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  1. I did practice all of that, and still do, but I was also foolish enough to smoke from age 17 to 62. That first heart attack got my attention, and I quit in 1999. Hindsight is always 20/20.
  2. Hoomever ducks into the Ilox office, might get a printed version.
  3. You would say that, after I became old and useless! Where were you several decades ago?
  4. I am not familiar with the term. Do you mean, "suspended ceiling tiles"?
  5. There is no cure for COPD. One can only try to treat the symptoms. Needing oxygen 24/7 would seem to indicate a rather severe situation, perhaps "end stage". COPD gets worse with time, and is eventually fatal. It puts great strain on the heart, generally subjecting the person to congestive heart failure. My credentials: I have both.
  6. Here goes: Eat whatever you like, whenever you wish. If you get heavier, eat less. If you get skinny, eat more. Exercise is good, but always optional. You were "terminal" from the moment of inception. Good luck, and be careful in traffic!
  7. I forgot to mention something about my vegan daughter: She is married to a doctor, who is also somewhat vegan out of necessity, and who remained very active on the soccer field until a knee injury at about age 70 slowed him down. He says very little on this subject, or any other, as my vegan daughter never stops preaching about her diet. He is now a 'retired doctor', having taught at a university for many years, on a professional green card for the USA, instead of his home country of Ecuador. Oh, his PhD (doctorate) is in Latin American Studies, and his specialty is History and Spanish, etc. Not all 'doctors' are created equal! Be careful when you choose one.
  8. News flash! Mexicans have American hair! What is 'newbie hair' like?
  9. I like Uruapan, too, but it is at 5,315′ above MSL, which is a tiny bit higher than Chapala. It is also cooler in the winter months.
  10. My paternal grandfather died at 54 from heart disease. My maternal grandfather died at 74 from heart disease. My father died at 54 from heart disease/depression/suicide. One younger brother died at 54 from heart disease. Another younger brother died at 72 from heart disease. I think it is genetic, as I almost died at 62 from a massive heart attack. I have survived several other attacks and interventions, and I do follow doctor's orders and take several daily meds, to stay alive, some 20 years later. The spring is winding down, but I am still ticking, and am not afraid to have the occasional slice or two of bacon, or some Texas BBQ. Another younger brother also 'follows orders' and is still alive at 80. I do have a vegan daughter, and she seems rather unhealthy at 60.
  11. We are in Alamo, just 15 minutes from McAllen, in a 55+ community with 256 low maintenance brick homes, golf, ponds, park & trails, etc., just 3/4 mile from the E-W freeway. Interested folks can send a PM with specific questions.
  12. I have had COPD since before 2004. By 2014, is was having to use oxygen even when sitting at home, in Chapala. I could not tolerate the milpa burnings and smoke in Ajijic, which was part of the reason for our move to Chapala in 2004, where there are no milpas above town. In the fall of 2014, we moved to Tucson, where we had access to the VA for me, and Medicare for my wife. It helped, for a while. In 2018, we moved to the Rio Grande Valley, at just 110 feet above sea level, where breathing is easier, and costs are lower. Now, I use little oxygen, but the congestive heart failure is a continuing problem. The two conditions are related, of course, and there is no cure for either. So, pick your living conditions carefully, and make the best of it. I would love to return to Chapala, but it is not a posibility in the 'winter of my life'. Here in "The Valley", we are happy to have good air conditioning, but seldom need much heat in the winter months, which are called 'our second summer', and when the flocks of 'winger Texan snowbirds come for six months in RVs; which is how we found the place, twenty years ago.
  13. The Recaudadora, in Chapala, is on Degollado, on the right, half a block before the end of the street.
  14. Correct! Mine is set to prevent my heart rate from falling below 60 bpm, while medication is taken to reduce rapid heartbeat, which was sometimes erratic and 100-130 bpm during AFib episodes. Anti-coagulants and thinners are used to prevent obstructions forming when blood flow is interrupted by such incidents. My pacemaker tends to operate 90-91% of the time, which means that my heart is usually trying to fall below the set 60 bpm. If it were "pacing 100% of the time", it would mean that your heart might be incapable of ever beating, on its own, at a rate higher than the minimum set on the pacemaker. Such are the 'golden years', which we probably would not be experiencing without our cardiologists, medications and pacemakers.
  15. Tapatios often describe lakeside expats as, "Noisy, poorly dressed, rude, and obnoxious. They are quite aware of the aversion to learning Spanish, or the polite customs of the place where they live. Of course, if we do not learn to understand some Spanish, we will never overhear such comments.........🙉
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