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  1. The "frustration", claimed by most, would not exist if they had learned enough Spanish to ask a simple question and understand the answer on the phone. Admittedly, that is a major step above face to face, where body language helps a lot. Of course, the clerk must be willing to try harder too.
  2. If you have a scanner function on your printer, you can do it directly into your US bank account. Look for "Making Deposits" on your US bank's website.
  3. With progressives, it is imperative that you be fitted and that the lens markings be made by a technician sitting at eye level with you. If great care is not taken, the transition line will be either too high or too low, and you will be unhappy with the glasses. That said, you may be able to make small adjustments yourself, by adjusting the nose pads wider to lower the glasses, or higher to raise them. It has little to do with luck. Luz, at LCS is excellent, and can get you fitted correctly.
  4. It sounds like a very poor drainage situation, which may require regular pumping until you succeed in selling the place and making a smarter move to a home with a sewer connection. Otherwise, you could spend really big bucks for a small, backyard treatment plant. I doubt you will do that! ☹️
  5. First, consider the drainage capabilities of the soil in your yard. If it does not drain well, your 'tank' will just fill up and back up frequently. Few homes are on lots large enough for a proper drainage field, and some remain saturated by runoff from land above them, or by leaks in local water systems, etc.
  6. For tropical hardwoods, tung oil is often used. Google will find it for you.
  7. I think you will find that the consulate will advise you that residence visa requirements are for individuals. However, if one can qualify, the partner can enter as a tourist and apply in Mexico, after the first person has the visa card, under vincula familiar rules, for equal immigration status.
  8. Ha! Two or three blocks north of where Restaurante Superior used to be, and upstairs from where the cow used to be....or very close, as I recall. 😀
  9. You will find ovens without thermostats, and/or without much insulation, if any. If you shop carefully, there are much better ranges available. You may have to do some research or visit larger dealers in Guadalajara.
  10. Charlene, You may want to look up the differtence between Si and Sí. If and Yes, as I understand it in my limited Spanish.
  11. It would be nice, but I really think that "the rule" applies to all vehicles, including yachts.
  12. The "rule" is that an expat residente permanente cannot own or drive a non-Mexican plated venicle in Mexico, unless it is owned and has a Tip in the name of an immediate family member with either a temporary residence visa or tourist permit.
  13. I think the fees are posted on the wall, by vehicle age and type, at the Recaudadora's office, where you present your plate number and pay.
  14. ENE does not mean Eastnortheast, and 6 does not mean 2. What are you missing?
  15. The lake is fed by the Lerma, but drained by the Santiago, if it ever gets high enough to drain. The article posted by Vette is misleading regarding the Santiago.
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