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  1. Yes, Hall has a website; a new one. It seems that they have outgrown the Yañez location, and have moved to Arcos, as you will read on their website along with their history, contact information and new phone numbers, etc.: https://hall.com.mx/empresa/ Note the information is also included for Chapala contacts and visits.
  2. There is something in the air: All sense of humor has been wafted away, leaving ignorance and illiteracy behind. It is either that or cheap tequila. A third option is too much coffee, leaving an uptight, jittery drunk at the keyboard. Is "lighten up" a racist comment? When will it all end?
  3. When I bought my iMac from Hall's, it was actually less than the USA price. Yes, it is the same computer as sold in the USA: English & all other language capabilities, etc., with English keyboard (note: it took a week to get the english keyboard, but I used a Spanish one for that short time. Price will be close, depending upon the exchange rate. Remember, when comparing, that the Mexican price includes the taxes, delivery and set-up. USA prices do not include taxes, and you will have to do the set-up and file transfers; not a big problem, if you can follow the online directions carefully.
  4. Hall will provide an English keyboard for a new iMac, as they did for me. The iMac is capable in many different languages, already installed.They also have Siri, voice capabilities, and all the programs you are probably ever going to need.
  5. If you have not actually bought it yet, consider waiting and buying it in Mexico, as you will then have a valid warranty and service in Mexico.
  6. Neighbors on either side will happily "retire a leaf blower", male, female, or mechanical. 🙉
  7. Now you know that there is actually a word for "Unitedstateser", which avoids the confusion of using American, which could be any one of almost 30 countries in just North America.
  8. Sometimes, such strange things happen because of a very bad habit, You may have seen evidence of it when following a car with occasional brake lights but no slowing or stopping. It happens when the left foot is used for the brake pedal, and the right foot for the accelerator; a very improper and dangerous habit. In a panic, confusion results and both feet may be pressed at the same time. Brake failure, or full throttle? Drive with your right foot only, unless you have manual transmission and a clutch.
  9. Yes, that is the same meaning, and the same god, if any were to exist. But, at that time, and in that place, it was Allah. The Catholic conversion just changed the name to God; Dios, Dieu, Zeus, Ra, etc......Take your pick. It still translates to maybe, sometime, perhaps, or not, depending upon whatever.....
  10. Hope is usually expressed with, "Ojala", which derives from the hispanomuselmanos form of, "If Alla wills it." After all, they were a Moorish culture until the "Catholic Kings" in 1492, just a very short time before they became Conquistadores. That is also why the architecture is a very simple Middle Eastern in style, but without the Arabesque adornments. Even "Guadalajara" is Arabic, as is much of the Spanish language.
  11. Be aware of the hassle of getting it registered in Jalisco. It is not easy, as in the USA, and will cost time and money. Buying a car in Jalisco, with Jalisco plates, would be easier, for sure. We bought from Guadalajara Nissan & Mercedes dealerships, and it was smooth as silk, both times, including free delivery, registered in our name.
  12. There is one possible reason not to do it: If you were to wreck your car, or if it were stolen, burned, or otherwise lost, you would not be able to return it to the Mexican border to have the sticker removed and receipted by Banjercito. As such, you would be prevented from ever bringing in another car. However, your spouse could, if you have one. No, an accident report would not solve the problem. Your deposit is lost and the restriction remains. That is why I always suggest that you have the sticker removed and receipted by Banjercito when crossing the border. Get a fresh one on your return & start the 180 day clock again.
  13. We would need Mexican insurance, which would probably be suddenly invalid in an accident or theft, as we would have to present a passport, which would trigger our true status. I don't think it is worth the risk. Parking has always been a problem in Nuevo Progresso, and might even be found further away from our dentist, than the parking lot on the USA side.
  14. I am sure that many others understand, as I do. But, you choose not to, and we will not try to change your opinion, as it seems firmly established. Oh well.....,
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