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  1. The International School is not suited to the OP because they don't offer Primary School. Most of their students are in Secundaria, Grades 7 through 9.
  2. Since I don't make calls but wanted a smartphone for internet and the camera, I have the cheapest plan you can buy. I pay 100 pesos every 21 days, and get some data but unlimited calling within Mexico, Canada, and the United States. It is one of the Amigo plans through Telcel.
  3. We use the Kirkland brand from Costco which is safe for septic systems. I tested a square in water to see what it did and it fell apart very quickly.
  4. I think you may be thinking of Chula Vista Norte, which is gated. Upper Chula Vista has direct access from the carretara , with no gate. As other posters said, the road up is very steep and you would absolutely need a car unless you are young and very fit.
  5. Actually there are septic fields here, depending on where you live. We are in a newer home in a gated community and saw the septic arrangement the day they were building it. We can flush toilet paper but not Kleenex. Over 10 years with no problems so far!
  6. Perogies would be good! I think a lot of people like them but they can't be bought anywhere. You would have top keep them frozen of course. Another Canadian item is Nanaimo Bars. Good luck Derek!
  7. As someone who lives in a gated community, I must say that that if I told my Mexican neighbors that you think they are a cancer on society they would laugh at you. There is a lot to be said about not having break-ins, not having to have bars on the windows, not having to have broken glass on the walls, not having to have electrical fence on top of walls. etc. There is something to be said for not living in an unregulated neighborhood where an ironworker can set up shop next door to you, along with all the terrible noise his business requires. There is something to be said for the property next door not being able to become a dog sanctuary with 60 dogs barking at all hours of the day and night. There is something to be said when the lot across from you which you look at daily, can not have starving horses in it, with their ribs hanging out and no access to water. There is something to be said for the lot next door to you not being allowed to run wild with weeds growing 8 feet high, populated by vermin. There is something to be said for not being in a village where cohetes go off at all hours of the day and night during fiestas. Our Mexican neighbors could tell you all this. Don't fool yourself into thinking that there are no Mexicans also enjoying the safety and comfort of a gated community, Cactus Jack. It's all a matter of personal choice ( and budget ) and many Mexicans prefer to live in gated communities too. When the people in the gated communities in Florida bitch about "the locals", who are they referring to? Are they not all Floridians if they live there?
  8. I saw a Facebook page "Gringos Ajijic" with a post saying this man is in the Ajijic Clinic and is not well. He is asking for a friend named Pat. If anyone knows him and can help him it would be great if they did. Sounds like he needs a friend right now. They say the only person he remembers right now is his house cleaner, who is with him, and he keeps asking for "Pat". No other info.
  9. A friend was there recently trying to buy a laptop, and the :() clerk who was helping her dropped it on the ground TWICE right in front of her , and insisted it was still fine and that she should take it, which of course she didn't. You KNOW that one went back for sale and someone will end up with it, though.
  10. A great alternative if you might consider it is to donate to the Carlos Slim Foundation where they will donate 5 pesos to every peso you send. It will be used to rebuild and help in many different ways. Its a great way to turn a 500 pesos donation into a 3000 pesos donation. http://telmex.com/web/especiales/fuerzamexico
  11. Is that not the "Executive Membership" where you have to pay a higher yearly fee, and then you get the 2% back at year end as a credit?
  12. El Saltos, I think you read into it things she wasn't saying. This thread is about orthopedic surgery. You recommended Dra. Berenice to do it because she used to do "most of the surgery" at the Ladron clinic. Natasha clarified that although Dra. Berenice did many more simple surgeries there, the more complicated orthopedic surgeries were never done by her. Joyfull stated that even today, Dra. Berenice still sends the pets to Guadalajara for orthopedic surgeries and does not attempt to do them herself. Natasha's point, which Joyfull confirms, is that Dra. Berenice does not have the experience at this point to handle more complex orthopedic surgeries which you were recommending her for, that's all.
  13. Its no surprise that you have never heard of "Natasha", just as she has never heard of "El Saltos". Who knows, you may have met somewhere but this is what happens when you don't know each other's real name. I do know "Natasha" and I know that she knows an awful lot about the Ladron clinic, and has dealt with them for many years in various capacities. I doubt she is trying to "dis" anyone, but just wants to clarify the situation to the best of her knowledge.
  14. I don't, and I didn't say whether I knew your circumstances or not. However, your comment inferred that La Reserva is a place unlike what some people think of as the "real Mexico" in the village of Ajijic, for example. Mexicans own property in there and they do have children and grandchildren who can play in there . There are barking dogs nearby, just like everywhere in Mexico.
  15. I am west of Ajijic, past Los Sabinos but before the first Pemex, and we get 10mb. I think it varies all over because I have heard of low speeds in Riberas and someone else in Riberas once posted that they were getting about 20mb.
  16. I always find it kind of hilarious when people who don't live in gated communities but think they know all about them, and don't approve of them as what they feel to be a true experience of living in Mexico, don't realize that numerous Mexicans who can afford them, also buy in gated communities.
  17. I saw them post on Facebook today that they are bringing back their old menu. However, their post made it sound like they will only be open Tuesdays through Fridays. Maybe they are spending the weekends on the new travel business.
  18. Being bilingual must have made it much easier for you when you reported the animal neglect to the numbers and emails at the top of the post. What response did you get from them? Maybe your report is what helped the horses be removed.
  19. I read elsewhere that they had one set up just last night near Ixtlahuacan, so I wouldn't be too sure that there won't be more.
  20. There is no arroyo in Puerta Arroyo. You have it confused with elsewhere.
  21. You're like a dog with a bone, aren't you Alan? Just can't let it go. I already told you in the beginning that DIF did NOT help her, just told her what she needed to get done such as the apostilles, and sent her on her way to the American Consulate who gave her the INCORRECT INFORMATION that only a parent who was IN the United States could get that done. Why do people like you think that because an experience didn't happen to THEM, it didn't happen? I already also told you that the next time I run across "these types of women", I will be sending them to you, because fortunately you have all the answers.
  22. Don't buy in the bottom 2 rows, especially the lowest row. The evento centre beside it can be deafening at that level. Up higher or on the west section would be much better. There are not many places in town safe enough to live without bars on the windows but that is one of them.
  23. Now you are twisting my words, Alan. Where did I say "all"? I was speaking of the boy and his sister who I recently helped. If it applied to these two American born kids I am sure it does happen to others, though. I can only attest to what happened in my case. I think I made it very clear that I was talking of a specific case where I helped a boy I sponsor. The Cert of Nationality may only cost that but I clearly stated that we had to get his copy of his U.S. birth certificate apostilled in the U.S. and that was not free. Then the document the U.S. provided had to be translated to Spanish down here. All this involved Fed-exing documents back and forth. Therefore in my case, it DID cost far more than 260p per child. I did state that the Prepa wanted thousands of pesos for him to attend as a foreign student because he had no Mexican birth certificate, and they did. Like I said earlier, I was there and you weren't so you can't really argue about that conversation, can you? Let's let it go and please keep your rule book handy for the next case.
  24. AlanMexicali. I don't understand the point you are trying to make by posting all these rules and regulations which no one cares about. Whether you want to accept it or not, ( and you clearly don't ) the boy didn't have a Mexican birth certificate to present until such time as we helped his mother get all the paperwork done with his American birth certificate. Until that time he was not allowed to register in Prepa. He was allowed to attend Primaria and Secundaria , but NOT Prepa. Let's agree on this, Alan. Next time I have a kid I'm sponsoring in this situation, how about if YOU take over and use all your rules and regulations to fix the problem. Thank you in advance. Now I know who to contact, and the family will greatly appreciate your expertise and assistance.
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