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    Recommended RV parking?

    If you need oxygen at near sea level, you will have difficulties at 5000'. That is the reason we no longer live at Chapala, and moved to 2389 feet and a dry climate in Tucson. That helped a great deal. I doubt a visually impaired person, needing oxygen and a wheelchair would be able to function, even in Chapala centro, without the help of two strong aides; if at all. I think the Rio Grande Valley of Texas might be a better fit, with many RV parks, good infrastructure, over 55 communities, near sea level elevation, etc.

    Cafe Montana, Chula Vista

    I need hugs every few minutes. I keep my boa with me at all times. He is quiet and cool to the touch, never eats off a plate and is completely silent.

    Taco Bell voted best restaurant in the country

    Ha! When we moved to Tucson, and were house hunting, we stopped at a Popeyes. We had never been in one before. We will never enter another! They sure know how to ruin a chicken!


    Faith, of any kind, is nothing more than acceptance without evidence. It is no more than simple trust. Can you trust your waiter, restauranteur, elected official, mechanic, priest, etc. It is all a gamble, otherwise.

    Pancho's Deli/Grocery

    It is a slippery slope, lubricated by too much unsalted butter. Now, what was the subject?
  6. Kudos to the Shriners and to all of you who are able to help locally. The family will need help, I am sure, for some time as he recovers and adjusts to his new condition.
  7. The trouble with evacuation is that you must be stable first, which can mean hospitalization in Guadalajara until you are fit to travel. If you can travel, you can probably just go home to recover. So, I see no great advantage, if any at all, to evacuation plans. Guadalajara's private hospitals are very good, and I have the experience to prove it.


    Waldo, Just go to Soriana, in Chapala. Ron is across the highway from the Soriana parking lot. No big obvious sign, as I remember. Just get in that lateral and look, or ask.

    Changing Address

    Yes, they will. It is the address that they want to confirm as a real place. It can help if you have a rent receipt, or a copy of your lease. A Telmex bill or contract will also suffice if you do not have the landlord's CFE bill.

    Bottled water

    One way to tell: When your water pressure seems to be diminished, it is probably time to change your filters. That always worked for me. If you mark your calendar, you will get the proper interval figured out after a couple of filter changes. It isn't rocket science, nor is the timing critical.

    180 Day Tourist Visa Calculation

    Leave on, or before the 29th, as you have calculated. If you are not sure, get out that calendar; the paper one, and start checking off the days, numbering each one. When you get to 175, start packing. At 173, head for the border if going by car or bus. If flying, be on time. Oh, if your plane is delayed, or your flight is cancelled, you are toast. On second thought: Do you travel much? Alone?

    180 Day Tourist Visa Calculation

    Please refer to your calendar; or, are you asking us to do that for you?
  13. Islander, It is common practice, in Mexico, for root canals and implants to be done by specialists who are called in, and who have the specialized tools and expertise for those procedures. It has been that way for root canals for as long as I can remember; and is now the same for implants. Since the attending dentist's reputation depends upon good results, I suggest that the patient must rely upon his judgement and advice.

    Where Do You Buy Vitamins?

    Then, why are the bees dying off?
  15. He did: Ajijic Centro de Salud.