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  1. Daily deaths in the US are projected to double in a few weeks. We are in uncharted waters.
  2. I was in Petatan today and did not even see one pelican. I guess they are not coming either.
  3. "The CDC also warned that people who choose to travel and become infected while abroad may be denied reentry to the United States." I interpret that statement in the article to mean that as an American expat who lives in Mexico I may be denied entry into the US if CBP determines I am infected. I read the keyword as "reentry." I know this is off topic since I am not a Canadian snow bird. It is something for American expats to mull over.
  4. I was at the Punto Sur location about 2 months ago and the pricing on headphones and sound bar speakers were less than in the US, like 25% less. First time I have ever seen that at a Best Buy in Mexico. Usually their prices are 25% more than the US. Sort had an idea then that they had plans to shut it down.
  5. Furr out the walls where necessary with metal studs and sheetrock finish. Just a thought.
  6. Whoever you decide to use for service, be careful and keep all of your contract documents and receipts. The ATT store manager in Chapala a few years ago managed to stuff a lot of money in his pocket before angry customers started calling ATT when their "annual" contracts went dead in just one month. Some got their service back and some did not.
  7. The limit for land crossings has been $500 during holiday periods, Christmas, Semana Santa etc. I assume that policy remains in effect.
  8. Are there any informal astronomy groups in this general area including Guadalajara that meet? Or anyone lakeside with some basic knowledge that is willing to share the basics with a newbie?
  9. Dr. Coty did an implant with me and it failed. I would use her for a root canal though again. I doubt any dentist has a perfect record.
  10. I made an off the cuff comment and I apologized.
  11. If my comments came across as preaching then I apologize. Life is short so enjoy your moments however or wherever you find them. Buen camino.
  12. I have been to both and if money is of no concern, I would go to Haro or Barragan.
  13. Who needs shrooms, look around, you live in paradise so enjoy.
  14. Ricardo at the above location mentioned. Wendy sells mattresses under dozens of different labels. Ricardo is a straight shooter, his mattress may not have a Wendy label but it is the same.
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