Texas has different rules for absentee balloting. We never have renewed in January, however we are still able to vote absentee. In our county, we request the ballot by email and the ballot is returned via email. Then we print and mail the ballot back to the county. We cannot submit the ballot via email.
  10. In my experience, an email to ILOX has been more reliable than phone contact: noc@mail.ilox.mx
  11. At Las Plazas Outlet ...Merrell, Timberland and CAT stores closed until further notice or permanently. Lite Feet (Jeep brand) open 10-7 Mon thru Fri. Large Coppel open 11-7 Mon thru Fri. Large Flexi open 11-8 Mon thru Fri. Timberland in Galerias Anita Sur opens at 11 Mon thru Fri). Did not find any stores with posted hours or phone contact numbers. All info above from employees at each store. I noticed that two of the hiking boot stores that had been open pre-virus era are gone. Buena suerte
  12. I am going to Galerias Santa Anita Sur this week, if I remember I will pop in Las Plazas Outlet and check for you.
  13. Hijack, I would like to know where the Scandinavian bakery is in Jocotepec. TIA
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