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  1. Remember that the Ministerio Publico is at LCS twice a month, with a fluent English speaking official as well. The next scheduled visit is on Wednesday, October 26th from 10 am - 2 pm in the Talking Book room off the main back patio. Come early as if no one is waiting, they don't stay until 2 pm.
  2. Clinica Maskaras has their supply in - I'm all set until next year.
  3. Depending on the values involved, I'd rather be safe than sorry. What is said initially about acceptance of a notario could very well be not the case at a later date.
  4. Such good news! My Saturday mornings, in particular, haven't been the same since you closed. Haven't found anywhere I like as well for breakfast!
  5. There is no signature guarantor available locally. You must use the U.S consulate. From my past experience with three different financial institutions - the following: Buying a house lakeside while living in the Middle East - the U.S. consulate was the only guarantor that Vanguard would accept to transfer funds for the purchase. For the second transfer of funds before moving here but while briefly in the U.S., Vanguard accepted a signature guarantee from Fidelity who had a nearby local office. Like the OP's friend, I also needed a signature guarantee to transf
  6. I've been here almost 19 years and that line was quoted back then - and was included in some of the earlier Mexico retirement books. Never did find any further info on it.
  7. There are THREE classes per month - held beginning on the FIRST Tuesday and continuing for the next TWO Tuesdays at the hours as stated = so once a week for three weeks.
  8. Note that LCS is closed today for Canada Day and also on Monday for Independence Day. Lucy will not be available this Monday the 4th.
  9. The agency mentioned above, Isaac seguros represents Allianz , as does Parker insurance in Riberas. I'm sure that there are others as well as offices inGuadalajara. Some of the larger hospitals such as Del Carmen also have Allianz and other insurance companies offices in the hospital.h
  10. David moved back to the states several years ago and I believe still has the same email address.
  11. This just might be to encourage one to buy a ticket in advance to enable better planning of food quantities, set up, etc. You are helping to fund local projects as well!! Should be fun!!
  12. There will be no CanAm day but instead a Music Fest as last year - wildly successful. Late July - don't remember the date...
  13. There is a photographer at LCS when the consulate is there. Put your name on the signup list and then have your photos taken. I forget the price ...but it's minimal.
  14. Oops was Anita making a comment about 60s in Paradise opening tomorrow. She had the restaurants turned around - she was confused! Do you need newspapers for birds if I make it for root beer floats/lunch tomorrow. Have a meeting a 2 but lunch may win out!


  15. Linda - Ellie is moh - remember me?!?. It's a hoot to see the dogs running in when I'm there for breakfast. Saturday some unknown dog ran in and made a beeline for Rick. I may be a cat person but I have no problem with the dogs there!

    Marianne O.

  16. Linda:

    You do know you can take a dog or two? and they get their own water dish and bacon....


  17. I just saw Bridie at the Shelter this morning. In case you don't hear from her, she may be making the very difficult decision about her dog Maggie. There is another very serious problem and she may not feel up to posting.

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