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  1. I go to Sara, on Guadalupe Victoria, between Javier Mina and Encarnacion Rosas. She speaks English and gives me a very good cut no matter if my hair is short or different levels of "longish." It is not fancy, nor is her price. I often get compliments on my cut. I pay 100 pesos and that includes the tip. 766-3518.
  2. HandyMail 766-1569, mail goes out 2x/week, I think it is 10p/letter, mail comes in 2x/week, you get an email whenever there is mail, saying which boxes have mail. They have faxing, free phone calls to the US, and more. It is very pleasant to go in there. I also think their fees to have a box are way lower than IShop.
  3. sThe third gentleman is the owner of the restaurant, Antonio Corona, and I understand the young lady is his partner in the restaurant. The Corona family own almost that whole block, starting with the Papeleria on the corner. Antonio seems to be there all or most of the time, and he is very friendly. His son Daniel, and daughter-in-law, Joanna, ran Tepetate as a different kind of restaurant before. I have been there 3 x in the last 2 weeks. You may tell the chef the degree of heat you want in your food and he will adjust it to your taste.
  4. Homeopathy, which I have been using since the 70's, works. There is no one remedy for a specific problem. It treats the person, not the name of the illness. Your migraine headache, sore throat, or belly ache would have different symptoms than mine. I did not wake up one day and decide I like homeopathy. I tried it when I had a problem that allopathy couldn't help. It worked, so I tried it another time. It worked. I had an open mind, but not a stupid "belief" in it. I am 75 years old and am very healthy. Unlike most people my age, I don't take a bunch of meds, I don't have to run to the doctor often, but would have no hesitation using allopathics if my homeopathic treatment didn't work. The allopathic system often doesn't cure, it might alleviate some symptoms but the side effects of the meds can bring on more problems, which need more meds, etc. And BIG PHARMA makes more money. Homeopathy works to strengthen your immune system so the body does its own healing. No one person has the same makeup as anyone else. The British Royals have been using homeopathy for generations. They seem to do well with it, don't you think?
  5. I buy Premarin cream without a Rx at Farm Guad, Costco, Walmart, and various Farmacias. I really do not remember the cost-not cheap but not outrageous.
  6. There is a world of difference between Naturopahty and Homeopathy. Dr. Elizabeth must be a Naturopath with some knowledge of basic homeopathy. I needed a fairly common remedy recently which she didn't have and I noticed that her supply of homeopathic remedies is very small. Naturopathy works with herbal remedies. Homeopathic remedies can be made from herbs, yes, but it is not her biology. Homeopaths have studied many, many intensive years, and most never stop studying. It is a very complicated course of study. Many people confuse Naturopathy with Homeopathy, because they both do not use allopathic drugs. I am not aware of homeopathic colleges in Guadalajara, but you can check with Dr. Gabriel who has a store on the Lateral kind of across from Villa Nova. I am sure also that there are places in Guadalajara that give basic homeopathy classes. PM me if you want more info on practitioners in this area.
  7. The health food store next to Carlos' Bazaar has closed.
  8. LaChula


    La Nuevo Posada
  9. I had mine done by Dr. Vargas at Pto. De Hierro a few years ago. I like him very much. He does all the pre-op at the Ajijic Clinic except 1 or 2 , then comes to Ajijic the next day to remove the patch and check your eye. He saw me for follow up for several weeks. I LOVE that I only had to go to Guadalajara that one time for the procedure.
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  11. The tour was great, I agree. It was very low-key, I enjoyed meeting the other "tourists," the Birria and quesadillas we had in Mezcala were delicious, and it was a gorgeous day to boot. I hope Victor does some other day trips, he is a sweetie.
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