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  1. Bancomer contacted me Friday with a fraud alert when I made a mistake with a transfer on my mobile account. I had started a transfer and canceled.
  2. Whenever someone mentions mushrooms, I think of the story of the German family who went into the forest to collect truffles. As they were preparing a meal at home with their truffles they gave some to their cat. When they sat down to eat, the cat leapt up ran around the dining room several times screeching in pain and then collapsed. The family immediately rushed to the hospital and all had their stomachs pumped. Upon returning home, they found the cat with a litter of new born kittens under the dining room table.
  3. Thanks for posting this article Bisbee Gal. I keep a place in Michoacán and in this pueblo I know many older Michoacanos who desperately want to see their children one last time. I will go there on Friday and inform them of this program.
  4. Like the old Mexican joke when Pancho Villa told his men, "Today I have good news and bad news. The men all cheer. Tell us the good news first Pancho. Pancho says today we all get to change our underwear. Cheers from all of the men. What is the bad news Pancho? Pancho Villa says, Juan you change with Pedro, and Manuel you change with Gustavo, Mario you change with Enrique, ……….."
  5. I think there is an AT&T sucursal in Joco on Morelos within a block of Wings and Fly.
  6. Probably someone in the Roca Azul RV park could help out. Worth a drive by.
  7. ^^^^ Same Juan Cornejo I mentioned and the address is correct.
  8. I will ask him tomorrow for his phone number. I speak with him in Spanish and I am not sure how much English he knows. He speaks some English since he did work in the US some. Los San Juanecos know him as Güero, not Juan Carlos.
  9. Juan Carlos Corneja (sp?) In San Juan Cosala on Cardenal Norte. Excellent work and 100% honest.
  10. Oftentimes when a dog shows aggresive behavior the underlying cause is pain. I would have a second vet do a thorough examination for another opinion.
  11. Joco has a nice large pool in the park on Hidalgo near the police station. I do not know the hours or cost.
  12. April 17 Wednesday
  13. I crossed at Colombia this week. Two websites reported 1 hr 20 minute delay at 2 pm when I made the final R turn off of Hwy 2, only about 1 km from the bridge. We crossed at 5 pm. CBP had a truck midway on the bridge. I would not rely on a website nowadays. Only two lanes open for passenger traffic until I was at the front of the line. Then CBP opened two more passenger lanes. YMMV
  14. There is one stop light in San Juan Cosala on the carretera. Coming from Ajijic, the TV repair shop will be about 200 feet past the stop light on your left, a green store front. You can't miss it.
  15. Does anyone have current info on the road construction that has been causing 3 hr delays on 57 near entronque Roberto North of Matehuala?
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