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  1. Not sure, as my first shot will be Friday. I suspect Phizer.
  2. I got a surprise call from the VA, here in Texas, with appointments for my Covid vaccinations; This Friday, and again in four weeks.
  3. Call Hall Microcomputers, or use their website, in order to insure that they bring the battery you need, if it can be replaced locally. If not, they will take it to Guadalajara and do it there.
  4. Without those big, tender and tasty claws, they aren't "Lobster".
  5. Sad to hear that Richard has died. He will be missed.
  6. That moto is standing still, as is the rearmost person; with feet firmly on the ground. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Suffering from affluenza seems to be rather painless, when compared to pandemics of other ailments these days.
  8. I hope that the OP does not expect to move to Mexico for nursing home care/assisted living and have Mexico pay the bills!
  9. You will have to wait until some weeks after your second shot, but will still need to use PPEs and social distancing. Being vaccinated does not fully protect you; but it might help you survive a bout of CV19.......Maybe.......For some.
  10. Thanks for wishing us a happy "ano". I am sure that most of us have one, and that only a few have to keep theirs happy with preparation H. So, assuming that your ano is OK, Feliz Año Nuevo.
  11. What a vicious spiral has been created by the assorted ilks. A sharp knife will solve the problem.
  12. As a member since 1959, I can report no problems in multiple countries. However, I did join in the USA and always maintained a USA mail forwarding address or an APO while on active duty abroad.
  13. In 1961 I recall driving a stretch of a Roman road in western Turkey, south of Izmir, on the way to Kușadası. It was very smooth and the bridges were intact over a couple of streams.
  14. We paid the atuinaldo for a decade, and a finiquito on termination, when we had to move north. That's all.
  15. Some of the less expensive ovens in Mexican stoves do not have thermostats. Does yours? If not, you just have to learn the settings and use an oven thermometer.
  16. The poor writing skills, and atrocious grammar, may be an indication of the reasons for such a high level of confusion. Some just never learn much if they cannot understand what they read.
  17. If you are in Mexico, order from Mexico to get a Mexican warranty, and have no need to worry that the item is imported; most everything is imported from China or the USA, etc., or both. If you order it yourself, from a USA source, you may not receive it, as it may be held in customs, or even prohibited without you having an import licence for such items. If that doesn't explain it, you may just remain confused, scared, and helpless; or maybe just a troll under a bridge, as someone suggested. Are you?
  18. You do have a preexisting condition if you are alive.
  19. Pleaae go back to your trailers!
  20. I remember that phone. Our number was 11F2.
  21. The Lake Chapala area is lacking in opportunities for rollerskating, with all those rough streets. Skiing is out of the question, as there is not even a single chair lift, among other necessities. Flying is almost impossible for expats, who don't seem to be welcome at the tiny air field. Finding fresh lobster in a restaurant, or even crabbing, are seemingly impossible, in spite of the great abundance of old crabs.
  22. Knee jerk. Or, was I too verbose? 🙄
  23. Try CO-EH-TAYS for an American English phonetic pronunciation.
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