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  1. It seems that Jackie has not changed his habits. I doubt that he will....ever.
  2. It might seem easier to just let him help his father and that you give his father an appropriate 'tip' on those occasions. He can choose to pass it on to his 'helper'.
  3. Good advice. We used Maria's services whenever we encountered new or confusing requirements and forms. She is really good, very efficient, and economical.
  4. Your opinion on "following pubic" is correct; almost everyone does that. Even some repubs.
  5. Had anyone else noticed that you had a screw loose? Your wife was quite good at spotting it.
  6. That is not an LOL matter in Mexico. They may give you grief, so be brave & keep smiling.
  7. In the USA, townhouses are more and more popular. We live in one, and it does have bars on some windows, walls around the back yard, and locks on the gate. It is rather normal in cities.
  8. Ah Ha! The biggest problem with this site has been cited. The contagion of ignorance has been confirmed.
  9. Perhaps just dementia. He believes in ghosts, spirits, supernaturals, etc.
  10. Most xray departments practice silver recovery. Take them there.
  11. I also remember the fearful summer months with closed beaches, because of Polio, the sadness of hearing of another kid in an iron lung, etc. Yes, we all got immunized ASAP. We oldies all have smallpox innoculation scars, and the deadly disease has been eliminated, but samples are said to be held by certain governments in "strategic reserve". Think about that.
  12. It is all the sob has, and he revels in what he perceives as 'power'. What a terrible sickness! Not a friend in the world, I suspect.
  13. Merry Christmas to the vaccinated. RIP to the unvaccinated, and certain of those who convinced them to stay that way. Sick, sick, sick!
  14. Most are 'notarios', men who you will find in a 'notaria' (la oficina). I don't know of a notaria working in a local office. But there may be some lady notarias somewhere.
  15. We sold our Ajijic primary residence in 2004, and our subsequent Chapala primary residence in 2014. I do not remember having to present stacks of receipts to prove that both homes qualified. They did. Talk to your notario if you are worried. He, and/or the real estate agent, will tell you what you need for closing.
  16. Resistance is likely to get you killed. Unless you are sitting with your weapon locked and loaded, aimed at the door, and are agile and alert, you may be "toast" anyway. Just comply, and avoid looking at their faces intently. Your life may only be worth 'nada', in their eyes, if they think you may be able to identify them.
  17. Great picture! It is good to see MC with such a nice smile.
  18. We heard about it in Arizona a few days ago. He will certainly be missed, but his music and his videos will go on, and on. I still pull him up, online, every once in a while. He was incomparable!

    Keto options

    I, and probably many others, thank you for using the whole word. The use of abbreviations and acronyms is not recommended, especially in another country or culture, as you can imagine. They just make no sense to many. For example: I once served as an LMO.

    Keto options

    I would, too, as I have no idea what "keto" means.
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