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  1. Someone is hiking on a different trail, when he thinks about trials; or much of anything else. Too limited to deal with spelling and grammar, as well. Obviously, easily led down the path of ignorance.
  2. Since the tire shops can get whatever you want from Guadalajara, it seems that your only criteria is price, which will probably require that you make the rounds and ask the question for the specific tires that you want. The cheapest ones may be from far, far away, and may not last as long as you might like. Installation and balancing will be the same, no matter the tire chosen. Warranties will sometimes vary by brand. Service quality and convenience are also variables.
  3. What do you require for a tire shop to be labeled "The Best Place"?
  4. If one insists on refusing to be vaccinated for the protection of himself and others, there is the greater risk that infection and even death will occur. So be it. The silence from the anti-vaxers will be a welcome change for many.
  5. I suspect that many of those "farmers" harvest their crops at the abastos. Purdue and others do deliver there. Surprised?
  6. May third commemorates Holy Cross Day, a religious festival with origins in ancient Jerusalem, without doubt, in Mexico and other countries the construction workers celebrate the Day of the Mason. El 3 de mayo se conmemora el Día de la Santa Cruz, una festividad religiosa que tiene sus orígenes en el antiguo Jerusalén, sin embargo, en México y en otros países los trabajadores de la construcción celebran el Día del Albañil.
  7. If you have a common wall with another house, the neighbor can use a common detector to locate the backside of your outlets on that wall and tap into the wires for a 'free outlet' on his side of the wall. There are other variations on the theme........
  8. Most folks on this site will be referring to San Antonio Tlayacapan, a part of the Chapala Municipio, located between Ajijic and Chapala.
  9. The 956 is a Texas area code.
  10. SS cards do not have pictures. Beyond that, who cares?
  11. It is quite official and quite valid. It was issued to me in 1953. I have used it ever since, and even the US Government employees chuckle when they see it. But, they always accept it, as they are familiar with those older cards.
  12. An aside: If you are as old as I am, your SS Card probably has a red letter notice, as mine does: "Not to be used for identification"
  13. Yes. It is the same outfit. On Lopez Cotilla, north side of the street, and they have a sign. The street is one-way westbound, so you will see it on your right. I can't remember the number, but it is easy to find. If you are on foot, walking eastward, it will be about two blocks east of Madero and the mercado publico, on your left as you walk east.
  14. We have used them at their Chapala location, while we lived just down the street. They are the very best, and you need look no further for others.
  15. Senile dementia could be showing up in some of these posts. What do you young folks think?
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