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  1. Could be the aforementioned figment......
  2. Since a certain farmacia is owned by a certain group, which owns a certain new medical facility, it might possibly be advantageous to locate a farmacia within said facility, requiring the consideration of consolidation and even relocation, or elimination, of a redundant farmacia. Such machinations could lead to confusion among the less nimble thinkers, or even be pure spculation on the part of the author. Nevertheless, anything is possible, as well as figments of my imagination. So, consider all the optional possibilities before arguing.
  3. El Torito is what I think he meant to write.
  4. You can probably find it locally. Look at the generic name and ask your farmacia for it, or to order it for you. There is no way for you, as an idividual, to succeed in getting reliable delivery from outside of Mexico at any reasonable price.
  5. Yes! Check the roof first, if you have salitre high on the wall or on the ceiling. You must eliminate the source of the moisture, or your efforts will be futile.
  6. It may be time for them to consider selling their vehicles, trailer, and most other belongings, in order to make the move as economical as possible. After all, they will be living in Mexico, so one would assume that they have a Residente Temporal Visa, which will transition to Permanent in short order. As such, they would avoid the problem of returning a vehicle to Canada when they become Permanentes.
  7. An albanil is a mason. I cannot imagine not knowing that after more than a decade in Mexico. Zero Spanish vocabulary?
  8. This is from 2016. In any case; I have never flown into or out of Mexico. We drove in and out many times, and in recent years we have walked in and out. We still have no stamps in our passports.
  9. That is the name, as I recall. Yes, they do have a good selection of hardware, tools, etc. It is also a US style layout for easy browsing.
  10. You must search out the local freebee shop, next to the free lunch shop in colonia del paridiso.
  11. They can easily identify the naive responses. Yes, the calls are to random numbers, as you would expect.
  12. That article does answer the questions: If you are in a foreign country, use a notary in that country. A US Notary can only notarize within his home jurisdiction in the USA. Simple enough, I think.
  13. In the Middle East, the original would have been made with lamb; definitely not pork.
  14. It seems that the reason for dependency would rule the decision.
  15. The reason: They want to be able to stop. They do not intend to enter Walmart.
  16. I agree, and found the article very well written and evocative of emotion for the whole valley's predicament. Meanwhile, we remain isolated at home.
  17. None of this is a good idea, as an accident will definitely ruffle feathers; yours, and there is no preening in jail. There are rules for Residente Permanente, and it is best not to mess with them; especially if you have property and belongings in Mexico, etc.
  18. Insight and Incite are two different words with very different meanings.
  19. Nobody said that. Re-read and re-think. It may help, but that is not guaranteed.
  20. Real lard is also the secret to a good pie crust......and lots of other tasty things. Baby back ribs and cornbread for lunch!
  21. There are also business visitors, sales reps, tech reps, as well as entertainers, clergy, Politicos, etc.............
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