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  1. Does anyone know if the license plate restrictions are still in place in Nuevo Laredo? I need to leave Lake Chapala tomorrow driving to Houston. I would prefer to drive to Laredo tomorrow, but my license plate ends in 8.
  2. I went last Thursday, the 16th, and got my sticker here in Jocotepec.
  3. Another very enjoyable meal at Los Cinco Potrillos. My arachera was cooked to perfection as well as the shrimp parillada and burritos the other ladies were served. Excellent food and excellent service! This visit included four in our party for a private birthday celebration. A surprise tres leche birthday cake was ordered a couple of days before and it was made to perfection by Salvadore. Salvadore had even personalized the cake with beautiful roses and a Happy Birthday inscription on it. When the cake was brought to our table, a recorded Happy Birthday song started playing which really surprised us all. What a nice touch. Definitely worth the trip from Jocotepec.
  4. Would appreciate recommendations for a last minute decision to head to the beach for the Christmas holidays, for about six days. Haven't a clue where to go as I've only been to Puerto Vallarta once. Would love to have a place with parking and a view of the bay/ocean would be nice. Thanks in advance.
  5. Had a great lunch there today with a friend. Had the nachos de pollo, side order of cueso, a side order of guacamole, and jamaica tea. The food was excellent as well as the chips and absolutely fantastic salsa. Definitely will be going back again.
  6. I went Friday and parked in front of La Bambola (the 2 storey orange house on the mountainside of the highway) and one of the guys came out to let me know they are next door, so I moved my car and went in and got my pizza. I told them they need a huge arrow as I think most people will be looking for the doors to be open at La Bambola! It's next door to the right, folks. I passed by there yesterday around 12:30 and their gate was open with their small sign on it. Please look to the right of La Bambola or you will miss it!!! It appears to me there are some workers at La Bambola where the doors are closed, therefore one may think M&J is not open. They open at 12:30.
  7. I’m in Jocotepec and felt it at 8:27 this morning. I tend to be very sensitive to feeling earthquakes after living in California for more than 36 years in Silicon Valley. I get nauseated every time I feel one after experiencing the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989.
  8. I went two weeks ago on Monday to the Recaudadora in Jocotepec to renew my registration and presented my Tarjeta de Circulación and last years receipt and the money. Very easy. Two days later I went to transfer the title as I sold the car. I went with the buyer and he had to present his passport, his INE, his CURP, his RFC, proof of address (CFE bill) and pay the registration/transfer of title. I only had to present the original title (factura with the holagram) and sign the back of it. The buyer walked across the street and had copies made of all of the above, except the car title. It was a smooth transaction. The lady on the right-hand side of the counter handles the transfers of title. Good luck.
  9. Go to any papeleria and ask for Kola Loka pegamento. Bought some yesterday.
  10. Oso's Cremeria on Calle Morelos in Jocotepec carries it. It's located on the right-hand side of the store directly across from the freezer with frozen vegetables and fruit.
  11. My 2 cents worth for removing the shell of hard boiled eggs: after eggs are boiled, rinse the eggs in tap water to cool them enough to hold in your hand, crack the shell and insert a tablespoon (concave side next to the egg) and slide the spoon inside the shell. Works perfectly for me every time.
  12. canmex87, When were you able to renew in Ocotlán? I would like to renew mine next week and want to know if it can be done there. Also, address there please. Thanks!
  13. Minor correction. The Parador San Pedro is actually located north of Matehuala, between Matehuala and Saltillo (about halfway between them), not SLP.
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