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  1. Dealership might be your best option. However, a friend once had a Ford with that problem, and it was a loose connection in the plug that is the main feed to the dashboard. The dash had to be removed & re-installed which lasted awhile. When it happened again, it was apparent that the plug was worn due to dashboard motion/vibration. He sold the vehicle.
  2. Hall Microcomputers comes lakeside every other week. Call them, or visit their website. Otherwise, go to their Guadalajara location with your laptop. They are very helpful, and are the Apple distrubutor here.
  3. Never, in my experience; nor have I ever heard of anyone having a problem. What I have heard is thatt sometimes an expat asks the NoB person if they will accept a Mexican notarization. They get an answer based upon total ignorance. Then, the whining begins. Don't ask. Just do it. The Mexican notario's holographic seals are so impressive, that they will be received without question.
  4. Some might ask why one would burn fossil fuel to heat the outdoors. Even wood fireplaces and campfires are now becoming unpopular; in some places, prohibited.
  5. Just go to the nearest notaria publico and have the notario do it. It is perfectly legal by international treaty. We have used them more than once; even for a US real estate sale. Never a problem.

    Great Burgers

    I am stretching my memory, but could the name be "Cenaduria Doña Josefina?
  7. It appears that there is a lack of professional traffic engineers to do the planning.
  8. How many generations does it take to make one a "native"?

    Great Burgers

    He bared his soul, so bear with him........This topic is barely tolerable, at best.
  10. Dusty Chicken before they moved, or after? 🙄 Looks like the latter......on the libramiento.
  11. I agree, that language is the key, but it is not the only consideration. When we first bought a home in Ajijic, we soon discovered that local prices were as much as 40% higher than we could find in Guadalajara, Tonala, or Tlaquepaque; places most would think might be more expensive. At that time, we had no Spanish & had to rely on marked prices for hardware, appliances, etc., but I always dickered for larger purchaces of multiple appliances. Later, after selling that home and buying in Chapala, I had some Spanish and more experience. What a difference! Even poor Spanish will gain you a certain amount of respect for trying, and making progress. People suddenly become more helpful, and much more friendly. I admire their patience!
  12. The schedule is just above your posted question......
  13. Your Mexican insurance will not cover you in the USA !!! What you have is an additional policy by a USA insurance company, attached to your Mexican policy. It may very well cover you in Canada, as it is a USA policy. Read it........Ask your agent, etc. If it does, you can probably drive your Mexican plated car in Canada for a month, as you posted above. Be sure to carry your Mexican license, residency visa, etc.
  14. You can either shop in Guadalajara, or contact Hall Microcomputers, as they come to Lakeside twice a month & will diliver, if they have them. They have a website.
  15. Only Dr. Valenzuela can tell you, after his diagnosis & treatment plan. You can have full faith in him as an excellent surgeion and a really nice guy. I speak from experience with him as my surgeon for a major procedure. excellent outcome!
  16. That is very true! When we renovated our place in Chapala, we were living there. First, we were cooking on a veranda with an old door on two sawhorses and one plug. Later, we moved into a guest room off the courtyard, then into the casita, and eventually into the house. We enjoyed the entire process and loved our interactions with the contractor, the maestro and the workers. We learned much!
  17. I seem to recall a shop on Madero, or on Lopez Cotilla next to the mercado publico, in Chapala, which carried all sorts of spices. You will need their Spanish names & can find them at rollybrook.com, in a compendium of food names. The search is half the fun!
  18. You might try Dawn detergent, which is my favorite method for cleaning almost anything. Find a hidden spot for a test; rinse and dry completely with towels. You may have to do the entire area, as suede will darken after being wet. Most leather cleaners seem to be designed for anything but suede & may contain oils. I would avoid them. Even soap and water is taking a chance with suede, but you seem ready to accept the need for eventual recovering.
  19. Sorry about the spelling. I beg forgiveness. I also beg for new eyes! One is useless and the other is legally blind. So, I don't edit well.
  20. Calcium Carbonate = Chaulk. Colors are optional.
  21. I suggest that you figure out how to officially cancel that "TIP", and start over again when that is accomplished. In Mexico, they are very strict about all official documents having matching names...precisely & exactly matching names.
  22. One of my fondest memories is of a visit to Cade's Cove in the Smokey Mountains of TN, just west of NC, for the annual folk music festival. If I recall, it is the third weekend every September. It is remote in more than just geography. Loved it!
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