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  1. I also had a 'reliable' source tell me that there were many police in Chapala today because the governor of Jalisco was doing something at the park.
  2. We usually take the cuota. Once we took the free road...in the dark...during a rain storm...and yes...we should have had our heads examined for that bad judgement call. My husband is Mexican and in this 30's. He has driven all over Mexico day and night, and isn't easily intimidated. However, that evening, we pulled in to the first little inn and had a night cap to settle our nerves. All that said...I would consider it again. But I would not drive it in the rainy season, nor at night. He drove some friends to the ocean and took the free road back in March. He said he made the same time, but the Argentine visitors really loved the scenery.
  3. Does anyone have a referral to a good financial advisor - who is specifically licensed in both Mexico and the U.S.? I located one gentleman in Oregon, who also lives in San Miguel de Allende part of the year. He appeared to be fantastic, but then I found out the minimum portfolio value he will manage is 1 million USD. Okay... I'm 40 y.o. and have not come anywhere close to accumulating that kind of money. Thanks in advance for any thoughtful advice.
  4. kbiohio


    Hi All, I would like to purchase quinoa for the first time. I have only seen it at SuperLake in little packs around $60 pesos (is that the going rate?). I haven't seen it at WalMart. Someone mentions the Grainery on here...is that the little spot next to Gossip Kitchen? I thought I could try a couple of recipes to see how I like it. Thanks for any advice. KBIOhio
  5. Sasha in Chapala does a wonderful job! Her prices are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive - they are middle of the road. The prices are very fair when you consider that she uses high quality products (many salons in Mexico do not). Side note...someone mentioned an issue with climbing a flight of stairs...Sasha is more than willing to schedule an appointment in someone's own home.
  6. mermaid38, You asked about Thursday 7-9pm. That would work fine for me. Fridays are also good. I would love to expand my circle of friends in the area. I have a number of retired friends, but it would also be nice to know more people who work days and are willing to go out in the evenings. I'm 37 y.o. I have lived full time in Chapala for a year and a half. I work Mon-Fri during the day telecommuting for a U.S. company. KBIOhio
  7. Your post leads me to think that you may fit my demographic. I would love to start a social/support group of younger gringas in this area. If you truly fit the description, please write to me. I'm close to Soriana in Chapala. I'm from Ohio and work full-time online for an Ohio company.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    I just need to expand my network, bu...

  8. How old is the mattress? Do you have a photo to share of the wood bed? Where are you located? Do you have any way to deliver in exchange for a small fee?



  9. Hi there. I drive by the old Chapala train station all the time, and I've never noticed a bazar in that area. Can you give me some very specific location info? I live near Soriana.



  10. Hello. A 'naco' is a red-neck, hillbilly, white trash... you get the idea. My husband is Mexican and received a "You must be a naco/red neck" joke email years ago that had us in stitches. (i.e. you must be a naco if you put ketchup on your pizza and you must be a naco if you have a dog living on your roof). I thought you might enjoy :)


  11. Hi. My husband and I live in Chapala (moved here in April from Ohio). We could connect you with our neighbor, Sergio (good guy). This is his work. He could help you. If you want to give us a call tonight, we are home. Vonage World 614-883-8382


  12. Hi Eleanor. I wanted to check back with you to see when you will need the piggy bank back.


    Katie Ibarra


    Francisco Villa #26


  13. My husband and I moved to Chapala in April (from Columbus, Ohio). We are in our thirties. I'm a U.S. citizen (working full time Mon-Fri), and he is a Mexican citizen (building our home -his full time job for this first year). We have slowly made a small group friends (American and Canadian retirees, one younger Mexican couple that lives across the street, employees of several establishments we frequent will sit and chat with us, etc...) - really all age groups, very nice people. My hubby and I also have his large family in Guadalajara that we see once a week, which also keeps us busy and socializing. We do not use drugs, but we drink socially. On week nights, we tend to be in bed by about 10:30pm. We like to get out more on the weekends. I would enjoy meeting you for a coffee or beer sometime...just let me know (IM me if you would like). I've also been looking to join a gym or Zumba class. However, I know that if I could find a workout buddy, I would do better at sticking with it KBIOHIO
  14. Hi osuespirit!

    We had brief contact on this web board when I inquired about Big Ten football.

    My husband and I started volunteering in the Love in Action computer room last week. We are currently slated to work in the room Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm.

    We found in our first week, that the kids were desparate to get on a computer that had pre-loaded music to he...

  15. Hi Solaajijic. My husband and I just moved to Chapala at the end of April. We are big Ohio State fans. Do you have any idea how we can see Big Ten football games here? We have Telecable. Thanks, Katie

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