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  1. I have a young 30 y/o friend who lost his eye in an attack seven months ago. He now requires a surgery for an artificial eye, and we'd like to get a second opinion on a kaleidoscope of questions about the various procedures possible, including side effects, risks, complications, etc. We are searching for information of specialists who do this type of surgery...and would also like to chat with someone who has undergone it to learn more about their experiences. If you have any knowledge about either of these important issues, a call would be greatly appreciated. Carrol 766-4338
  2. If you have a set you no longer need, I sure would be interested in buying them. 766-4338
  3. The Danza de los Voladores are scheduled to perform at the Ajijic malecon this weekend. Anyone know what times on Saturday and Sunday?
  4. Hi Gang: I am looking to exchange pesos for some Guatemala currency. Leaving for Antigua on 2/20. Any leads are appreciated. I do know there are ATMs in the airport etc, but they don't always work and I don't want to tempt fate. Many thanks! You may contact me at 766-4338
  5. Are you a graduate of U. of Michigan? A fan of their football team? I have a new football helmet for you! A donation to a local charity is the price....you get to chose the charity.. 766-4338
  6. Has anyone used the Consulate Notary service recently in Ajijic or at the Legion? I have a few questions: 1) on the Pay To line, what did you instrtuct the bank to write? 2) how many days does Banamex take to create the Cashier's Check? 3) where did you get the exchange rate for the check 4) did you have any problems in this entire process (so I can avoid same). Thanks for your help! carrol39@gmail.com
  7. I do like Miramontes....do you have a number?
  8. Can you recommend reliable taxi drivers who don't drive like they're going to a fire? 766-4338
  9. Got one. If you have one to loan for several months, please call ASAP. Peter 766-3570 or Carrol 766-4338 We can pick it up. Thanks so much!
  10. Several people, including me, have used Dr. Daniel Curiel. 766-4800 office number. Here on Wednesdays, clinic next to old "El Sarape" restaurant and between Techo Agua and Lidia's Medical Supply Store on the careterra (two blocks west of Colon light). Experienced; Speaks moderately good English. Reasonable prices. Practices at San Javier Hospital. cellular:333-189-6729.
  11. Can anyone lend me crutches for 2-3 weeks? I'm in recovery for meniscus surgery. I'm 5'3 please call 766-4338
  12. Has anyone used this surgeon? Type of surgery. Reviews? Costs? How long for recovery? Need info ASAP please. 39carrol@gmail.com 766-4338
  13. I'm having knee surgery. Anyone willing to lend me a walker for a few weeks? 766-4338
  14. Know an excellent psychologist in Ajijic. Call me if that will do. 766-4338
  15. Can anyone recommend a good ear, nose & throat Dr. at Lakeside. I know of some in Guad, but this is a relatively minor 'fix' and I'd rather try local. Thanks! 766-4338
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