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  1. If a neighbor were to build a pond, he might get an uproar from those nearby. Away from standing water, in the Chapala area, mosquitoes are not a problem. However, they are a problem closer to the lake, and wherever there is a forgotten container of water outside. The uproar would certainly result in a visit from the health authorities. By the way, a well requires a permit, and the federal government retains ownership of the water. Using a large aljibe, or a series of them, with solar power and gravity feed from rooftop 'tinacos', is the most practical and accepted approach in Mexico. Replenishment from roofs, or by local "pipas de agua" trucks makes it even more practical.
  2. That will probably work, unless your hobbies include marbles, or a bowling alley. Our last home once had level ground, but when we bought it the back yard and part of a garage had gained about ten inches, relative to the main house. Garden walls had developed a bit of a tilt toward the street, but neighbors parked there anyway. In ten years, the back yard gained another inch or two. We placed a rock garden along the major fault. However, we wish we could still be occupying that home. Minor cracks are easy to fix. Tilting: not so easy.
  3. "Thread wander" might be the result of confusion on the part of those caught up in the bewilderment of finding themselves in a culture that they do not understand, cannot communicate with, don't know este from oeste, and find poniente to be a spot, instead of a direction. Unable to read, or speak, they behave in childish fashion, reacting spasmodically to the slightest unfamiliar stimulus. Wandering about, lost and often in fear of the unknown, they do nothing to remediate their condition, and remain unable to find anything, or to solve the simplest of problems; even with the help of Google; which also works well in almost any language. No, they don't need to "go back where they came from", but they do need to begin the process of "self help", rather than always depending upon others to hold their hands. Often, the wandering thread is simply an indication of "the blind leading the blind".
  4. Portland cement is not a brand, it is a composition. The largest cement company in North America, I think, is CEMEX. So, I suspect you will find it easily.....anywhere. Cemento Gris: Cemento Portland Gris | CEMEX Mexicohttps://www.cemexmexico.com/productos/cemento/portland-gris
  5. Portland cement and mortar are different.
  6. You could buy the smallest bag of mortar, and a bucket of sand at any 'materiales' location, or at Jara, for example.
  7. I suspect that you are being asked to pay for the legal fee to write the lease, and perhaps to collect the rent. Didn't you ask for clarification?
  8. Perhaps the confusion is from the use of GDL, which is the designation for the Guadalajara International Airport. Using GDL for the city itself is improper and confusing. Instead of "mid-GDL", it would have been more accurate (by several miles) to have said, "Guadalajara centro", or "Central Guadalajara".
  9. For newbies: The airport is half way between Guadalajara and Chapala, so you should not compare prices of taxis between GDL(the airport) - Chapala, with prices between Guadalajara (the city) and Chapala or Ajijic. The airport is actually located in the municipality of Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, south of the city of Guadalajara.
  10. Why would the government hire a lawyer to collect from you? Why not contact FEGLI directly and ask them about it. It could be a scam, as you suspect.
  11. For a time, in 1960, American travel abroad was restricted in what was called the "Gold Ban", as an attempt to keep dollars in the USA. My family was hit hard, when their passports were held, even as I had already departed and the car and furniture had already been shipped. I wired complaints to Congress, from the Middle East, and my family soon got personal delivery and apologies, but nothing more. It was declared unconstitutional to hold their passports, but it was OK to restrict the money flow. It lasted no more than two years. Americans should complain, in these instances. Other countries may deny entry, but the USA cannot deny exit to law-abiding citizens with valid passports.
  12. Unless you are really 'somebody special' with a very special bank account and income stream, you may want to calculate the cost of moving stuff. It will cost a few dollars per pound! Bulky stuff may cost even more! We found it less expensive to sell, or otherwise dispose of all furniture, and a lot of stuff that had not been used for awhile. An SUV, cartop pod and a U-Haul trailer did the trick. We dropped the U-Haul in Laredo, TX, and its load went into storage there. We picked it up a month later. Finding stuff in Mexico is much easier now, than it was then, but we had no problem, and enjoyed the experience. Yes, that was before Walmart, Costco, Home Depot and Amazon, etc. But, if you have money to burn, ignore my advice.
  13. Youngtimer, Let me guess: You are in the USA and have 'hired' someone who has represented himself as an "Immigration Specialist", or maybe even an "Immigration Lawyer". If so, you are probably going to discover that he usually handles cases with clients immigrating into the USA. Your situation may be beyond his experience level, but did not deter him from taking your fee. Good luck! You might as well start over, as you will do the application yourself, in person, providing all the documentation and financial records, at a Mexican Consulate in your current legal country of residence. There is no reason that you should need help.
  14. Cantera is not "marble". It is a volcanic rock; sort of an agragate of ash and lava. It is quarried, as the name implies.
  15. Roofs move, and cracks appear. Using 'membrana', after caulking the cracks, will help a lot. Simply re-coating with impermiabalazante does not solve the cracking problem. Use a flexible caulk and use pressure on the knife to drive it into the crack. Then, mambrana with impermiabalizante. When cured, you may coat the entire roof, if needed.
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