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  1. We updated the dates of Spanish in Action. Here they are. Spanish in Action: 1A - Monday and Thursday - 9:15 to 11:15 am - Jan 11 to March 29. Gazebo 1B - Monday and Thursday - 11:45 to 1:45 pm - Jan 11 to March 29. Gazebo 2A - Tuesday and Friday - 9:15 to 11:15 am - Jan 12 to Mar 26. Gazebo Spanish in Action: 1A - Monday and Thursday - 9:15 to 11:15 am - April 05 to May 20. Gazebo 1B - Monday and Thursday - 11:45 to 1:45 pm - April 05 to May 20. Gazebo 2A - Tuesday and Friday - 9:15 to 11:15 am - April 06
  2. That was the info I was given.. waiting for clarification.
  3. Yes, it was and Puritan kind of shared the space. Can't remember the exact configuration but May Collins and daughter Camille moved to the Maskaras location and then to the location now. Long time lakeside family and son Rod started Lagunanet - which the the first internet service (dial up) in addition to TelMex.
  4. Actually Mom's used to be, for old timers, by Puritan Poultry.
  5. I've just sent you a PM... for a locally available CDN plated enclosed trailer.
  6. Yes you can pay TelMex at TelCel. The TM office is open from 9-3. I was there this morning to file a report as the truck that hit the pole on Independencia Wednesday also took out phone lines. 1-5 business days to repair. No phone or internet since Wednesday There is a sign on the entry door listing where you can pay your bill.
  7. CFE here now. Power back within two hours. But returning tomorrow for pole replaccement.
  8. Out again but not entire house. Sounded like a transformer?
  9. Being turned off tomorrow to replace the pole _ don't know for how long
  10. I'm out of the house right now but my employee just called and sent a photo. Looks like a truck hit the pole at the NE corner of Independencia and Pedro Moreno. Evidently the whole block is down...pole is at 45 degree angle over street. CALL CFE everyone! Chilly times for no heaters.
  11. Re development in Ajijic proper.... how about the 14 condos being built on the north side of Independencia between Juarez and Pedro Moreno. And on the north end of that property on Ocampo - 5 houses. Then on Ocampo just east of Aquiles Serdan - another 10 condos. Major development from my point of view and too close for comfort. My employee said BUT senora,,,, there's no water, etc etc etc....Infrastructure for 29 residences within a two block area.
  12. LCS will confirm information if/and when the quad vaccine is available.
  13. LCS will have another Health Day in December with quad flu shots. See new listing under Lake Chapala Society forum.
  14. Pancho's - both fresh and frozen.
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