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  1. Driving for more than three decades, before computers existed, precise alignments were accomplished by many mechanic shops, dealerships, etc. I am sure that option still exists nearby. Ask around; maybe at S&S, for a recommendation.
  2. In Mexico, a "Notario" is a lawyer who deals in wills, real estate transfers, etc.
  3. I do remember....even before that time. It even surprises me, sometimes.
  4. I also suggest Esteban. He is fantastic, prompt, and does not overcharge. Nice family and excellent ironwork, functional or artistic/decorative.
  5. The origin of the problem was the OP's inability to read Spanish, even though he recognized the relationship of the charge to a medical procedure which had just been done. It would have helped if he had asked at the source of the treatment, or even asked someone to tell him that he was charged by "Head and Neck Clinnic". Jumping to conclusions is often ill advised.
  6. They may have been put in the gollywumpus box, or still be on the bench in the 'gone haywire room'. You will have to ask them.
  7. Stored in a small container that is not full to the top can result in condnsation of water accumulating, as suggested above. The vehicle tank also qualifies a a similar small container, which may only be used seasonally.
  8. That explains our situation perfectly. We remain trapped in the USA by our age-related medical needs.
  9. Exploding cohetes are more like an invitation for you to join the fun with friends and to make new ones. Everything from a family birthday party to a large religious fiesta, etc. Everyone is welcome.
  10. Our dog was born in 2005, while we were living in Chapala, and is still with us 16.5 years later, in spite of her breed's expected lifespan of up to 16 years. Perhaps it is due to her calm disposition and being born into a cohete environment, where she never flinched at the explosions. Some say that a dog mimics its master's reactions to such events. I think that may be true, as those who complain about cohetes seem to have dogs who are also upset about them. Cohetes are just another part of Mexico's culture, and expats should learn to accept that fact. Asi es la vida.
  11. My guess is that Andy has never driven a big rig with air brakes.
  12. Let your fingers wander on your map, or look at a map online. That will help more than anything else, and will also give you names and numbers, as well as mental images of the route. You can even print images of appropriate interchanges, if you wish.
  13. Sadly, your suspicions may be well founded. That parking lot has been the site of such sudden disabling malfunctions for many years. Once you leave your vehicle, any observer knows that you may be gone for quite a while. Typical in-store time is about 45 minutes; more than enough to slip under a car, disconnect something, then relax and wait for you to return, and conveniently offer to help and to save you a bundle.
  14. Absolutely beautiful! It took me back some 45 years to the final days of our South Pacific sailing adventure. We actually sold the schooner in Ali Wai, Honolulu, four years after sailing out of Gloucester, MA. Those were good years. Thanks for bringing them back.🤘
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