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  1. Many thanks...I guess IV Sedation is what I meant, Can you tell me which dentist you used who could make these arrangements? That would be an enormous help!
  2. Using a scale of 1-5, (5 being Best) I sure would appreciate recommendations for Oral Surgeons --either at Lakeside or in Guadalajara-- who do tooth extraction and implant using General Anesthesia (where the patient is asleep). If you have an idea of general cost per tooth, I'd appreciate that as well. Thanks!
  3. Any idea when these will start again at Lakeside? I heard they have started again in Guadalajara.
  4. is it upright? bagless? Price?
  5. I need to send a letter stateside. Anyone going that way anytime soon? 376-766-4338
  6. Where in Ajijic can I get a photo taken for a US Passport? Carrol: 376/766-4338 please leave a message if I'm not here.
  7. If there is someone out there who is headed stateside, I have a letter to mail. I'd like it to get there faster than it took a recent sender to get a letter to my APDO box in Chapala (9 months!!!). My letter contains a change of address form. Please call Carrol (376)766-4338
  8. AlanMexicali-- please tell me how you got an appointment. There is no appointment calendar on-line. I did send an email to the emergency listing and they did get back to me BUT stating the emergency must be described and be accompanied by my travel reservation. I explained I cannot make reservations until I get a renewed passport. I have yet to hear back. How on earth did you get an appontment. Could you maybe call me? 331-722-3408 My daughter has just had brain surgery for a cancer that they now tell us is terminal, and I am eager to get to her. --Carrol
  9. Many thanks to you each for responding. I am greatly encouraged. stay tuned for updates!
  10. We are a compassionate and helpful group, but today I need recent and actual experience on how and where to obtain a U.S. Passport renewal on an emergency basis. I have traveled the Guadalajara Consulate and Embassy in Mexico website for several hours today and even called the Guadalajara Consulate....but am getting caught up in circular telephone transfers and/or website referrals. Any real life experience out there?
  11. My phone is out of order and I need to report it. I can call out, but no one can call in. Thanks for your help.
  12. Chihuahua found on the Chapala highway...clearly lost and very frightened. In order to assure that this pup goes to the proper person, Owner must describe thoroughly prior to viewing, including sex, color, size, any distinguishing features, approx. age etc. Lets get this baby to it's proper home! Please call 376/766-4338.
  13. Does anyone know the address pf Seguro Popular in Chapala
  14. Tried a local service, but they have such high turnover. I suspect the replacements are day workers who don't really know the difference between a weed and a worm. I have great equipment and pay more than average....and would like to have results that produce more than something that resembles crabgrass in the lawn of life.
  15. someone said near the 7-11 across from the consignment stores, but darned if I can find it! Any help out there from you good folks in information land!?
  16. On May 1st I received a letter from 'Donald Trump' saying my check or debit card was on the way to me. But here it is Aug.5th and STILL NADA! I went to the "Get My Payment" site and it said it had been mailed. My bank has never received it either. Has anybody out there had this problem and resolved it? I have filled out the IRS "Get My Payment" site and it won't print and states (again) my check has been mailed. The P.O. here says many people here have the same complaint. I've tried the IRS 800 number and it does not work even when I dial 001 first. I've filled out the form and it will not print. Dagrabbitriffenschnaffer!!!! What's a guy or gal to do!!!???
  17. I'm looking for someone/someplace that has the set-up to read these sort of discs. Anyone out there that can help. I have a dics with family photos I'd like to retrieve Carrol 766-4338
  18. I know a woman (Gutti) who will do this for far less than the curtain shops. We had her make them for our B&B 20 years ago and they are still in tip-top shape. Carrol--766=4338 If you call. could you make it during the morning hours please. Thanks!
  19. looking to buy one of these for outdoors in the garden. Cushions nice but not 100% necessary. 766-4338
  20. I am looking to buy a porta-john for an invalid. It must be one that can be used at bedside, but also fits over a standard toilet. Thanks! call: 766-4338
  21. Anyone know if the office is open...or when it will be open? Hours etc? Thanks!
  22. thanks so much for your water-softener advice.  Super helpful!  I will go out and see if there is a maker/model data on it...I rather think not, but you have given me good ideas for Googling further. Machismo Gracias!

  23. Someone out there must have a water softener. Can you tell me anything about maintaining them? I rent my home and this unit has been here for over ten years. There are no instructions...and I have lots of questions. For example: 1) how often does one add salt and how much? 2) does your unit have a lot of water at the top? Mine has at least 12" above the salt level 3)should I drain off the standing water before adding new salt? 4) what is the circuit pattern that directs the (salted) water back into the water purification system. 5) my unit self cleans every night (I think). Is that old salted water draining out? If so, won't it kill the grass? It seems not, since this happens every night , but maybe it's not salted (That seems odd, but shows you how much in the dark I am). I am having to have my water pump repaired and while the system is down, I thought I'd try to get some answers to hanging questions. feel free to call me if this is too much to write a response to. 766-4338 Many thanks!--Carrol
  24. Does anyone have this book to lend? I will take very good care with it. 766-4338
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