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  1. I would like to change my username, please advis on ho wto do this, thanks

  2. I have just spent ANOTHER 3 hours trying to log on only to be put through a nightmare of saying my name is taken,the password is invalid,and finally given a 15 word password that didn't work the first 2 times.I have been a member for YEARS and this happens at least once a year .I am hopeless to explain the horror of trying to contact ANYONE about this problem and make sure this NEVER HAPPEN...

  3. I am new as well...want to post a dog for adoption but when I choose the option of inserting an image, a window pops up asking for a url...i dont have one...is there another way to include a picture

  4. Hi,

    I'm a brand new spankin newbie, and you know what newbies do best. Ask questions! Ok, I've looked high and low, but just can't find where the avatars are. Since you've been here a while, maybe you can help me. Thank you muchly.

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