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  1. Ellie

    Norm   - the date in the header is today the 12th for their visit.

  2. Oops was Anita making a comment about 60s in Paradise opening tomorrow. She had the restaurants turned around - she was confused! Do you need newspapers for birds if I make it for root beer floats/lunch tomorrow. Have a meeting a 2 but lunch may win out!


  3. Linda - Ellie is moh - remember me?!?. It's a hoot to see the dogs running in when I'm there for breakfast. Saturday some unknown dog ran in and made a beeline for Rick. I may be a cat person but I have no problem with the dogs there!

    Marianne O.

  4. Linda:

    You do know you can take a dog or two? and they get their own water dish and bacon....


  5. I just saw Bridie at the Shelter this morning. In case you don't hear from her, she may be making the very difficult decision about her dog Maggie. There is another very serious problem and she may not feel up to posting.

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