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  1. Here where I live in Nova Scotia they ask us to not use the compostable kitchen bags and if we do they pick them out of the compost bin. They tell us that even though they say they are biodegradable, they are not, they are plastic.
  2. Has anyone had variable speed swim jets installed recently and what do you like and not like about them? Thanks
  3. Gracie is home, very dirty and hungry. Life is good! Thank you all for your kind thoughts.
  4. My dog Gracie, aka Bruna, made a run for it today in San Antonio around 4pm. She is blond, medium size and very scruffy but has the cutest face. She is very timid and will not come to you and if you walk towards she will probably run. She has a collar on but her tag came off when playing at the park. Please if you find her call 766 0989 or 332 338 1028. Please help me find her. Thanks.
  5. I go to the dog park 5 out of 7 days a week, have been since it opened. It is a wonderful place, great for the dogs and very sociable for their owners.
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