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  1. Yes, Non-members can enter for access to Vote from Abroad..
  2. Harris County Texas recently arrived tonight. NOTE: IF you are mailing via the Diplomatic Pouch, you must use a standard size business envelope to avail yourself of the US POSTAGE PAID. In 2016 I taped or glued the envelope front and back to a 5 x 7 inch manila envelope. I had to buy stamps at LCS in order to mail it. Since LCS is just opening on Monday, I don't know how their stamp supply is - or Dems Abroad.
  3. Received an activity update this week which I assume will soon be posted on the LCS website and possibly the Reporter/ Hearing Aid Services (S) M+ 2nd+4th Sat 10:30-4, Hearing Room Leopold Gonzalez, pologon62@yahoo.com, 331-511-4088 Sign up outside of hearing room or call Dr. Polo Hearing Aid Services
  4. 600 pesos for my car in May.... Well worth it.
  5. Democrats Abroad will be at LCS - am waiting for confirmation of dates.. also info re ballot drop box.
  6. I checked with Multiva as I have paid contractors, etc for years with their checks..... no such problem there using their checks.
  7. LOTS OF NEW LISTINGS ON THE LAKE CHAPALA SOCIETY AREA. Spanish - new procedures and opportunities as well as Warren Hardy/= Abbreviated Drivers License class Wills, testaments and other legal info
  8. They were at Pancho's this morning.
  9. Yes. Nearby at pedro moreno. Just called CFE.
  10. Internet back up - phone was not a problem.
  11. And it's out at pedro moreno and Independencia. Bisbee You're a little west of me
  12. DL in most Arab countries are bilingual. Been there, done that and used to rent a car in multiple countries.
  13. Sol y Luna is open Monday-Friday from 10-4 and Saturday from 10-2. Same great service also.
  14. Well I used to have a still in an unnamed Middle Eastern country... I may even have the "Blue Flame" insruction booklet which the company gave out to expats back then. You need 100# of sugar, yeast, and water to get the mash started. Wine I do indeed remember - white, red and rose. And we do have those 5 gal garrafons on hand but I vowed never to make it again...!
  15. The Lake Chapala Society Bulletin VI April 11, 2020 We send our best thoughts and wishes to our members, volunteers, members of the Mexican Community and all our friends here at Lakeside. We continue to go through these difficult times. We are hopeful the information below is of value to you. We know some people like lots of information and some prefer to see less. Please feel free to read in detail, or skim or just click on links that might be of value to you. There continues to be many rumors running through the community and especially on social media
  16. Had fish and chips yesterday - it was great.... and huge serving along with coleslaw and chocolate cake. Yum... and I have osso buco with fettucine alfredo for today. The diet will start eventually!
  17. I noticed the shrubs are oleander... They survived extremely well when I lived in Houston and the Middle East - with 2-3" annual rainfall in Saudi.
  18. Did you cut the pieces of foil with fringe and tape the solid end to the wall, etc? Have done this for years and has always worked - I just leave it up all the time. Classic decor...
  19. I live in the village - la Floresta trucks as well as police going by just now with flashing lights making an announcement which I couldn't understand. Confirmed by Hector - per the government, we are now entering Phase 3 and no one to leave their house until April 19th. More info as available.
  20. Confirmation received, it should have read the 25th. Thanks.
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