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  1. We are looking for a GOOD gardener. A gardener that does more than just cutting a lawn. We would like to find a gardener that trims bushes, pulls weeds, and know how to fertilizes plants. We do not have a lawn, so need to have this person do more maintenance to a garden and flowers.
  2. Our Cielovista administrator sent us a message stating that, Sunday from 7:30 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. there will be a race going on at the Liebramiento and Carratara, and that those roads will be closed then. Has anyone else received any kind of notices of this?
  3. Catbird, check your emails I have replied to you.
  4. My husband and I were sailors and we sailed the open sea. We have now retired to Chapala, and would like to meet other sailors. Perhaps we could arrange a get together with a potluck, and we could share our sailing stories. We are looking for sailors who have sailed on the ocean! Please PM me, and send me either a phone number, or email or some way that we could contact you. Anxious to hear from other sailors stories!!
  5. I need to have a garburator installed in my kitchen sink.
  6. Could anyone please recommend a reliable Plumber. I need to have a Garborator installed in my kitchen sink. Thank You.
  7. I am looking for a reliable Plumber. I need to have a new Garburator in my sink. Could someone please recommend one for me. THANK YOU
  8. I have mentioned this before, about an eye doctor whose office is in Mirasonl and I just want to add that I came across an acquaintance of mine and when she asked me about what happened to my right eye< I told her about the cataract surgery which which did not go well from the aforementioned eye doctor, and because of him my right eye is blind. She said that she had heard of 2 other people who had their eye ruined by the same eye doctor. I just want to warn people to be aware of who you choose to operate on your precious eyes.
  9. If you would like to use a good eye doctor, I would definitely suggest Dr. Claudia, she advertises in OJO DEL LAGO. Do not use the eue dotor who is located in Mirasol. He ruined my right eye because he messed up my cataract surgery, along with several other people's eyes. Highly recommending Dr. Coaudia, she is wonderful
  10. please write me and I will tell you all about what happened to my friend who had a stem cell done on his knee, it just made the knee worse.
  11. I had a snow bird here who tried Stem Cell on his knee, and it made the knee considerably worse. He had to go to another doctor to take out some of the stem cell stuff, because his knee was considerably worse. reply to me and I can give you his email address, and perhaps you can email him and ask him about what the stem cell did for him.
  12. Floradude, the name of the Opthamologist is Dr. Rigaberto Rios.  He advertises in the Ojo Del Lago.  He has ruined several peoples eyes.  I know of one such person, she went to an Opthamologist in Guad, and the doctor said he has never seen such a mess.  She sewed him and she won.  She is now living in the -States she is afraid this guy is going to come after her.  Does this help you?



  13. Some of us are doing Tai-Chi at the El Parque community, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 'mornings. We do Chi-Chi just outside the clubhouse at 9:00 - 10:00 on those mornings, you are very welcome to join us. The cost is very, very minimal. It would be great to see you there one morning. kamytoo
  14. I know the person that is being scammed, and it is such a shame. One person claimed to be a friend of his, and had the victim sign away his car to this stranger. When the daughter came here to see her father, the enemy would not let her have her father's car. She had to go to great expense and work to get her father's car. This older gentleman is a sweetheart and would not ham anyone. I can't believe this thief is treating the victim this way. Beware of people who claim to be friends of older sick victims. They are able to get all of their valued possessions and money, and because the victim's mind is not right, they can walk away from the victim and laugh. BEWARE!!!
  15. I have Canadian friends who spend 6 months in the winter in Texas. They would love to come here to visit us, but are afraid to drive in Mexico. Does anyone know of such a person who takes a bus from Ajijic to the US Texas border by bus, meets the people who want to come here, and drives them in their own car here to Ajijic? They would like to have their car here with them, but are afraid to drive in Mexico. Would appreciate help with this.
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