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  1. For Jreboll, Mexico does require auto insurance, but nobody will ask you for it until you are involved in an accident. You had better be insured, and have the "get out of jail coverage", or you will have a very unpleasant experience.
  2. Intercasa gave the answer, along with the chart of the tax liability. The transaction and payment is accomplished at the office of the Recaudadora; the taxing agency and vehicle registry, ie, the recording office. In Chapala, it is located at the east end of Degollado. It is wise to go there with the seller and buyer both present to insure that all paperwork is presented, and that there are no outstanding liens or tickets, before turning over any cash.
  3. It is the same at other stores' checkouts, such as Soriana, etc. Please do tip the baggers, be they seniors or children, who are also helping to support their family in their off-school hours. With a split school day, you may see children helping at any time of the day. They are not skipping school.
  4. Upfront seems rather confused, or perhaps is simply an argumentative sort. Most everyone knows the rules and procedures, and they are readily available. Sonia's site is very good, or you can read the whole thing in Spanish on the government websites. Yes, you may apply for Residente Permanente early, if you can afford it. Otherwise, you must maintain the Residente Permanente for four years. Please be clear with your questions. Enjoy.....But, pay attention to the details, as mistakes are not forgiven by the government.
  5. Confusion seems rampant! A person with a Residente Temporal Visa will keep that visa renewed and valid for four years before becoming eligible to apply to INM for a Residente Permanente Visa. At that time, no further proofs are required.
  6. Our concept of living is based upon money and schedules. The Mexican concept is based upon the present moment, with family and friends being first, and trying not to ever disappoint by saying 'no'.
  7. Once you enter Mexico, you have just 30 days to report to INM with proof of address. They will process your 'tramite' and issue the actual visa. You will need to remain available during the process, which can take several weeks to a few months. Then, you will be Residente Permanente. If you should fail to follow procedure, you will lose your approval, without refund, and have to start all over again. It is possible that you might not be approved a second time. In fact, if you have ever entered Mexico, and showed your passport, since getting the visa approval, you may already have lost out. Entering as a tourist will void your approval, or even an actual visa.
  8. Take it easy in Zacatecas, as it is a high altitude city. The weather is much cooler, as a result.
  9. Speeds are described as "up to XX". That means it will generally be between 0 and XX. It is rather foolish to demand XX, isn't it?
  10. Just for Cricket: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=Home+Defense+spray
  11. All the hours count; cloudy or not.
  12. If you do fall asleep at the wheel, you will be "dead on" arrival at the bottom of the cliff.......
  13. Seguro Popular is a Mexican federal socialized medical program.
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