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    Haven't been there for some years but the trout farm was a fun place - Restaurant and lovely location. I THINK it was owned by a German family.
  2. Hopefully, someone knows of some other, unknown to me, internet provider in Ixtlahuacan. TelMex can provider 4-5 download in some locations but just advised that the area I am interested in is only 2-3 down and does not include the free phone calls to U.S./Canada. The reduced speed is 289MX/month.
  3. as of several days ago, it was not yet available.
  4. I went thru Phoenix in July and DFW in August - and had booked wheelchair ' cause I do walk but only need transport on those REALLY LONG walks at some airports. So while sitting in a chair, the machine took a photo - top half of my face and blurry and still identified me. Scary!
  5. I think that I mistyped - should be oscar.tovar@sicuranzza.com If that isn't correct, I'll repost when I'm working in the office tomorrow.
  6. The other container was pickles!
  7. Eight BIG pieces of chicken - no little odd cuts, 1 portion of mac&cheese, good sized garden salad - no room after 2 pieces of chicken. Came with 4 rolls, salad dressing, BBQ sauce and another container of sauce I haven't opened yet. 317 pesos. But there are smaller packages with choice of type of meat or nuggets.. and probably 4 types of hamburgers plus the small size. Must have been 5 - 8 choice of sides.
  8. Stopped to pick up mail at SolyLuna and got chicken for carry out. Good - choice of 5 or 6 sauces. Also ordered mac&cheese and a garden salad. Also came with four rolls. So far so good.....but I ordered 8 pieces of chicken so will be eating for several days.
  9. I generally post for LCS but am out of Mexico until tonight. I 'll check with Alfredo on Monday.
  10. I think Harry is talking about Sicuranzza Nursing School in Guadalajara. Can't get their website to link but they also have a Facebook page. This is registered school which uses LCS facilities on Sundays from 9-2 for classes and recently held a graduation ceremony at LCS.
  11. Thursday, 18 July Galerias Mall/Costco Major retailers including Best Buy, Sears, Home Store and restaurants Cheesecake Factory, PF Chang and more, also shop Costco, Sams and Mega. Cost 395pesos for members and 495pesos for non-members Bus departs promptly at 9:30am from the sculpture in La Floresta. ***************************** Wednesday, 7 August Tonala Tonala is the place to shop for home decor, especially accessories, including tableware for fine dining. Visit the studios of world f
  12. Same location for me but I'm ok - next door neighbor is out though - between Independencia and Ocampo and Pedro Moreno and the privada
  13. Harry - they're in HD at 127 for HGTV and 129 for Food
  14. FYI? The Children's Art Program no longer meets on that patio. They are now on the front lawn of the house on the South Campus and all of their art supplies have also been moved from those bodegas.
  15. He does have a sound proof booth and has for quite a few years. LOTS of happy people.
  16. The consulate notary is authorized by the U.S. Government. No state is involved.
  17. Correction - the guys building this facility are NOT the same as the ones who have advertised for years that they can process your paperwork for U.S. health companies. However, that medical service is now renting space in the new facility and has moved their office from further east in Riberas.
  18. Ok I just googled clay slab art. Lots of neat stuff and much more than what I imagined.
  19. Traditionally a mud lark is someone who searches for items of value in river mud - lots of info on Google.- big tradition in England. However, according to the instructor, mudlarks Is a term used by artists ( at least in the U.S.) who practice this type of art with clay. It is slabbed and then creative designs applied, glazed and fired. I'm curious to see the results. Kiln is installed and other materials being set up.
  20. This class and all other LCS classes are posted under the LAKE CHAPALA SOCIETY category... It's a great class and very popular.
  21. I thought the OP referred to the receipt paid for annual car registration in Chapala. This form is not required for a new or renewed drivers license.
  22. The course is recommended and the price is the same. You'll receive handouts and Alfredo can verify that your paperwork is correct - although he does request that you submit it earlier. Class is 1 1/2 hours,
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