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  1. Farmacia Guadalajara and La Cristina don't have them. Amazon MX does and I ordered from them. Also Farm Maskaras by Go Lab had a container that looked as though they were from a health supply or whatever from Guad. I bought them but didn't get a chance to ask how often they had them in stock but did mention that I would need them on a regular basis - after every meal. First bottle from from my kidney doc at HSA.
  2. Yoly is not cutting hair yet - just Mario. She broke her wrist and ankle a while ago and recovery is progressing, but slowly.
  3. I remember when they built that - but have always been told that some of those places launder money....
  4. Centro at Independencia and Pedro Moreno....and my friend out in Tempisque past SJC says it's been all day there but she has a generatoar
  5. LCS FUNDRAISING EVENTS presents a FASHION SHOW LCS invites you to attend a One -of - a- kind fashion show by local designer ALMA GUTIERREZ Cash Bar Admission 300 pesos includes appetizers APRIL 27 2pm to 3.30 pm Tickets are available at Lake Chapala Society office 10-1.30 pm Mo-Sat or on line Lake Chapala Society Reservations for groups please call Karla Boentgen 3312640483
  6. Gentle Yoga and Body Awareness Wednesdays, 10-10:50, SC Patio Begins March 16, LCS members only Gentle yoga stretches and tones the body. Yoga uses the breath to relax while in gentle poses. Bring yoga pad and desired accessories. Julie Weber, julieaweber@cs.com, 951-970-9078 Tai Chi For Elders Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 11-11:50, South Campus Patio Begins March 14, LCS members only Tai Chi Principles: Exercises, Standing, Walking, Pushing Hands for 2 Short Tai Chi form Kevin Gaudette, globalmoviemagic@yahoo.com, 954-201-6193
  7. US VOTER REGISTRATION Beginning Mondays, March 28, 2022 10am -1 pm, LCS Blue Umbrella Patio Description: US Voter registration sponsored by Democrats Abroad. Open to all US citizens to register and request ballots. Vote from Abroad.org, Larry PihlLarry.Pihl@gmail.com, 331-704-6475
  8. Needlepushers meets at LCS on Tuesday mornings. A program originally started by Neill James, they primarily make dresses, vests for needy Mexican families. There are also persons who also knit sweaters to distribute to the kids as well..
  9. His Facebook page mentions the NEW store west of Ajijic near La Reserva. Looking for investors for that - no mention of the construction east of him in Riberas. One day at Pancho's, the employees were taking a survey = how often one shopped at Pancho's, where you lived, etc and mentioned the second and new store being closer to me.
  10. Well yes the title should be HEARING CLINIC PER THE POSTERS ABOVE.
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