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  1. If you haven't yet tasted a huarache, they are always delicious at cenaduria Elba in Chapala. It may be the only place you can get them in the area. Delicious! However, they are not practical for canoe trips, and cannot be ordered before 7PM.
  2. When we made that trip, years ago, we stayed in Ciudad Victoria most often, but sometimes we stayed in San Luis Potosi in order to catch a Sunday concert on the plaza. The trip is a bit shorter now, due to improved roads.
  3. Map reference: Up is North, Down is South, etc.
  4. Actually, it is "ศ™ฤฑศ™ kebab", which is Turkish for 'cooked on a sword'
  5. It is a rough life, here in the RGV, with the sudden cold snap. We are, however, above freezing and with slowly rising temperatures still well below the 80ยบF normal for this date. At 11AM, the furnace actually came on for a few minutes!
  6. He could, at least, post a sign in his window indicating how to contact him when he is out. Maybe even maintain a certain hour when he is always in and available for consultation.
  8. The complaint was, as is common, about the use of exhaust, or 'jake brakes', as they do create noise. Shifting down is the proper procedure, but it must be done at the appropriate speeds for the gear selected. If you have not driven heavy vehicles, especially with air brakes, you may find it hard to understand these necessities. Without using the noisy exhaust brake, which does let the engine compression help to slow the vehicle, the driver may get going too fast to shift down. Then the brakes are used beyond their capacity, overheat and loose effectiveness. That is trouble in the making! Poor equipment, inexperienced driver, or an unexpected downgrade can cause an accident.....like ending up in the Walmart parking lot the hard way.
  9. Sorry. I was still talking about the 'zone' in the USA where you have limited rights & CBP has all the power to stop and/or detain you, "up the road" in the USA going north. Down the road, going south in Mexico, you are obviously in the Mexican jurisdiction, which has a similar 'zone'.
  10. Yes, but there are cameras there, and a few beyond the crossing point. Then, some way up the road, you will come to a checkpoint, which could have already reviewed your photo and file of crossings, etc., etc. If you are 'interesting', you can be stopped; even held.
  11. The camper is just cargo on the truck.
  12. Yes, you can be stopped. We have been stopped and searched by US agents on departure from the USA. They can do it, if they wish. In our case, it was in 2007 and we were driving a Mexican purchased smart car, which was not available in the USA until 2008. Curious agents, I think. They looked it over very carefully.
  13. I think that, If you have a VOIP phone, like Magic Jack, Vonage or Ooma, you simply need to plug its box into an ethernet port of your internet modem. Nothing else needs to be done. The phone number that you established in the USA or Canade, with your Ooma, or other VOIP unit, will then ring when called. Porting would only be used to move a Telmex number to Ilox, for example. From the VOIP box, you may connect by either wire or wireless (if available from that box) any phones you wish. If your house is wired for phones in several rooms, but is now disconnected from Telmex, you may even plug your house's phone wiring into the VOIP box, and have phone service at every jack in the house. It will work as long as you have functional internet service.
  14. No, you don't, but on rare occasions you may be asked, or even searched before leaving the USA. Remember: Within about 100 miles of the borders of the USA, you really don't have many rights that you may think you have.

    salt in food

    That is very true. I can't remember the last time I picked up a salt shaker. Lemon does the trick if something needs a kick. However, for some strange reason, Mrs. RV bought some pimiento cheese spread and we had sandwiches yesterday. Possibly for the first time since childhood. What is happening????
  16. True, for the OP, but the title of the thread is "US to Mexico border crossing" in the Customs and Immigration forum. As such, I thought it wise to advise of Mexican national policy. I know that Baja plays by its own rules, in many ways.
  17. Yes, but the trailer becomes a part of the car's Importada Temporal, and must be attached to the car whenever the car leaves Mexico. You should also know that you must own the trailer. No rental vehicles or trailers permitted.
  18. My complaint is about posters who refer to other people as "that", instead of "who". People who....... Things that........
  19. There may be military checkpoints (retenes) anywhere along the way. They do move from place to place, and are rather unpredictable. There is nothing to fear, and they are usually brief. Mostly, they are looking for things like drugs, weapons and certain individuals.
  20. Never give your card number like that. You can give your bank clabe number, then they can go to any OXXO or bank and make a deposit to your account. What you did was to give them the ability to spend money from your account until it was empty........!
  21. This may help: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=replacement+tips+for+canes&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6eTtBRDdARIsANZWjYalAoz-k8fz0Ct867TknKU-1bIssdBNHxOxYEeHlUx6fyIdjCjxge4aAmPDEALw_wcB&hvadid=224075382956&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9028168&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=e&hvrand=15000544796187008856&hvtargid=kwd-334317385889&hydadcr=21883_9445526&tag=googhydr-20&ref=pd_sl_1rlseuytxp_e
  22. There is an excellent eye clinc in Guadalajara, called Clinica Santa Lucia. The many oftamologos who use that clinic are among the best choices. You won't generally find them in a small, touristy village.
  23. It might be time for lakefront residents to have weekend parties, complete with kite-flying contests, frequent cohete launches; maybe even skeet shooting. Radio controlled model airplanes could also patrol the party venues. Drones might even be useful.
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