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  1. Well, it could be useful if your license is in Arabic, Greek, or some other alphabet than Latin.
  2. You must have a state driver's license. The International is simply a translation, and must refer to a valid license, which must also be shown. It is not valid alone, or in the country where it was obtained.
  3. Only expats who can order stuff in Spanish will survive. It is Darwinian!
  4. In that case, you are one of the lucky ones, and I envy you. Hopefully, you also have youthful good health. I have all those skills, but no longer have the ability. So we are stocked up, but stuck in place. If that weren't the case, I would rather be at sea, in a sailing vessel with a couple of year's provisions aboard.......
  5. There is no more light......and the seed store is closed. Gringal is right, unless you already have the garden, stored crops & seed, and can defend them.
  6. New scenario for Lily: You have been sick for several weeks. Your cupboards are bare and you are hungry and weak. The local utilities have failed and you are without phone, power or internet. No stores are open and it is dangerous to go out un-armed, if at all, as law enforcement has also failed. What now?
  7. When I was a kid, family gardens, root cellars, pickle barrels, chickens, and nearby hunting & fishing options were very common. I even had a number of traps, and used them. That was the way it was in pre-WWII days and through the war as well. Today, most have none of those options.
  8. The world's food chain has obvious broken links, and there have already been announcements of expected shortages of medicines, most of which are made in India and China. Not only are old folks dependent upon food, but qlso upon medications to stay alive. Civilization, as we know it, developed over a very long time; one tiny adaptation after another, and one major innovation at a time. We are all now quite interdependent and subject to the possibility of a sudden collapse of everything that we know. Hang on tight!
  9. It takes awhile for you to discover that you did get it, if you did, but even longer to discover that you didn't, unless you really did, which you don't yet know. Uncertainty is unsettling.
  10. I once had a problem like that, with a certain gringa visitor to a neighbor's weekly event. She felt really entitled to park as close as possible, which was right across from my garage door on a narrow Ajijic one way street. When all else failed, I simply taped a small note to her windshield, right at eye level, with lots of very, very sticky packaging tape. It was hard to remove, and left adhesive to be removed with solvents. It worked.
  11. I have observed, in another time and place, as I am old, exactly how the human race managed without commercial baby food: The baby received pre-chewed food directly from the mouth of its mother. I last saw that done, even in restaurants, as late as the 1960s, before I returned to the land of Gerber. Our own children got mashed or strained food; whatever the rest of us ate. They only got a dose of Gerber when we were on the road, etc.
  12. There is hope for you, as I can still do that in four languages at 82 1/2. So, you have time left to study. 😉
  13. Yesterday was "Easter Monday", just part of a long "puente".
  14. How sad! Are there remedial options available to you?
  15. "Back to normal" may be some years away.😪
  16. And then.....there are those who are simply incapable of understanding. They are the truly dangerous ones.
  17. Why would a haircut be essential?
  18. You could make a cut of about six or seven inches, in order to get a better match with the new mattress. A couple of inches above the ankle bones should do the trick.
  19. There is no need to call for approval. You may use a Mexican Notario and it will be accepted under international reciprocity agreements. We have done that in the same circumstances, and all was just fine. If you ask, the folks up north will often say "no" out of ignorance. If you just do it, they may then ask their lawyer, who will give them the OK.
  20. Has anyone noticed how much "stupid" is going around, fed by either ignorance or faith. Oh, they are synonymous, aren't they? Yes, the population of expats at Lakeside has a majority of the most vulnerable to Covid 19. I am also part of that very vulnerable age group, and am quite aware that we have the highest death rate, and that there will be little, or no medical halp or paliative care available. It will not be an easy death. As such, we have been keeping a very low profile, and have increased our supply of rice, beans and pasta. We are not going out and have cancelled all socia
  21. Wher is, as is, no fuel, no pilot, airport & hangar fees due, airworthiness maintenance overdue ................. Besides; I haven't flown a plane in over half a cehtury! I can hardly believe it.
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