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  1. Oops......yes, it is Cozumel. Split brain day !
  2. Why panic? No matter if the virus gets you or not; you are still going to die sooner now than you were yesterday........I thought everyone knew that.
  3. Toward the end of our major project, we took the contractor to dinner. We asked him if he would approve of our taking his maestro and a couple of key peoiple to dinner separately. He approved, and we took them to El Zapote, which they really enjoyed; as we always did.
  4. Guicho was high on our list too, especially for molcajetes mixtas. However, Cancun used to make the very best huachinango dorado al modo de ajo, but it began to fade a bit before we departed in 2014. Come to think of it, so did the free margaritas. Maybe that was the difference!
  5. The acceleration rate of the contagion is exponential. The great danger is that few seem to understand exactly what that means, and how very dangerous it can become in a very short period of time. Watch out for that big snowball coming toward you !!!! The known numbers are just the tip of the iceburg.
  6. The tanks are often filled by concentrator machines, like yours, feeding the oxygen to a high pressure compressor of similar size. That is the new protocol and exactly what I now have at my home, here in the USA. I can use the concentrater while it is being used to feed the compressor, or I can use another portable tank. The product is the same. I am sure that you know how to adjust your rate of flow. You may simply need a higher rate. If you still see no improvement, have your machine serviced, and see a pulmonologist if that does not help.
  7. We were visiting in the USA with Jalisco plates and were never stopped. However, we once looked out the window and noticed a "policeman" in a car, just sitting behind our car. After awhile, I went out and asked if I could help him. He complained that he could not 'run' our plates. Actually, he was a DEA agent, and about to retire. Qw had a nice chat.....nada mas.
  8. Walk the streets, try whatever attracts you. Then, after 7PM, have dinner at a cenadurai for a true cena mexicana. Our favorite was cenaduria Elba, in Chapala centro, not far from the NE corner of the mercado publico, a block east, then turn north to Calle Zaragoza #343. It is really good. It is not visible in the daytime, with the doors rolled down.
  9. In the early 1960s, we could find them in any store or bazaar in Turkey. They can be carried in your pocket until needed, and they expand to carry more than you might want to carry. They also last well & can be washed. Never used paper or plastic bags while in Turkey. Of course, newspapers were still abundant for wrapping.
  10. I am still alive, thanks to the interventions of Dr. Hector Briseño, assisted by his father, who is also a cardiologist. Prior to Dr. Briseño, I was treated by Dr. Ramon Gaercia Garcia, who is probably now retired. Currently, my resting blood pressure hangs around 102/61 with a pulse rate of 70 bpm. I know that seems low, but it is keeping me alive until something else does me in.
  11. We are still using some that is more than five years old, and has been frozen for most of that time. It remains alive and active. We don't make bread very often any more, but we do make, and freeze, pizza dough. Can't stand frozen pizzas from the store, or even pizza from the usual delivery sources. Homemade is so much better, and very easy with frozen pizza dough balls on hand.
  12. I don't recall where my wife bought it, but it is likely that it was Soriana or Walmart.
  13. When in Chapala, we made no adjustments for altitude and the bread was just fine. However, it is crucial that the kneading be done properly. When you tire of kneading, just do it some more anyway. developing that elasticity is crucial to good texture and flavor. Proofing should also be done in a warm, still place, like a cupboard, idle microwave, closed box, etc. We use bakers yeast, purchased in 1 lb blocks and kept in the freezer. It lasts and lasts, and is always on hand, as it can be spooned out even when frozen. It is much more active than those little packets, which are often nearly
  14. My offspring are 58 and 60. I try not to think about it.
  15. Generally, the dogs know, and I have never worried about that. Never lost a dog.
  16. It is the infrared wavelengths that produce the heat, not the ultraviolet. There are products to reflect either, or even both This one might be of interest: https://www.explainthatstuff.com/how-low-e-heat-reflective-windows-work.html
  17. The economy and quality of life always improved after a plague wiped out a significant portion of the population. Historical fact, but a rather unpleasant experience, I suspect.
  18. No, you did not have to leave Mexico or prove your financials. Evidently, you left, cancelled your Residente Temporal and then applied for Residente Permanente, having to go through the 'canje' process with INM again, in Mexico, to get your new Permanente visa card. You should have done your homework during your years as Temporal; but that is water over the dam, isn't it? If you do have your Residente Permanente card in hand, there are no further renewals.
  19. Repaving vs the more lucritive repaying.....
  20. Perhaps there is another highway overhead, freeing traffic congestion below.
  21. The quality of a scan is certainly important, but the quality of the radiologist making the interpretation of the results is absolutely crucial to the diagnosis and treatment plan.
  22. Some of us remember a previous plan: Carretera westbound only, with eastbound traffic routed via Ocampo, etc. on through La Floresta.........
  23. I had forgotten about the memory problem.................
  24. Many appliance brands, especially washers, are actually the same, but with different labels, or sometimes just a different control panel. Whirlpool-GE-Kenmore and a few others are examples. As such, parts are interchangeable.
  25. That is exactly as I remember it, and it seems that it has not changed in the last umpteen years. Some folks need to get out more, and observe more.
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