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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a new or slightly used Panasonic for my Vonage phone, cordless, 1 unit; phone & base? Gracias.
  2. I used to use Capital one 360 but I am having problems. can I have my US bank transfer to my Mexican bank? Muchas gracias.
  3. Does any know if Telcel accepts any US credit card? Gracias
  4. Is this a landline or cell? I just don't understand why they make it so different. I have searched alternative methods to Cap one 360, but there really isn't anything out there.
  5. Someone hacked my Cap one 360 card so I had to get a replacement card. When I activated the new one I used the old User name and password. I went to the website, used the same user name and password and it bounced it out. I have called them 5-6 times and no success. Any suggestions? I'll buy the 1st round. I have $ sitting in Cap one 360 but I can't get access to it. Muchas gracias.
  6. Has anyone had any issues dealing with the bank? Muchas gracias.
  7. Does anyone know the places where the emmision test can be done? Muchas gracias.
  8. For the last 3 nights my Shaw receiver has not been working. I have doing "the disconnect from the receiver. And that hasn't helped. Any one who could help me out of this please. Does anyone know a Shaw person who can come to my house? I live in San Antonio. Muchas gracias.
  9. Does anyone know if the vehicle emission is still supposed to be effective in July and also if the place in Chapala will be authorized to do the testing? Muchas gracias.
  10. í just turnd my vpn on and bingo!
  11. Everytime try to login to my account it takes me to a Mexican page. Any suggestons to get to an English page? Muchas gracias.
  12. Is anyone having problems with the above?. Muchas gracias
  13. Does anyone know who can just pop a lens back in.? There is a place in Ajijic . on the mountainside. Does anyone know the name and phone? Muchas gracias.
  14. The psychiatrist at Quality Care is pretty good. You can make an appointment by calling the clinic, 376-766-1870. I think she is there Mon & Wed. Buena suerte.
  15. My cleaning lady has about 6 clients. So, should it be between the 6 of us to contribute?
  16. Dr. Daniel Briseño from Quality Care performed mine at a clinic in Guad. Don't remember the price. Quality Care's # is: 376-766-1870. Buena suerte.
  17. I went to Plaza del Torres and I went to the gentleman who was 1st in line and I told him that I was facing a knee surgery and he let me go 1st. It took us about 2 hours and we were out of there. God bless the Mexican people.
  18. Gracias. What are the prices and dimensions..This is for hanging clothes.
  19. I live in San Antonio, Jalisco, Mexico
  20. I am looking for a used armoire for hanging clothes; medium or large. I live in San Antonio so it would have to be delivered. Muchas gracias.
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