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  1. Paid capital gains on one sale. I remember the wait period is in fact 3 years and not 5 years.
  2. ^^We had 3 real estate transactions here in the last 6 months. The above 2 posts reflect our experience during that time frame. Good luck
  3. Kiko

    squirrels chewing cushions

    It wasn"t a joke. Some squirrels chewed thru my Ford pickup wiring harness once in Texas up under the air cleaner where there was an electric element that heated the diesel in winter time. I had it repaired then sprayed Jalapeño juice on the repair. Worked great. Since it was in Texas there is a good chance they were mojados.
  4. Kiko

    squirrels chewing cushions

    Jalapeño juice diluted with water
  5. Another perspective is that perhaps some sgl expat men are seeking opportunities with destitute Mexican women. This time it backfired.
  6. Kiko


    Ask your Mexican neighbors if they report burgularies to the police. If you have homeowner's insurance theft coverage then you will need a police report.
  7. Kiko


    Personal experience with neighbors who have been burglarized in the Jocotepec Municipio. The police need to catch the perps in the act. In twelve years I have known a handful of expats with camera systems who have been to the police with video and no action was taken by the police after viewing the videos. In one instance the police recognized the perps in the video, but took no action. YMMV
  8. Kiko


    Video is an option if you are willing to hunt down the perps on your own to extract justice. The police will not act on video. The perps know this. Just saying.
  9. I asked a Mexican friend which Mexican insurance carrier he used for his car. His reply was "I have the Nike policy."
  10. Kiko

    T cell for salt water pool

    My pentair model required cleaning every three/four months. Still working fine after 5 years. If that does not work, zipmypackages.com will bring you a new one from the US a lot cheaper than 15k.
  11. Kiko

    solar pool

    For maximum efficiency it is a good idea to have a gpm flow indicator installed on the return line from the solar panels to the pool. This will provide you with an accurate gallons per minute flow rate for your system. Then you will know how to throttle the pump outlet to the solar panels to achieve the correct flow rate thru the panels. Every system is different pending piping ID, piping length run, and head to highest point of solar panel installation. Too much pump/flow rate is just as bad as too little pump/flow rate. Without a flow indicator you may end up with some trial and error adjustments. Another person's advice may not apply to your system.
  12. Kiko

    new pipeline explosion

    Nice try... but no cigar. Most ppl who are impoverished are so because their govt does not fund education. Sort of tough to understand "vision" if you do not know what it is.