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  1. Press Release April 26, 2021 Musical Theatre Alive and Well in Lakeside! The performing arts have become very dormant worldwide over the past 12 months. Closely packed theaters and concert halls are not conducive to pandemic safety. Michael Reason conductor of the Lake Chapala Community Orchestra, has used this time to create a new Broadway revue featuring three of Lakeside´s most talented performers. On Sunday May 30 area residents will get the opportunity to experience Back to Broadway with Amaranta Santos, Laura Medina and Doug Voet in a carefully designed show
  2. Spanish in Action With this course we want to support you in learning to speak the language so that you can communicate with the Spanish-speaking community in an adequate and relaxed way. We will start with level 1 that will last 14 weeks, with classes twice a week for an hour and a half per session. The first level is divided into two courses: 1A and 1B. The second level is divided into two courses: 2A and 2B. The third level is divided into two courses: 3A and 3B. Attendance is two sessions that last two hours each per week, alon
  3. Intro to Spanish Description: Introductory Spanish classes are open to all current LCS members. Classes are designed for individuals without any Spanish language background. The instructor will introduce learners to Spanish pronunciation, some vocabulary and social protocols. Material will be given by the instructor in class. Date: Tuesday, May 04, 11 & 18 or Jun 01, 08 & 15. Time: 12:00 to 1:30 pm. Instructor: Inez Dyer Place: Gazebo Course Fee: $350 MXN Min/Max Students required: 4/12 We will follow COVID protocols with no ex
  4. LCS Prueba México Program Mexican homemade salsas. Course Fee: $380 MXN Instructor: Ana Moreno Course Dates: May 27, 2021 Course Time: Wednesday, 1:30 to 3:30pm Course Location: Grass area Min/Max Students required: 10/12 Description: The key to many Mexican dishes is found in their sauces, whether they are raw, cooked, fried, stewed, etc. And that can be spicy, sweet, neutral, acidic, light, thick, simple or very elaborate. With this course LCS aims to take you by the hand to learn how some of the favorite Mexican salsas in the r
  5. LCS Prueba México Program LCS classes are not first come first serve, they are first payed first served. To sign up, make sure your membership is current and covers the duration of this course. Registration requires payment. There is no refund. Mexican manners. Course Fee: $350 MXN Instructor: Alfredo Pérez Course Dates: Thursday, Jun 03 Course Time: Monday, 1:00 to 3:30 pm Course Location: Veranda Min/Max Students required: 6/12 Description: Cultural sho
  6. Chapala is vaccinating teachers this week. Probably too busy to add Ajijic also.
  7. Most of the village houses from at least Pedro Moreo west past Danza del Sol have been so marked. Doubt that they are all easy prey, including my Mexican employee.
  8. In this case,NOT as artsnob says.. It's legit.
  9. My employee saw a worker with vest labeled Brigadista de Jalisco. Google advises that these are stateworkers who come around checking water supplies for mosquitos. I remember them from several years ago.if you answeryour door they check for standing water and have a baggie of some sort that they put in your tinacos, aljibe, fountain, etc.
  10. Haven't walked down to the park but a birdseye view from my upstairs corner window show nothing happening.. no traffic, security, etc etc I heard that the second shots would not be at the malecon as there are too many entrances/exits to control crowd. Possibly the charro ring by El Torrito whenever.
  11. Mine is fine.... no changes at all.
  12. Took three hours for the receipt. Waiting on grassy area by purple building....You need the same copies - permanente, appt. sheet and curp which they will keep. Evidently they were there yesterday also and no one knew... from 9-3. Don't know about tomorrow but there was a BIG to bee given out. Filed by your first name and the dox are sorted into A,,B etc but within those piles the documents are not alphabetical. The line moved along. Supposedly the second shot is 16/17th - no further info.
  13. Note: Time correction for Package 2 should be 12:00 - 1:10 p.m.
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