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  1. anyone had a problem with their four legged child and this disease? I've done lots of research, but would like to chat with someone who's pet has had it.
  2. I am searching for a REALLY good gardener....not just a maintenance man (or woman). Basically, that will be someone who actually understands the trade. IE: who knows how to cut the grass without taking it all the way down to the roots; how to rake up the clippings after mowing; how to trim bougainvillea without rendering the plant naked; someone who uses a saw instead of a machete to prune; someone who takes pride in their work; etc. The pay is excellent. Any leads would be appreciated. 766-4338
  3. I hope their size is a lot smaller than your picture! ....and how do we find and get rid of these nasty critters? I assume by their color that they only come out at night.
  4. If you would like one of these appliances, I have a newer 2.0 one for sale -- including baskets for using your own brand of coffee. OR-- I'll trade for something you may no longer want or need. Trade options might be garden tools, a dozen or so of magenta colored sun orchid shoots (I have tons of red and yellow ones), a cassette tape player that works, or a plain ol' US $20 dollar bill. OH-- I am also searching to buy or trade for a porta-potty for an invalid. Call me--766-4338....Please leave message w/call-back number. Many thanks!--Carrol
  5. I'm looking for a sturdy porta-potty for an invalid. I know they can be purchased new at a few places, but those are pricey. If interested I have odds and ends to trade too. Call and let's chat 766-4338
  6. Maybe we could go together...I can drive and know where the office is on Lopez Mateo. Call me 766-4338
  7. call me-- I have an extra you are welcome to have. --Carrol766-4338
  8. Does anyone have a cassette tape recorder I could borrow for a week? I have some old family conversations I'd like to listen to one last time before they are sent to the circular file. If you do, and live around the Ajijic/Chapala area, please call me? Many thanks! Carrol-- 766-4338.
  9. A dear friend has recently moved to Casa Nostra and would love to have some puzzles to help occupy her time. She does not have a building space for ones larger than 250 pieces. If you have same to give or sell, please call me at 766-4338. I will pick them up. Thank you!
  10. A dear friend is at Casa Nostra and needs a hospital bed table. We bought one at a local supply store, and within two weeks it'd fallen apart. If you have one to loan or to sell we'd much appreciate it. Please call me at 766-4338
  11. Dr. Gaby is searching for a reasonable Casita rental in the area. If you know of one that's available, please let me know ASAP? Thanks 766-4338
  12. Do you have a pool? Do you have pets or toddlers? If so, you might like to have my Safety Turtle. It's a device that triggers a loud alarm if the wearer falls into the water. The 'Turtle' is small and comes on a child-size wrist band. You can remove it from the band, and attach it to a pet's collar. My Scottie used it for years. but we no longer have a pool. I'm happy to give it as a gift to anyone who can use it. It's definitely a life saver! Call me at 766-4338
  13. I have a young 30 y/o friend who lost his eye in an attack seven months ago. He now requires a surgery for an artificial eye, and we'd like to get a second opinion on a kaleidoscope of questions about the various procedures possible, including side effects, risks, complications, etc. We are searching for information of specialists who do this type of surgery...and would also like to chat with someone who has undergone it to learn more about their experiences. If you have any knowledge about either of these important issues, a call would be greatly appreciated. Carrol 766-4338
  14. The Danza de los Voladores are scheduled to perform at the Ajijic malecon this weekend. Anyone know what times on Saturday and Sunday?
  15. Hi Gang: I am looking to exchange pesos for some Guatemala currency. Leaving for Antigua on 2/20. Any leads are appreciated. I do know there are ATMs in the airport etc, but they don't always work and I don't want to tempt fate. Many thanks! You may contact me at 766-4338
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