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  1. SOLD SAME DAY POSTED....Thank you! Red Nissan Versa bought brand new in Guadalajara from Nissan Dealer. Loaded. Premier condition. Driven locally by Owner. Exceptionally well maintained....kept in garage. This great car has only 40,300 original km (which is about @25,000 total miles...mas-o-menos that's under 3500 miles a year)! Available June 1st and is Priced to Sell at $150,000 Pesos! Daytime calls only please. Feel free to leave message. (376) 766-4338 Can be seen in Ajijic ... I live near LCS. Call for appointment.
  2. I am eagerly searching for a person who knows how to knit or crochet a sweater that I need for a late-April wedding in San Francisco. If you know of someone who might be interested in such a commission, please do call me ASAP!? Thanks for your help! Carrol-331-722-3408
  3. My daughter is getting married in May. I am looking for a (lucky) Indian Head Penny for her shoe. Anyone out there has one to sell...please call me 331-722-3408 "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.....and a lucky penny for her shoe."
  4. I assume you found a eye-doc for your little guy, but if not, call me. I've used one in Guadalajara that gave Scottie an eye exam every bit as professional and thorough as my own specialist. 376-766-4338
  5. Do you have a sweet older dog that's having a hard time jumping up on the bed with you at night? I had a great extra-wide step-stool made for my Scottie that made it easy for him to climb into bed with me at night....and to climb down if he had to make a pit-stop during the night. Now my sweet little guy has gone on to his next adventure, and didn't need to take the step-stool with him. So if anyone out there has need of one, it's yours for free. Just give me a call. 376-766-4338. I live just a block away from LCS, which might make it easy for you to stop by and collect it. --Carrol
  6. Does anyone have suggestions for really good carpet cleaners? I'd prefer a service that will pick-up, steam clean, and deliver. I'm not that interested in shampooers who provide in-home services.
  7. If you collect this sort of thing, these are yours for free! I live close to LCS Carrol (376)766-4338
  8. Is there a place in Chapala or Ajijic where I can get my vacuum cleaner belt replaced?
  9. Does anyone know of someone in need of a beautiful, well groomed, neutered, shepherd mix? He was rescued from the street and needs a forever home. If a home is not found very soon he will be put down. His current rescue family is away several weeks a month, and neighbors have been coming in to feed him, but they too travel and cannot keep him. This is truly a gorgeous animal, totally house-broken and would make a wonderful watch dog and pet. If you can help, PLEASE call me. It appears the local shelters cannot take another large dog. If not adopted soon, his fate is not very encouraging. ---Carrol (376) 766-4338
  10. CONSIDER THIS: If you are thinking about having a colonoscopy or endoscopy by a local provider, you might want to check some other Qualified and Professional providers or facilities in Guadalajara to have it done. Both my neighbor and I had these studies done four hours apart, about two weeks ago at a local facility. Not only were we both charged for things that we shouldn't have been charged for (and a few days later each of us had one deuce of a time getting the overcharges reversed!). EG: I was overcharged nearly $2000 pesos above what was itemized by the local provider as my total charges for the entire procedure. The extra charge was listed as IVA (tax!)....which incidentally, my neighbor was not assessed. And in my case, the charge was listed as something entirely different on my final blll (and it wasn't for something legit like biopsies). Add to that, after the study was completed, each of us was dropped off at a restroom, handed a bag of clothing....and told we could go home. Neither of us were even fully awake from the anesthesia, and have absolutely no idea how we even got from the OR to the restroom!!! Two days after our "studies," my friend and I compared our reports. And sad to say, it appears that each 'Final Report" was created using a computerized template--one like where the the results are checked off a template to create something called "Findings." Both reports were nearly identical !!!! All in all, these exams were a total waste of time; a waste of a lot of money; and for a completely useless report. One that in my case was intended to give my surgeon in Guadalajara important information for my planned surgery. Unfortunately, I chose local providers to avoid another trip into Guadalajara. BIG MISTAKE!! I would strongly advise anyone else to seek out some other providers in Guadalajara if they ever need to have this important exam.
  11. Many thanks...I guess IV Sedation is what I meant, Can you tell me which dentist you used who could make these arrangements? That would be an enormous help!
  12. Using a scale of 1-5, (5 being Best) I sure would appreciate recommendations for Oral Surgeons --either at Lakeside or in Guadalajara-- who do tooth extraction and implant using General Anesthesia (where the patient is asleep). If you have an idea of general cost per tooth, I'd appreciate that as well. Thanks!
  13. Any idea when these will start again at Lakeside? I heard they have started again in Guadalajara.
  14. I need to send a letter stateside. Anyone going that way anytime soon? 376-766-4338
  15. Where in Ajijic can I get a photo taken for a US Passport? Carrol: 376/766-4338 please leave a message if I'm not here.
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