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  1. Tesla has a service / delivery facility in Guadalajara, in same area as Galarias / Costco. They delivered my Model 3 in just a couple weeks. Attentive bilingual staff. Tesla's are delivered with charging cable for normal 127 Volt outlet, and faster 220 Volt charging. 18" wheels best, due to our potholes & speed bumps. Long Range versions are appropriate here, as Super Charger locations in Mexico are not yet as frequent as in US / CA / EU.
  2. Once one has a good prescription, I favor https://www.zennioptical.com A China based global supplier of eye glasses, including lenses, at attractive pricing.
  3. Search Cell Booster In Mercado Libre has various offerors
  4. The legal limit is like one beer or wine. Then you are imprisioned in Guadalajarra, and your vehicle is impounded. The state of Jalisco has a state designated terrorist organization: La Validad. The citizens of Jocotepec chased them out within the last month. These Validad are NOT insuring Public Safety, but contributing to the earnings of the Tow Truck operators. Tow fees for motorcycles approach the value of the motorcycles Confiscation of the little the poor have.
  5. The battery has an identifier, find that and with that identifier, look on Mercado Libre or Amazon MX.
  6. The US Consulate representatives come to the American Legion in Chapala & LCS in Ajijic once a month. Much easier way to renew a passport get a passport card etc I believe No Credit Card nor Cash just a cashier's check. Others likely have precise details.
  7. Just went to the UBER app, and it showed 306 pesos from Ajijic to downtown Guadalajara (nr bus station). Not always are Uber vehicles available on the Ribera de Chapala, and sometimes higher Surge pricing is in effect.
  8. Cantera marble is infinitely better than hot deck.
  9. The state of Jalisco, Secretaria de Movilidad, is responsible for authorizing Topes. They reportedly started a campaign in metro Guadajara of removing un authorized Topes, but we have not seen fullfilment of that responsibility in the Ribera de Chapala.
  10. Uber is available at a modestly lower cost. The GDL airport has free WiFi, with which you can use your Ubber App to summon an UBER . For pickup go out to right, on island in front of convience store OXXO. Do get in front seat. Uber drivers use Google maps, so just have your destination address at hand. Airport taxis are good, but not with a Google maps.
  11. I personally would be reluctant to let anyone enter my premises. A friend let in guys who claimed to be CFE employees, and shortly after was robbed . . . having enabled a full inventory of their home.
  12. Telecel offers 5 Mbps or a 10 Mbps Internet for your house. Requires a 2,000mxn modem purchase and a contract, I think two years, for about 299 or 399 mxn a month. They say unlimited data useage, but I think they downgrade data rate if one exceeds some maximum data useage. The TelCel office at Centro Laguna Plaza has details. I doubt TelCel distributors can duscuss intelligently. AT&T and Movistar may offer "Internet en Tu Casa" type services. I have not evaluated nor compared offerings, BUT apparently there are options to TelMex's Internet service. Has anyone availed themselves of this service?
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