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  1. Tow it down to the malecon in Ajijic and rent it out Airbnb with lake and mountain views. If someone runs you off, tow it over to Joco and park it in the parking lot of the local nocturno centro to rent by the hour. If someone runs you off from there, post an ad on Borderland Beat, mobile meth lab for sale in the Jalisco section. No one will run you off.
  2. When you interview a Mexican atty, the local dicho to remember (translated to English): ....Take a cat with you. .....If the cat jumps on the atty, then he is a rat. .......If the cat runs from the atty, then he is a junk yard dog. This is the attorney you hire.
  3. Best parking spot at any WalMart is at the door where the armored truck arrives to pick up the money. "That" camera always is functional. The others maybe or maybe not.
  4. Good point above. I had a friend who drove into Piedras Negras for the afternoon from Eagle Pass. His wife was driving and was soon stopped by the police for a minor infraction. The car was towed by the police. He went to the police station to pay the fine and retrieve the car. His wife's name was not on the title and he did not purchase Auto insurance for Mexico. The police considered it as a stolen vehicle. The car was not released. He continued making car payments for 4 years to keep his credit clean.
  5. Reminds me of the joke about the guy who made his wife promise that upon his death she would bury him with all of his money. At his funeral the wife's friend turns to her and asked if she honored her promise. The wife replies "Oh I forgot", She then walked over to the casket and put a check into her husband's pocket.
  6. Occassionly in Ajijic there have been reports of dog poisonings. Best to keep your dog on a short leash away from any snacks in the streets.
  7. Just for the record I did in fact support a refugee from Guatemala for 2 years thru the Caritas program in Texas. She stayed at my home and slept in a bed like a human being whenever she wanted. I am not criticizing you because that is something that you would not do. Your choice, so none of my business. I respect your choice. However to address the criticism of personal attacks, here is my two cents, take it or leave it. Like many benign threads on this forum, someone throws a sucker punch with veiled political or hate comment and successfully hijacks the thread. When someone stands up and defends those who cannot defend themselves, then that second poster is regarded as someone who has launched a personal attack. I have never thrown a sucker punch here. I have as much right as anyone else to defend against aggressors who have hijacked a thread. If that causes anyone some cognitive dissonance, then so be it. The above is not an insult or a personal attack, just the plain truth. Que tengas un buen fin.
  8. My response to gringal is simply this: Yes I am also "the type of person which will tell it like I see it." In accordance with the rules of this forum those of us who disagree with the repeated hateful commentary of a small handful of posters here deserve the same respect as the board allows those posters.
  9. "I am a person who believes in life.." ?? Seriously? I guess you forgot the post you made in January when you commented about the 60 hauchicolero children and women who burned to death in the gasoline pipeline explosion, "That leaves more oxygen for me.." Good thing for you the moderator removed your comments to spare you.. You can edit your post today to read, "I am a person who believes in my life." Now that would be accurate. Some of you guys really need to get a life and move on away from bullying and shaming others on a public web forum.
  10. If you posted which brand of the on demand water heater you have then you might get some relevant replies. Plumbers in general at lakeside are familiar with tank type (deposito) water heaters that basically have only one part, the combination gas valve with pilot. Simple. On demand heaters are a good choice in some applications but not all. On demand heaters are far more complicated with pressure switches, thermal switches, reduced flow ports, electronic pilots, computer chips, and/or batteries etc. To add to the confusion, there are dozens of models and brands manufactured in China and then rebranded for export. To further add to that confusion is that many brands are frequently upgraded with little or no parts availability for past models. To further add to that confusion, we have tinaco low pressure systems in Mexico along with pressurized systems with pumps. To further add to that confusion is if you are using untreated hard water, then be prepared for frequent maintenance. All of these issues make diagnostics far too complicated for the average plumber at lakeside. Technical assistance may be available per the manufacturer via email. Off the top of my head, I would think the tier one products like Bosch, Calorex, or Rheem would have a solid technical support network. Hopefully your problem will be a simple fix,
  11. Lots of gyms in Joco, probably the one on Santana, Athletic Body Gym at 65A Santana is better equipped than the others. Next door to Don Emiliano's Tacos. If you want to lift with gringos then you need to go to Ajijic.
  12. Maybe those who attended the meeting were kidnapped.
  13. 8-7 with the key in the office. Not sure of the hours on the weekend. They only have one key at this time so I took the fotos thru the window. Some of the equipment may not be fully functional, I don't know.
  14. I will check it out and report back.
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