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  1. CORRECTION TO ZOO PRICE........should be 650 pesos for members and 750 for non members.
  2. NEVER say NEVER - Merrill Lynch would prefer the U.S. consulate to avoid any possible problems with your documents which might involve members of your family or others in the U.S. SO I so smartly took my documents to the U.S. with me and in Nevada a notary can witness and notarize your documents - which she did. Well my address is in Illinois who does not allow same signature notary for witness/notary. Little did I know. Learned my lesson - no matter how impressive the notario's seal, it's not worth the chance - depending your what you need the signature for. And I have indeed known of others with similar problems...
  3. The U.S. Consulate does not have a Social Security representative when they visit lakeside. You can call the consulate in Guadalajara or email fbu.guadalajara@ssa.gov You'll receive an automated reply and they will respond in several days.
  4. 9:30 or shortly after. But should be on time Friday - Saturday for the Holiday Fair and probably open later as well. If that 's why you're asking. See you on the Gazebo!
  5. Another group has reported that he died last week..
  6. I liv half a block from the dreaded yellow crosswalk in Ajijic. The yellow has faded somewhat,.. They are not slippery when wet and are just fine,
  7. Conecciones is available in the office ....free to all. There is also an Info Desk near the library as well as Docents who will be glad to give you a tour and also answer questions.
  8. MArianne sold Tawanda several years ago.
  9. And the article mentioned that they were going to fill in the empty spaces of the concrete dividers thru Riberas, etc Been there, done that and it didn't work.
  10. Mom's has wonderful coconut cream pie. Don't know what day she makes it - Ask. YUM!
  11. I was told the same and affiliated with Dr. Moyà ,cardio, in Joco.
  12. Ellie


    Haven't been there for some years but the trout farm was a fun place - Restaurant and lovely location. I THINK it was owned by a German family.
  13. Hopefully, someone knows of some other, unknown to me, internet provider in Ixtlahuacan. TelMex can provider 4-5 download in some locations but just advised that the area I am interested in is only 2-3 down and does not include the free phone calls to U.S./Canada. The reduced speed is 289MX/month.
  14. as of several days ago, it was not yet available.
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