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    Coffee pods

    Do you mean "squirted"?
  2. What is the gene that prevents a certain group from speaking more than one language? I once had an elderly friend who spoke thirteen languages, but no English. He had no formal education. In a family of mixed nationalities, there was a five year old boy who could simultaneously translate the five represented languages.

    Coffee pods

    It is time to vote: How is the water getting through the grounds: 1. Running 2. Seeping 3. Driiping 4. Oozing 5. Flowing 6. Flooding 7. Cascading
  4. You have described what is normally called "the parking brake". It only operates the rear brakes, and is not intended as a "backup system". Of course, if everything else failed, you might try it, but I doubt you would be happy with the result. Air brakes on large trucks, RVs, etc., must be operated with great care, as the operator can easily cause them to overheat and become temporarily ineffective. It happens more often than you might expect, and is why special training is recommended. On a long downhill run, it is wise to slow down early, and use the lower gears and engine brake to maintain a lower speed, avoiding overheated brakes. As you may now suspect, "Driver error" is the most likely cause of accidents like these.

    Coffee pods

    We do that, and it is quick and easy, allowing you to use the coffee of choice, and the amount you prefer.
  6. Like some previous posters, we lived over a decade without ever feeling the need for a Mexican bank. We maintained our USA banking, which returned ATM fees, and used any convenient ATM for our cash needs. Bought and sold two homes and one new car with wire transfers and/or "plastic" with limits waved for a day to complete the transaction. Never any inconveniences, and always secure.
  7. I wonder why ACD has not been removed. Could he have another identity here; perhaps with special powers?
  8. Water does not mix with gasoline, or other oil products, all of which will float upon the water. So, any water in a gasoline tank will remain at the very bottom. If there is too much water in the tank, it may rise to the point where the suction occurs, and cause some to be delivered to vehicles. That would cause a similar situation in the vehicle's fuel tank, where it would be unlikely to reach the engine until the amount of water became really excessive.
  9. OK, look at it this way, even if it is not perfectly logical: Alfonso is male, so his name is Soriano. La tienda is feminine, so the store is Soriana. 💤
  10. When you sign in for your flight, spell your name with o's instead of a's in the last sylable, as you did with the popular grocery store, Soriana. Check their signs for confirmation, as I could be suffering from early dementia and be mistaken, too.
  11. I am still here, thanks to Dr. Briseño. To get the tilde on a Mac, just type (option n), then (n). It works: ñ. PC users have to use some kind of numerical code. Sorry......
  12. Most oxygen concentrators can deliver 5L/Min. Portable ones are more limited. I have bottles, plus concentrators, and am oxygen-dependent. The VA is my source, and the reason that I am no longer in Chapala at over 5000' elevation.
  13. I think there may be a limit on the number of pets per person, and you will want to be sure that they meet all veterinary certifications.
  14. They would benefit from owning an oxygen concentrator, especially if they can find a used one. Then, they would only need to use a portable tank when they leave the house.
  15. It has already happened: You must be vaccinated for some diseases before going to public schools, etc. You must.... Have a licence to drive, pilot a plane or passenger boat, sell insurance, real estate, perform medical operations, etc. You must be certified to teach in most states. Perhaps you are from a state where that is not required. Oh well......it is all in a name.
  16. Read, and compare, the labels. Guaranteed to help you know what you need to know.
  17. "Circulate" just means that the vehicle will be "driven" on public streets and roads. It may even include being parked on them, etc.
  18. Poor little Bobby; so afraid of needles. He may even believe that he would be "chipped". That said; I think he is just a semi-literate troll, pulling our chains.
  19. I share Pappy's sentiments, as we would much rather be back in Mexico. However, our health and ages demand that we use the VA and Medicare coverages available to us only in the USA.
  20. Perhaps this pandemic is just Mother Nature's intelligence test. Note who is failing the test and dying off: The unvaccinated! The gene pool benefits, I suppose.
  21. UV kills living things. That is how it treats the water in many Mexican homes, for example. I don't think that you would want to be the recipient of an organ with some dead tissue; would you?
  22. Working in Mexico will require a Residence Visa, either Temporal or Permanente. The Temporal requires additional permission from Immigration authorities. There are financial requirements to qualify for these visas, and application imformation is available from Mexican consulates in your home country.
  23. Hopefully, a way will be found to make short work of it. All will benefit, and there may be dancing in the streets.
  24. Why expect to find everything you need in Ajijic. Chapala is the "downtown" area and also the local source of more types of businesses than those offered in Ajijic. Beyond that, you may have to search in Guadalajara for some things. Besides, you will often pay up to 0% more for some things in Ajijic. Guess why!
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