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  1. Natural Gas js mie three times more expensive in EU than in 2020. Induction cooktops & high efficiency mini split heat pumps, here, make a lot of sense. Modernist Cuisine, a virtual culinary bible, does not address BBQ. Esp at our altitude, it is hard to reach the desired Maillard Reaction temperature of 280 - 330 F much of what BBQ is about.
  2. A super insurance agent, for us like ten years with a bunch of vehicles. No bother, all Internet; with a communication from him, prior to expiration. Not sure, but I suspect decent English. Seem to recall some eMail / WhatsApp in English. Have never met nor spoken with him . . . never needed. Quick resolution of accidents (of course always fault of others). Seems to me that he always includes some minimal US insurance.
  3. I measured various garrafones of water, and e-pura had lowest Total Disolver Sólids(TDS) of any. I use condensate from dehumidifier & mini splits. Ofcourse rain water is perfect.
  4. El Chante Hospital at 07:00 TUE had a hundred cars and long lines. Impossible. We turned around.
  5. I am not sure this is accurate; but you may need to take your RFC printed document, even to renew registration. I had to do so, just to renew. Electrics, zero fee; hybrids 50% fee.
  6. Amazing MX gov't does not shut down LTE networks used by cartels, not infrequently co located with cellular companies sites. Private cellular systems, coordinating cartel activities. I've been in areas where observers appeared to report with cell, not radios.
  7. I need a recommendation for a good land surveyor. Non English speaker OK
  8. I thought Hospital San Antonio offered chemo & dialysis; avoiding need to go into GDL, for all but radiation & PET scan.
  9. https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-646829101-interruptor-4-vias-color-blanco-intensidad-maxima-10-a-simon-_JM
  10. Our automatic transfer switch was installed by Fernando ANAYA 33 1287 8438 Unfortunately the manual was in English, but that wasn't an issue.
  11. I would like to find a public scale that prints out my weight, have you seen one in Ajijic or Chapala? Thanks, if you have seen one.
  12. TechnoNorm


    The deli on East side of Colon 1/2 block South of the Ajijic Plaza has provided us very good sweet & hot Italian sausage. They actually have three types
  13. My sister-in-law flew in from Florida 12 days ago to GDL via Cancun on a Tourist visa. No issues, bar over bothersome customs officials in Cancun.
  14. Tesla has a service / delivery facility in Guadalajara, in same area as Galarias / Costco. They delivered my Model 3 in just a couple weeks. Attentive bilingual staff. Tesla's are delivered with charging cable for normal 127 Volt outlet, and faster 220 Volt charging. 18" wheels best, due to our potholes & speed bumps. Long Range versions are appropriate here, as Super Charger locations in Mexico are not yet as frequent as in US / CA / EU.
  15. Once one has a good prescription, I favor https://www.zennioptical.com A China based global supplier of eye glasses, including lenses, at attractive pricing.
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