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  1. Finally got my new unrequested Telmex modem delivered. For a few days same old/same old. Tonight I did my regular speed test. What happened? My down speed doubled, my upload speed went up 10x. New speeds: 17.2 down, 4.25 up! Same 389 pesos/month. Did I miss something from Telmex? Any one else?
  2. Of course 15 minutes after posting the power is back.
  3. No power for 13 hours now. On Hidalgo 2 blocks west of Ajijic Plaza. Come on CFE get with the program.
  4. Well, my internet is down again. 3pm sharp I lost my signal. 6 Corners area.
  5. Can someone give me an idea of what a 5 gallon bucket of the red roof sealant might cost? How many coats would a roof in pretty good shape need? Vague I know, but trying to get some idea of costs. TIA
  6. Internet down at 430pm in Central Ajijic, on Hidalgo 2 blocks west of Plaza.
  7. Yep, finally back on around 630pm. Just downloaded 9 movies off Netflix for the next 2 or 3 times the internet is down.
  8. Has anyone had their Telmex internet come back on? Or is it just me. It's been over 13 hours now. I'm near 6 corners.
  9. I did delete the old app CFE Contigo v3.4 and tried to download CFE Contigo 3.5 and 3.6.1. Google Play doesn't even list the CFE Contigo app. If I go to a search on Google for CFE Contigo I get many listings for CFE Contigo APPs. When I click on them I get the App listing/description but in red I'm told "This item isn't available in your country." Any suggestions? Maybe I'm going to the wrong place. There are listings for CFE Contigo APK 3.5 and 3.6.1. When I go there I FEEL ITS A SCAM as they want me to download several other apps that I'm sure aren't good for my phone. Thanks f
  10. I'm trying to stay home these days as I'm an older diabetic. I need to pay 3 CFE accounts online. Someone suggested XOOM. It set up easily with my PayPal. But when you pay bills with XOOM, even if it knows you are paying a specific CFE account in Mexico, XOOM wants to know the name and address of the business you are paying. What do they need for this? Is it a local CFE office, or the rather long address on the top front of my CFE bill? That address is starts off: CFE Suministrador de Servicios Basicos, Rio Rodano No. 14, colonia Cuauhtémoc, ........ Sure could use some h
  11. Can anyone help me with the CFE Contigo app? My old version, 3.4, quick working. When I click on its icon a pop up tells me there is a new version. When I try to download CFE Contigo 3.5 or 3.6.1 from Google Play I'm told that the app is not available in this country. What the hell? I'm in Mexico, why can't I download it? I've tried hiding my location using a VPN either in Mx City or some place in the US is still doesn't work. Can anyone help me out there? Even if I can't pay CFE with a US credit card, I can view all 3 of my CFE accounts and print them for paying at OXXO. I neve
  12. A sunbird friend of a friend sent an email yesterday about their drive a week ago back to Florida. On Sunday, at 9am, she and her husband were stopped by the Federales about 15 minutes after entering the Guad by-pass (exit right after the airport to Zapotlanejo). They started searching through their belongings when one of their dogs got riled up. The Federales asked if the dogs were dangerous. When told "maybe" the Federales stopped searching and let them go. They have Florida plates on their car. This is the same area where Federales, or local police?, were stopping people a couple
  13. What gives?? A good friend went to TelMex this morning and asked about the extra 39 peso charge on her bill. Actually hers was 78 pesos (39x2). She was told it was part of the bill and she had to pay it.
  14. I have a Mx plated car and permanente. I want to drive up to Laredo (and Austin) in a few weeks. With the current construction on Bridges 1 and 2, what sort of problems will I encounter crossing the border? I don't have a TIP to worry about. In the past, with no construction, all I've had to do crossing NOB was show my passport and answer a few questions at a drive up booth. Returning to Mx I've been waved through on Sunday mornings without talking to anyone. I drive to Laredo in 1 day and will stay overnight there.
  15. My one yr old 1.5 hp pump quit running. I use this pump to water my yard. Where can I take it locally (Ajijic-Chapala) to get repaired? I've been told there is a place in Riberas. My Spanish is terrible.
  16. Thanks for the replies so far. I've also been given some info about a man named Chema, and Steve Warwick Constructions. Any other recs or suggestions out there?
  17. I'm thinking of putting in a medium small pool at my place, with surrounding concrete (?, flagstone? canterra?) patio and small roof over an existing small parking pad. Are there any recs out there for a contractor ---from someone that has actually done this recently? Possibly a kidney shaped pool, pro/cons? Possibly using beadcrete instead of tiles (how do you tile a kidney shaped pool w/o a million bevel cuts?) Any other suggestions, ideas? Thanks.
  18. I find the above info similar to my experience, but I did get mine in 21 days. Guess it depends on how busy Sr Trujillo is. I have 3 pairs of his huaraches, the first two pictured (Petatillo Voltiado and Petatillo Voltiado Para Playa), and the "simple but elegant ‘Cruzado Sencillo’." The tongued Petatillo Voltiado is great for long pants, and the Petatillo Voltiado Para Playa is good for shorts. Fantastic shoes that will last forever. The Cruzado Sencillo sandals quickly became my favorite shoes here in Ajijic. I wore them daily walking around the cobblestone streets. Unfortunately the
  19. loves the Ajijic life

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