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  1. I just realized that I have not had any KoolAide since I was an impressionable child. Anyone else? I never even saw any of it available in Mexico, but it is obvious that it can be guzzled there without difficulty. It can be hazardous to one's health, considering its contents.
  2. Perhaps dcstroker is with Telcel; not Telmex. Could that be the confusion?
  3. Or....You can do the right thing. Protecting yourself and others is a serious responsibility, no matter where you may be. There are no indications that there is 'herd immunity', and little likelihood of an effective vaccine in the foreseeable future; if ever. The economies of the world must change to contact-free delivery, etc.
  4. Don't hold your breath........ Humanity will adapt, or possibly become extinct, as a viral pandemic is high on the list of possible causes of extinction. Nothing new there.
  5. The Cessna 172 is still the most popular airplane. I loved flying them and sometimes dream of having one of my own. It would be perfect for the 'commute', and for trips within Mexico. I wish...........
  6. Those who err are prone to take their frustrations out on others, as is evident here. When advice is offered, it may not always be what they wanted to hear. That fact cannot be avoided. An adverse reaction may cause others to avoid trying to help in the future. So be it......Mexico does have its rules, and we must live by them when we live in Mexico. That even includes leaving Mexico properly.
  7. Slainte reported the true facts, as he knew them. You appeared to challenge him without cause.
  8. Border restrictions for tourists crossing by land may have a huge impact, as is intended. The pandemic is not going away.
  9. Actually, he probably won't like the "correct answer". For years, I have strongly advised against taking a car out of Mexico without surrendering the Importada Temporal. If it failed, were wrecked, burned, or was stolen, the owner/importer would find himself in this same situation; unable to bring another foreign plated car into Mexico. But....if he has a non-Mexican wife, she could get a TIP for "her car", even if it were titled in both names.
  10. Aduana rules prohibit you from ever bringing another car into Mexico if you have a previous car "in Mexico", which is exactly what they assume at this point. They require that the previous car be present at the border, upon exit from Mexico, and that the Importada Temporal be surrendered. A receipt is provided to you, which you should keep forever as proof of the removal of that specific vehicle. They will not accept your "reasons" or excuses. So, the obvious solution is to drive the old car back to Mexico, straight to Banjercito at the border, turn in the Importada Temporal, get your re
  11. This thread may make you mad enough to spit. Just aim at the unmasked! It might scare some sense into them, as they currently appear to be quite senseless. That could be from sheer stupidity, or just a lack of education and analytical thinking skills. The first cannot be corrected, but it may be not too late for the second condition; unless one is of the opinion that learning a second language is beyond their ability due to age related deterioration. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Perhaps the same equipment is available from supply houses in Guadalajara; I don't know, but you could investigate. It is certainly a convenient and economical option, compared to needing full bottles delivered in exchange for empties. In your case, it appears that you do not need oxygen to go out, or that you just don't go out. Others may find the information helpful, as was my intent.
  13. If you can't do that, or if the seller refuses, do not buy that car!!!! Don't even give a down payment until you have gone to the Recaudadora together, and all of the paperwork has been inspected and approved. Then, they will make the transfer and you make the payment; not before.
  14. Here, in the Rio Grande Valley, an oxygen supplier provides an oxygen concentrator, two large and two small bottles, plus an in-home "Ultrafill" refilling system. As such, I am able to recharge empty bottles as often as needed. Technicians come to inspect and service the equipment and replenish other supplies each month; all arranged by the VA.
  15. Oh well......garbled communication problem, I guess.
  16. Do you really have a "boarder" to cross? I always thought that you were too polite to cross anyone.
  17. Meanwhile: Rio Grande Valley merchants are begging for relaxation of the border restrictions so that the Mexican shoppers can return, as the news reports that the Covid-19 cases in the valley are rising rapidly. All we can do is remain isolated at home, with grocery deliveries to our carport.
  18. I think that beer and wine became common when water became polluted; ages ago!
  19. Those critters enter through raw, exposed wood; usually at cut ends of moulding and the bottoms of furniture legs. We turned infested tables and chairs upside-down and injected mineral oil into the obvious entry holes, which is also where the dust exits. Repeating this for several days will saturate the wood, making it unappetizing, and also suffocate any insect which gets oil on its body. It worked!
  20. TPMS = Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  21. Yes, I think you can physically do it at some of the crossings; perhaps at all of them. However, if you were to be denied a re-entry FMM as a tourist, you would have to cross into the USA and not return. So, it would be wise to go have a long lunch and wait for a shift change. Otherwise, you might be strongly advised to go to a consulate in the USA and apply for a residence visa. Be prepared for all contingencies.
  22. Celestone Soluspan is available for injection at most farmacias. Inject yourself, or they will do it at the farmacia. An injection lasts 2-3 weeks. Ask your MD for advice about your condition.
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