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  1. The Lake Chapala area is lacking in opportunities for rollerskating, with all those rough streets. Skiing is out of the question, as there is not even a single chair lift, among other necessities. Flying is almost impossible for expats, who don't seem to be welcome at the tiny air field. Finding fresh lobster in a restaurant, or even crabbing, are seemingly impossible, in spite of the great abundance of old crabs.
  2. Try CO-EH-TAYS for an American English phonetic pronunciation.
  3. I raised a smile, and a tear. Thanks.
  4. People who tell you that they don't buy Chinese, are probably naked.
  5. If you can't find them, you may open the smaller ones and attach two, end to end, to make a longer clamp.
  6. My experience was years ago, and was better than excellent, including setup in my Chapala home. Contact Hall Microcomputers in Guadalajara. They have a website, and will do phone contact, etc. They also do periodic service visits to Lakeside.
  7. Another vote for Ooma. We love it, and have had it for several years.
  8. Fonda Doña Lola ...........
  9. Isn't Walmart de Mexico the country's largest employer? Jobs at Walmart stores seem to be in high demand.
  10. The supply chain has some weak links, and even some missing links. It isn't just "the border". With CV-19, it may get worse before it gets better.
  11. I am typing this on an iMac purchased from Hall Microcomputers, in Guadalajara, and delivered and set up in Chapala. It was no more expensive than in the USA, but was imported by Hall, an Apple distributor. Great service! So, if you have not bought it yet, wait until you get settled. You will then have a warranty valid in Mexico.
  12. The stir crazies have evolved into happy dances today.
  13. Nothing more than simply being drunk with elation today. I can't imagine any other reason for such silliness.
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