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  1. I personally would be reluctant to let anyone enter my premises. A friend let in guys who claimed to be CFE employees, and shortly after was robbed . . . having enabled a full inventory of their home.
  2. Telecel offers 5 Mbps or a 10 Mbps Internet for your house. Requires a 2,000mxn modem purchase and a contract, I think two years, for about 299 or 399 mxn a month. They say unlimited data useage, but I think they downgrade data rate if one exceeds some maximum data useage. The TelCel office at Centro Laguna Plaza has details. I doubt TelCel distributors can duscuss intelligently. AT&T and Movistar may offer "Internet en Tu Casa" type services. I have not evaluated nor compared offerings, BUT apparently there are options to TelMex's Internet service. Has anyone availed themselves of this service?
  3. Those guys DO offer battery backuped gate systems, and are Good. Have benefitted from their attention for many years.
  4. Los Sabinos W Ajijic 4 car wait 500 peso maximum 5 minutrs ago
  5. Individually we can correctly have tire pressure, for maybe 10% gasoline savings (at tire shops) and reduce use of our accelerator / brakes. Minimizing trips ofcourse is a basic issue.
  6. The gas lines, including people filling containers for resale, and shortages. would be minimized if gas stations were allowed, by gov't to set the price at which they sell. The people that are reselling gasoline, establish a free market price (although illegal) with no line.
  7. Many, or most cars, have a grate which precludes gasoline siphoning. I have removed the locking gas caps on two of my cars; they are a bother, and no one can siphon gasonline . . . I have tried & failed. There are reports, questionable, of taking gasoline from the fuel lines, from tank to engine. Many cars have electric fuel pumps in the gas tank, in which case the fuel line would need to be cut AND fuel pump powered up.
  8. Ferret you are absolutely right, cargo trucks / taxistas / others who depend for their living needing fuel, and their access to fuel is limited by lines and unavailability. With higher prices the availability increases, and the hours to get what they need for their business, decreases. Venezeula gov't has reduced authorized prices, and a result very little is available . . . prices low, but near zero availability. They have prohibited pre dawn lines. Fjdel CASTRO was right, it is obscene to power SUVs with food. Your sentiment is right, we should not deny those who depend on fuel for their livelyhood, BUT that is NOT what happens, if fuel is only somewhat available I'll only fuel my vehicles once fuel is available to those who depend on fuel for their livelyhoods, BUT those who depend on fuel should have access to it . . . and THAT depends on supply and demand pricing. Those who favor the gov't controlled prices, as we have, might feel better in Cuba & Venezuela.
  9. There is a failure in the system to deliver sufficient fuel to gas stations, BUT the lines to buy gasoline ultimately result because gas stations can not offer gasoline at higher prices. Supply & Demand has been inhibited by federal regulation. Were gas stations allowed to sell at whatever price the market would pay, there would be fewer (or no) lines; cargo trucks and taxistas would have ample supply. Avacado shipments would be able to satisfy Super Bowl demand.
  10. Mini Split heat pumps Costco & Home Depot have somewhat inefficient systems (SEER 12). Mercado Libre has various offerors of more efficient SEER 17 inverter systems (most with free delivery). Heat pumps are described as: "mini split calor / frio" 1 ton (12,000 BTU) units can be powered by 127V; 2 and 3 ton units require 220V power. In our house we have 1 ton units in each bedroom, and a 2 ton unit in main room. Power consumption seems pretty low, in the mild climate we enjoy here, less than 1,000mxn a month more than previous CFE bills.
  11. Spenser, thanks so much for these links to avoid / minimizar junk calls to our cell fones. Once again improving our lives!
  12. Computer Guy suggest you Google Litros Completos Maybe you can't read Spanish nor use Google Translate, nor read news in Mexico? Proof . . . are you kidding or ignorant?
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