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  1. The current owner must get the retorno seguro, and then sign a bill of sale to the buyer.  The current owner must maintain insurance on the vehicle for the trip over the border, since the 'transaction' cannot be done in Mexico.  The buyer can then use the retorno seguro and a letter from the owner, along with copies of the owner's ID, to drive the car north in a legal manner, without fear of confiscation or arrest.

  2. It is a good idea to keep your Medicare with A & B, as you may need it on visits to the USA, or when you move back; willingly or not. 

    We moved to Mexico in 2001 and bought a home in Ajijic. We sold that one in 2004 and bought a larger place, in Chapala centro, in 2004. Then, medical issues caught up with us.  Care was excellent in Guadalajara hospitals, and with our various doctors, but the frequency began to add up. My wife reached medicare age, I developed more problems, including COPD. That was the straw that broke the camel's back, as I needed a lower elevation to reduce my dependency on oxygen bottles and a concentrator.

    So, we sold out in 2014 and moved back to the USA, where she uses Medicare and I use the VA.  Otherwise, we would have been in trouble at today's prices. 

    Yes, we miss Chapala terribly, but at 72 and 82, we must be very careful as inflation wreaks havoc on those of us who have been retired for 22 years with tiny pensions and SS based upon wages from the last century.

    Be careful, plan well, keep your options open, and be happy.

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