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  1. Re development in Ajijic proper.... how about the 14 condos being built on the north side of Independencia between Juarez and Pedro Moreno. And on the north end of that property on Ocampo - 5 houses. Then on Ocampo just east of Aquiles Serdan - another 10 condos. Major development from my point of view and too close for comfort. My employee said BUT senora,,,, there's no water, etc etc etc....Infrastructure for 29 residences within a two block area.
  2. LCS will confirm information if/and when the quad vaccine is available.
  3. LCS will have another Health Day in December with quad flu shots. See new listing under Lake Chapala Society forum.
  4. Pancho's - both fresh and frozen.
  5. No sign up. Come stand in line Tuesday morning. Entrance thru front corner gate or lakeside gate - masks required, temp and hand sanitizer. No information when or whether or not additional flu shots (quad) will be available
  6. On the Neill James patio at LCS.... During covid only the main corner entrance and the lakeside entrance are open at 8:30. Docents will check temp, masks, and sanitizer. It will be necessary to form a spaced line in the area and numbers will given out for order of service. Usually moves fairly well but this is 2020. Who knows?
  7. Last year the flu shot at LCS was 550 pesos.... No price yet for this year but about the same????
  8. Mammogram machine was down on Monday so they did an ultrasound... not a big deal as it's a more sensitive test. Results available immediately.
  9. You do not need to be an LCS member to participate in ANY medical services at Lake Chapala Society. I'll post when the dates are available. And all must wear masks and social distance - the health day area will be set up accordingly. As far as I know the two types I mentioned are the only flu shots available in Mexico. LCS members do not have priority.. you sign in at arrival. Two gates are open...the front corner and the back gate on the South Campus where your temp is taken and hand sanitizer available.
  10. This is from LCS... The 3 strain is for government hospitals and IMSS etc. and is the shot soon to be made available. The 4 strain is the shot that LCS has given in the past and is individually packaged. It is in Mexico but is going through Cofepris before it can be relased, hopefully around the 3rd week of October. This is the vaccine used for the private sector. This is the shot LCS will use for the health day(s) in 2020. People need to know there is a difference in flu shots, the 3 strain being less preventative then the 4 strain. It is a person's decision as to which they
  11. I recently read that she has the domain name. Guadalajara Reporter. NET !!! Another ripoff.... Hopefully the real Reporter is aware of this and maybe can do something about it.
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