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  1. What time do they open for breakfast? So it the chocolate store closed?
  2. The class is 800 pesos which included the class at LCS the day before,. Then next morning bus will take you to Guad, Alfredo will help with all processing and you'll be back lakeside by noon. It really is an easy process as personnel are waiting for your arrival with your scheduled appointment.
  3. No, they keep your passport until the new one is issued. They will return your old passport WITH the holes and you cannot travel internationally.
  4. And for those of us who have lived in many countries or have needed to apply for visas for said countries, it does indeed make a difference which of the two you are referring to.
  5. There are no phone contacts - only the email shown on the website.
  6. Last week LCS was waiting for confirmation of the days for MP for this year. I'll check tomorrow...
  7. As a long time quilter, I've washed my large collection of quilts, mine and antique, in tHe washing machine on delicate or hand wash using a mild soap for many years. Not brocade of course. If it had washinG instruction tag, then it is most likely not handmade and even so, many Quilter's wash their quilts. Lightly dry and then spread out if not completely dry.
  8. This has been the situation with street knife sharpeners for 20+ years. Ain't gonna change. Learn once and never again. Garden tools only.
  9. The Mariachi Festival is open to all and is wonderful. Membership is required though for the classes. enjoy!
  10. I'm at the corner of Independencia and Pedro Moreno and the main truck was passing by at 8:40 - and the red truck for recycling 5 minutes later. Had to hussle out to get the trash out!
  11. Actually, some time ago I found outdoor thermometers at the dollar store on the Ajijic plaza. Bought two - one vertical and the other round. One finally bit the dust and I'm now on the second one....
  12. Well, I remember very well arriving here October 1997 - to a large house with minimal furniture and household stuff yet to be delivered. That December it was indeed 39 degrees and Guadalajara had some snow. We had a "new" used car and drove around 'cause it had heat! And found a store open (everyone closed) in Joco who had sweaters and those really heavy furry blankets- which is still put away - just in case!
  13. I was there several months ago for lunch and it was outdoor - unless there have been changes.
  14. This is the east end - near Colon. Think it is the restaurant on the south side of the street where Flossie's hummingbirds used to to be.
  15. The consulate will be at LCS on THURSDAY, December 13th. The local warden will not have the exchange rate until possibly the 7th or later and will post here. Will also be posted on TOB. LCS office has no further information until then. All other info from last months post remains the same.
  16. PLEASE NOTE: Class info should read TUESDAY, January 22nd.
  17. I just threw away the supply in above said office. We were inundated with the pods and everything was crawling with ants. Don't keep a huge supply on hand!
  18. Date is the header is today the 12th.... instead of Wednesday the 14th.
  19. Ellie

    Norm   - the date in the header is today the 12th for their visit.

  20. The OP made a typo. It is definitely Wednesday the 14th. Sorry.
  21. Yes, Natasha does "cause she ran the cat section at the Animal Shelter for YEARS and knows more than more of the rest of us.
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