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  1. Are there any clinics at Lakeside yet that do kidney dialysis? TIA
  2. As a followup, which Canadian ATM bank cards are you using that are not having any withdrawal issues? TIA
  3. For many years we have been suing our tD Bank ATM cards to withdraw cash from our Toronto located bacnk accounts. In the past month the local ATM machines (HSBC, C&I, Scotiabank, Bancomer) have been declining our withdrawals with a message that indicates that our bank is not supported. Has anyone else had these problems with TD Bank ATM cards? Or might this be a matter of a defective chip on the card?
  4. Do I need an appointment or should I just drop by? (BTW, you did our last FM-3 renewals).
  5. I was stopped at a checkpoint the other day and while examining my documents the policeman told me that the original copy of the paper portion of my import document (the part matching the sticker on the windshield) was not valid because the name of the owner and importer was hand printed and not computer printed. The car was brought down from Canada about 8 years ago through the Laredo crossing where I guess they didn't have computer terminals at that time. He said that I needed to get it "authorized" at some government office to validate it so as to confirm that it was not counterfeit. He said that the car could be impounded otherwise. Is this accurate? Should I be getting this document notarized? Do I need to get a letter tying the sticker and car to our current FM-3 (expiring in May, 2013)? Thanks in advance
  6. I have read throug the recent posts about this topic and would like to clarify and confirm my understanding. We have FM3's and will be changing to the new Permanente visas in May when our FM3's expire. We have lived in Ajijic for 9 years (year round) and have been driving our 2000 Chrysler since we drove down from Canada in 2004. Our current FM3's are in their first year as we were out of the country when they expired and we had to re-apply on our return. My understanding is that when/if we change our immigration status we will no longer be permitted to own a foreign-plated car. We would be required to sell our car out of the country but we don't want to drive all the way to Canada to so. The car isn't worth that much. nor would we be able to sell it in the US as it has never been registered in the US. Our only option would be to import it to Mexico. Or, alternatively, we could renew our visas as FM3's so we could continue driving the car. What are the downsides of this strategy? Is my understanding correct? Are there any alternatives that I am not considering? Thanks in advance.
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