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  1. Beware of most retired or veterans who have tattoos then. It seems foolish to think that way, because he is tattooed and ask for work or money .... Did he put you a weapon in the chest? Moderator, please close this topic.
  2. I use Blacklist Plus on Android and I can block number start with 55 or whatever... Very happy with. Good luck.
  3. Another option: Becky + 52 376 7664054 They only manage properties like yours.
  4. But.... it is possible charge IVA only on the rent of the furnitures but not on the house itself? I think does not apply IVA furshed or not if it is not commercial. I can understand that Article in both ways.
  5. Alfa: Is your connection directly to the telmex modem? or is it connected to any other modem or switch in the middle? There are things necessary to see if there are correct connected, like filter to the line, power to the modem, or IP conflict with another devices. Sometimes is only necessary unplug the modem from the power and connect it again after about 15 seconds. Good luck.
  6. Call Juan Barbosa. Pretty sure he can help you. 045 33 3137 5364
  7. It is scam. I received them couple of times. They do not send emails.
  8. If it is laser is not ink, so I think it will be fine.
  9. P.T. Jorge Ulloa just changes his location. New address and tel number. Hidalgo # 44, interior 103, Riberas del Pilar. Esq. C/ San Jorje Accross Mom's Delli, into the little plaza. C.P.: 45906. Office Tel : 376 108 1532 Cell: 333 190 0642 More info http://www.ulloaphysicaltherapy.com
  10. Yes. I only receive the messeges I need and I want.
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