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  1. Beware of most retired or veterans who have tattoos then. It seems foolish to think that way, because he is tattooed and ask for work or money .... Did he put you a weapon in the chest? Moderator, please close this topic.
  2. I use Blacklist Plus on Android and I can block number start with 55 or whatever... Very happy with. Good luck.
  3. Another option: Becky + 52 376 7664054 They only manage properties like yours.
  4. Sonia can help with this. Bilingual 100%. Cel: (045) 3331008920
  5. Thanks.

    I'll keep in mind.

  6. Hi there, try calling Cathleen. Cell is 331 045 3015. I have a guest staying here at my B&B in exactly your situation with 3 doga and they are showing them at least 2 suitable places this week. My name is Steve and they have helped our guests many times. Good luck.

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