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  1. No replies? How about the name of a gym that has the ProForm 500F elliptical on the floor and probably has someone servicing them? Can anyone recommend such a gym? Thanks in advance
  2. Does anyone know who can service our elliptical which hasn’t been used for several years. thanks in advance.
  3. My wife and I did Mexican wills about 15 years ago when we bought our house. If we are both gone it all goes (mainly the house) to our nephews and nieces in Canada. The house title deed also names each other as beneficiaries with the niblings as backups. We would like to change the executor on the wills as times have changed and our nephew (in Canada) is old enough that we would like him to be executor. Does an entirely new will need to be drawn up or is it possible to simply do a codicil to the will to modify the executor. All other terms of the wills remain the same. Thanks. We'd like to get this dealt with in September. Thank you in advance.
  4. I've gone to the page https://citas.jalisco.gob.mx/transporte/client/newAppointment?eiid=104&lid=13 but it only offers me appointments in May 2021. Is there any way to make an appointment in June or do I have to wait for tomorrow when hopefully the software will adjust. Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks to all. Just to confirm they are closed through the holiday. .
  6. We always tip the driver. 39 pesos per trip does not a living make.
  7. Is Spencer's office open during the holidays? I’ve tried calling several times but no answer. thanks.
  8. Firstly, all pharmacies in Ajijic are out of stock of Ativan. Lots of drugs are out of stock. secondly, Ativan costs 5 times or more in Mexico than Canada. $1400 pesos for 80 x 2 mg
  9. Did I read somewhere that the Chapala office closed last week and Guad was the nearest site? Thanks to all for your help. This webboard is such a fantastic resource.
  10. I seem to recall that the government offices in Chápala close early for the holidays and reopen in January. Do you know the dates and does this apply to Drivers Licence testing? Do I need an appointment to take the test? i am over 70 years old and have a valid Canadian licence so I believe I only need to do the written test. Is that still true? Thanks in advance
  11. Do you have to get your licence plates (Jalisco) yourself or is there a reliable service that will take your paperwork to Chapala and get the sticker for you? We are self isolating Due to our Co-morbitidies And prefer not to go ourselves. what are their hours (on Degollado) thanks.
  12. Thank you all. So I assume if I have no Mexico income (except for some small funds from which they withhold ISR tax monthly) I do not have to bother wit this. Thanks in advance
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