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  1. That happened to us, in our move from AZ to TX. We had changed our address upon departure, but the change was not instant, nor was our ability to remember our new ZIP. Frustrating!!! 85710 vs 78516.

    Minesterio publico at lcs

    Translation: If you were to look at their website, you might see that the Ministerio Publico would be at the Lake Chapala Society tomorrow. Questions: When is 'mañana'? What time?
  3. I am certain that higher gasoline prices in the USA would NOT reduce driving by a significant amount, for the following reasons: Few people live within walking distance, with safe sidewalks, to the majority of their shopping needs. The elderly, and those of modest means, may have only one vehicle. In our case, we had to sell a 30 MPG car, in favor of a 17 MPG crew cab pick-up, as the car could not meet our needs for moving, towing or carrying large purchases, trash, etc. We can neither afford nor support a second vehicle, so must compromise. Outside of our immediate residential area, there are no sidewalks and no bike paths. There are no pedestrians, as it would be too dangerous. There is no real 'downtown' for pedestrian shopping; just huge malls. Even City Hall is rather remote from anything else. I would not dare to try to ride a bicycle from my home to City Hall. There is not even a 'back street' alternative. Such is most of the current USA. But, Guadalajara does maintain some very viable neighborhoods with shops and services. However, I think they too are threatened with eventual extinction.
  4. HA! Nothing to do with trade, but with the phrase, "stealing intellectual secrets". I was a USAF missile officer 'in the early days', and got my training at Redstone Arsenal, a US Army installation with a rather well known foreigner; the brains behind 'The Redstone' and other, later nuclear missiles, such as the Jupiter IRBM on which I trained and later served with abroad. He was Werner von Braun. Even then, the 'ruskies' were also well ahead of us in rocketry, as they had already proven. We picked their brains and stole whatever secrets we could. "All is fair in.............." Now, we recruit and hire 'brains' from all over the world, mostly Asians, because we have to. I think we all know the reasons why; unfortunately.
  5. The water has probably cleared the trapped air from the pipes. It will only happen again after a water 'outage'. But, you may not happen to be looking the next time. 👀
  6. The term, "Plata o plomo?" comes to mind. Has anyone considered that?
  7. Automobile loans require that the insurance be written with the lien-holder as the beneficiary. Since that is not likely to happen with Mexican insurance, and since the US insurance is not valid in Mexico, I agree that those "conversations" could become very interesting. They could include words like, "Fraud, Theft, Breach of Contract, Warrant, Due Immediately", and other such interesting language. I suggest getting permission, in writing. Better yeat: If you plan to live in Mexico, pay off your car before moving.
  8. Could it have just been air? That would clear almost immediately. Remember, water from the street is not a constant flow, and is sometimes off for much of the day. That is why homes have tinacos and aljibes for storage. When the water comes back on, the pipes may be full of air, which will be pushed out by the water, causing the phenomena that you describe.
  9. The problem is not usually termites, but beetle larvae already living in the lumber that you buy for wood construction, or in locally made wooden furniture, which is usually pine. Those beetles, called, "Powder post beetles, in the southern USA, are ravenous. In a few years, you may notice the 'powder' below door jambs (seldom the doors themselves, if from HD, etc.), and at the bottoms of furniture legs, etc. They are very hard to kill. Spraying and fumigation seldom work.

    Los 5 Potrillos under New Management!

    If a group got together and made a reservation for a Sunday brunch gathering, as used to happen often, it would help them get off the ground and be prepared for a crowd. Those five foals need raising and stroking to become good, strong performers. Help them along.


    I think the problem is unique to Ajijic, for two reasons: 1. There is no real central "downtown" shopping area in tiny Ajijic. 2. Most expats are very handicapped by being monolingual. In Chapala centro, there is a downtown shopping area, which serves the surrounding villages, including Ajijic. When we first arrived, we walked Francisco Madero, north and south, both sides, and stopped in many of the businesses to explore. That made life a lot easier for us, and it got even better when we learned some basic Spanish. I would think that doing those two things would come naturally for any expat, other than the snobbishly entitled and the congenitally lazy. So there!
  12. I suggest that you avoid using wood, and use metal studs instead. Better yet, employ a local contractor to make your changes. Wood will usually come with 'vermin' which you will regret introducing to your home. Note that wooden houses are not built in your area.
  13. It sounds like air still in a newly connected line. Let it flow until you smell gas. Then ventilate & wait before trying again. A steady gas flow us needed to support the pilot.

    The lake level

    "Parque Cristiania"

    TIP with trailer

    Ja Ja......Cuando en Mexico.............😉