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  1. Check these posts for signs of illiteracy. They are indicative of the quality of the information........
  2. I have had several retina surgeries at Clinica Santa Lucia, with Dr. Roig. I can still see, even after having been totally blind in one eye, and nearly so in the other. It is an excellent clinic. I know of none better.
  3. I don't think there is a medical specialty with a cedula for podiatry in Mexico, so being an MD makes sense. Perhaps a trip to your regular doctor is in order; then, follow his suggestions for your feet.
  4. With similar results. We are a really weird population; maybe uneducable, due to false pride. 🤷‍♂️
  5. As soon as a vaccine is announced and made available, the masses will discard their masks, hug each other, open bars and restaurants, and declare that the virus will be killed. The infection rate will soar, hundreds of thousands will die, and the economy will tank even further; perhaps beyond any hope of recovery. Then, really bad things will happen. 🤯
  6. Do it the legal way: Use the nearest Mexican Notaria. We, and others, have done that for US real estate sales, etc. It is supported by reciprocal agreements between the countries. Avoid the risk of having a transaction challenged by using an illegal US notary in Mexico.
  7. You might possibly expect a vaccine of unknown effectiveness to become available in about a year; maybe more, or maybe a lot longer. How old do you plan to get? I am surprised that I am as old as I am now, recalling that I once doubted that I would see the year 2000......but here we are.....
  8. Your You're Yore It is a difficult language for some folks.
  9. The utility bill is used to prove that the address exists; not that you live there, which they assume, since you have the bill.
  10. Esteban is Puertas Automaticas, so either of those numbers should get him, or his family. They are superb!
  11. First: Roof repairs to correct the moisture in the ceiling below.
  12. You might concentrate on your major concern. If it is for a heart condition, or fear of one, you could go directly to a cardiologist, perhaps at Quality Care, for example. In the course of your consultation, you might ask him to suggest a general practitioner, if he thinks you need one. Things work differently in Mexico.......
  13. Check your arm for a smallpox vaccination scar. It may come back. If you don't have that scar.......too bad, you are too young.
  14. It will not be the full 16 days, as you will prorate the amount for the actual number of days as a percentage of a full year's work.
  15. You may not like my advice, so that leaves me no recourse but to suggest that you confront the INM officials with your intent to refuse to abide by the INM rule ....... Please hurry.
  16. Keep the copy at home, but carry the original. If lost, report it to Ministerio Publico, then take that report and your copy, with other ID, to INM in order to apply for replacement.
  17. The current owner must get the retorno seguro, and then sign a bill of sale to the buyer. The current owner must maintain insurance on the vehicle for the trip over the border, since the 'transaction' cannot be done in Mexico. The buyer can then use the retorno seguro and a letter from the owner, along with copies of the owner's ID, to drive the car north in a legal manner, without fear of confiscation or arrest.
  18. Stone chip repairs, but probably not cracks. Cracks will require replacement of the windshield.
  19. 765-5584 or celular 3331570136‬ from my old records.
  20. It is a good idea to keep your Medicare with A & B, as you may need it on visits to the USA, or when you move back; willingly or not. We moved to Mexico in 2001 and bought a home in Ajijic. We sold that one in 2004 and bought a larger place, in Chapala centro, in 2004. Then, medical issues caught up with us. Care was excellent in Guadalajara hospitals, and with our various doctors, but the frequency began to add up. My wife reached medicare age, I developed more problems, including COPD. That was the straw that broke the camel's back, as I needed a lower elevation to reduce my depen
  21. ¡Hola, Gwynne! ¿Todo va bien? Saludos, B&L
  22. Located in San Antonio Tlayacapan, outside the church; maybe next to it, just south of the plaza. No appointment needed; just bring all the usual IDs, old license, etc.
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