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  1. I had live here for almost 8 years and we had been hearing the same thing for that long. We have friends in lower Riveras with septic tanks problems.
  2. There are so many ways o say the same thing. Here are some examples of Saluda a Pedro de mi parte: Dale mis saludos a Pedro. Enviale mis saludos a Pedro. Saluda a Pedro de mi parte. Dile a Pedro que le envio saludos. Saludame a Pedro de parte mia. Si ves a Pedro, dale mi saludo......etc and we can go on. The message is the same.
  3. We know you command the language. Enough. After the correction, you should congratulate this person. You won't shine brighter if you put her down.
  4. I think she is doing quite good. Considering this is not the language you learned since birth, it is my opinion that your effort is showing. Congratulations It is very difficult to hide where you are coming from. Ask me, I speak fluent Spanish and still people recognized I am not local. They even know exactly where I come from.
  5. Even being fluent in Spanish, there are differences in the meanings of the same word depending on different regions in the same country or any other Spanish speaking country. For intance a chavo in Mexico is a small male child, a penny ( cent ) in Puerto Rico is called a chavo. In Cuba and other countries a bicho is a small bug, in Puerto Rico is a no no word. Sometimes I have to asked mexicans about the meaning of a word because I don't understand what are they talking about. I congratulate anyone who makes an effort to comunicate in the prevalent language of this country. It sent the message that we, as residents of their country, will repect their culture and their society enough to make an effort an learn their language. Also, for those mexicans NOB, we have to be more linients and forgiven of their missteps with English. Now we know, because we are in their shoes.
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