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  1. Can anyone lend me crutches for 2-3 weeks? I'm in recovery for meniscus surgery. I'm 5'3 please call 766-4338
  2. Has anyone used this surgeon? Type of surgery. Reviews? Costs? How long for recovery? Need info ASAP please. 39carrol@gmail.com 766-4338
  3. I'm having knee surgery. Anyone willing to lend me a walker for a few weeks? 766-4338
  4. Know an excellent psychologist in Ajijic. Call me if that will do. 766-4338
  5. Can anyone recommend a good ear, nose & throat Dr. at Lakeside. I know of some in Guad, but this is a relatively minor 'fix' and I'd rather try local. Thanks! 766-4338
  6. A local friend of mine passed away and I want to send her daughter in Oregon a small package as a memorial. This is a completely flat wall hanging of dancing Mexican women It measures about 22 inches by 12 inches and is wrapped for mailing. Total weight 3 pounds. FedEx wants over 2000 pesos to send it! If you are driving to or through Bend Oregon and would be willing to drop it off, that'd be just great. Option B would just be to mail it. And of course I would pay the postage. Many thanks! 766-4338
  7. For all of you who are wondering where the wonderful Dra. Jessica is, I am delighted to advise you that she has just opened her new office at Guadalupe Victoria 101-C in Ajijic (1/2 block going west on the street behind El Torito Supermarket) . Cel is (045-331) 050-4287. What's more, the doctor will make emergency house calls! For those of you who do not know Dra. Jessica, she is a superb general medicine practitioner, and a graduate of UDG School of Medicine.
  8. Anyone know how to replace my car title that's somehow been lost? It's probably circulating the planet with lost keys, glasses, etc. But it's probably prudent to get a replacement. Thanks for your help!
  9. this evening I rescued the sweetest street dog ever known to man...or woman. i know...all us rescuers say that. but this time it's for real... cross my heart, hope to die...truer than true. he's neutered, so someone started him out right...deceiving him that he'd be a forever pet. only they lied, and tied him up...making him walk within dismal circles outside all day... in all weather. so naturally, today he's a meek mannered, three-ish year-old with head-to-toe mange; and feet so swollen you'd think he'd been digging the Erie Canal. the way I figure it, when his feet started swelling, is about the time he'd decided he'd had enough, and chewed through the rope to freedom...whatever that might mean. you've all seen guys like him around Lakeside...a mangy dog with a too-heavy leather strap of a collar.....with a chewed end of rope hanging off it. the escapee from a hellish 4x4 concentration post in some creeps's outback. there outta be a law..... "born free...die free!" this little guy must'v thought, and finally chewed his way out. he probably figgered' that wherever being free might mean, it just HAD to be better'n where he was. but i wonder if it was at the first street...or the tenth one that he crossed...where his timing was just slightly off, and some hit-and-run terrorist out for a little target practice behind the wheel, aimed for, and hit him....and banged him up and fractured his leg. he's been limping on that hurting and damaged leg for probably 2-3 days. until he spotted me on my walk with scottie. thankfully he followed me all the way to memo's...and laid there on the curb, quietly waiting his turn to be seen and his pain taken away. and Blessed be Memo...who has agreed to board him for me, patch him up, and start the healing. I will foot the bill....but where does this sweet guy go from there? those of you who know me, know why I can't keep him, but if you happen to know of a place with a heart...let me know too. honest folks...this is the sweetest guy you've never known. he'd be like the most wonderful surprise under the xmas tree for someone who has a kind heart, a warm floor...and maybe a strip of bacon now and then. oh-- what does he look like? I'll post a pic in the next few days when he's fixed up a bit. but for now, he's a small dalmation/boxer mix...white with light brown freckles....about 40 lbs. i will see that all his healthcare needs are met. i lay the rest in your helpful hands. in keeping with the season, lets call him Nick....'Nicky' has a nice warm "...and he lived happily ever after" feel to it, doesn't it? i hope you think so too! Nick deserves a new beginning. Merry Christmas Carrol--766-4338.
  10. Does anyone know where to go, or who to call if you need floor tiles re-finished? I actually need old tiles striped of old wax, re=sealed with a sealant, and polished....much like they do with terraza floors in Florida. I am definitely not talking about just having them waxed and polished. Thanks.
  11. The vista del lago food & crafts fair is next week on the 19th. I believe it opens at noon
  12. I'm looking for a push-type lawn mower. Anybody know where I can get a reasonable 2nd hand one? 766-0256
  13. Anyone know the dates of the fair at the Golf Clubhouse in Vista del Lago?
  14. Yes, Lluvia was found. A woman was trying to sell her in the Ajijic plaza.
  15. Please everyone-- keep your eye out for this little Schitzu pup. She's a ball of fluff and answers to the name "Lluvia." I will post her picture as soon as I can get it downloaded. Evidently she escaped from her owners home yesterday and they rather think a passerby must have scooped her up. The owners live on the west end of Constitution a few blocks from the street market. Unfortunately Lluvia did not have her collar on. There is a reward. 766-4338