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  1. Is it fully open and serving lunch? Is it open on Saturday? TIA
  2. I understand you are going to rely solely on your social security for income. If you can manage it add $10 to $20 a payday additional social security to the person who will have the largest social security payment upon retirement. Over five years this should increase your pay out.
  3. On Saturday, December 3, 2016 I went to CI Banco to withdraw some money using my Capital One 360 card. CI Banco's screen indicated "transaction cancelled. I got home and received and email from Capital One 360 that the amount I requested was removed from my account. I called Capital One 360 and told them I did not receive the pesos requested. On Monday December 5, 2016 I went to CI Banco and talked to the manager. She said this had happened to several people and she could do nothing to help as it was between the main branches of the two banks. I called Capital One 360 back and they temporarily refunded the amount deleted from my account. Today I got an email from Capital One 360 saying they would be deducting the amount from my account on 02/24/17 as CI Banco said i received the amount requested in pesos. I ask Capital One 360 for proof and was sent a print out from CI Banco provided to them showing I got the pesos. Capital One 360 is now going to deduct for pesos I did not receive. If you use CI Banco and Capital One 360 and do not receive the amount requested and CI Banco says you did YOU LOSE! There is no other recourse for me. Capital One 360 did suggest I file fraud charges against CI Banco as if that would work. I will be looking for an alternative bank in the US but until I find one I'm stuck and have lost a large sum of money.
  4. You can make me the devil all you want, it doesn't matter to me. However, I suggest you check your receipt say from Walmart, Paz, Superlake, Farmacia Guadalajara or any other store and you will find out you get a grand total. Below that the tax and IVA are shown and NOT added back in. Do as you wish I really do not care.
  5. Cynthia's service is great if you cannot or do not want to go to Guad to shop. As most people know tax in Mexico is paid at the time of purchase. Cynthia adds the tax into what you owe her (which has already been paid at the time of purchase). This adds an additional 16% to the cost of your items. If you are willing to pay an extra 16% using her service is for you.
  6. Person needing help with Kindle Fire is Cheryl at 766-4151.  She has also forgotten the PIN so can't even unlock it.

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