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  1. If you have a common wall with another house, the neighbor can use a common detector to locate the backside of your outlets on that wall and tap into the wires for a 'free outlet' on his side of the wall. There are other variations on the theme........
  2. Most folks on this site will be referring to San Antonio Tlayacapan, a part of the Chapala Municipio, located between Ajijic and Chapala.
  3. The 956 is a Texas area code.
  4. SS cards do not have pictures. Beyond that, who cares?
  5. It is quite official and quite valid. It was issued to me in 1953. I have used it ever since, and even the US Government employees chuckle when they see it. But, they always accept it, as they are familiar with those older cards.
  6. An aside: If you are as old as I am, your SS Card probably has a red letter notice, as mine does: "Not to be used for identification"
  7. Yes. It is the same outfit. On Lopez Cotilla, north side of the street, and they have a sign. The street is one-way westbound, so you will see it on your right. I can't remember the number, but it is easy to find. If you are on foot, walking eastward, it will be about two blocks east of Madero and the mercado publico, on your left as you walk east.
  8. We have used them at their Chapala location, while we lived just down the street. They are the very best, and you need look no further for others.
  9. Senile dementia could be showing up in some of these posts. What do you young folks think?
  10. Most fresh water lakes and ponds become marshes. Eventually, plants take over and raise the ground level even more. Then come the new and hardier plants, followed by forests. It is a very slow process; short of a sudden tectonic elevation. All is rather unpredictable in the short years we have left. Speculation and complaining are both futile.
  11. Those are some of the reasons that we sold in Ajijic, and moved to Chapala Centro in 2004. We stayed there a decade and we miss it terribly. We were a block and a half from the mercado publico, and could walk everywhere in the downtown or lakeside malecon, etc.
  12. Smells a lot like a troll with time on his hands!!!
  13. What residency visa is required? That may be the problem.....
  14. Wearing masks and using all the other precautions may be the new normal for years to come. This virus, like the common cold, may mutate forever, providing new variants, and even requiring that we get vaccinated every year; if new vaccines can be developed in time. Naturally, the less cautious folks will be the ones to become infected more frequently, and contribute to the infection of more innocent people around them. That is how any contagion works, and a pandemic is an out of control contagion. This one is global.
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