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  1. After they do 5 years of training at the university, in which the last 2 years they spend most of their time in the IMSS hospitals, the students are required to do a year of free service to a government institution as a way of paying the government back for what was considered a free education. They would not send a student to a "for profit" business like one of the pharmacies. They send them to IMSS hospitals and clinics, and Centros de Salud, for example. The best doctors are not going to sit at one of those pharmacies for 200p a day after going to school all those years. Who would? Only someone who can't find anything better, or someone who is a doctor and owns the pharmacy and makes money from selling the medications.
  2. Yes I think it does. The doctors who work at those Pharmacies are paid a wage similar to that of an uneducated construction worker, ( or less) after attending university and doing their service for 6 years. That wage will not attract the best graduates of medical school, nor will the very limited and repetitive nature of the patients' complaints they will hear. Anyone good at medicine will not settle for a job like that, in my opinion. To me its shocking that any doctor will work for those wages. I have seen jobs advertised in the past at those pharmacies offering a wage of 200p a day. For a doctor. Imagine.
  3. They claim they honor "Medicare Advantage Plans".
  4. I noticed the very light traffic too, and it was a welcome relief.
  5. I thought they were "Mediterranean " for a while in between too. It's a long and winding road.
  6. Be civil or leave the conversation. That's an ignorant comment and completely uncalled for. Who is the "we" you think you represent?
  7. Worth reading before doing any stem cell therapy. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/miraculous-stem-cell-therapy-has-sickened-people-in-five-states/2019/02/26/c04b23a4-3539-11e9-854a-7a14d7fec96a_story.html?utm_term=.f733319ffdf2
  8. Yes it does. You probably got them through an agency and that person doubled what she was paying the ladies.
  9. Go see Notario #2, Luis Enrique Ramos Bustillos. He is actually not in Chapala, but near the Chula Vista golf course in San Antonio. The address is Calle del Parque Ote #60, Chula Vista. Call for an appointment to 766 0190 or 766 0290. He is an excellent person to deal with and perhaps he can help you more than the other notario you saw.
  10. I too ordered something from the American site recently on a Wednesday night and received it on Saturday. Amazingly quick!
  11. Where are you studying? Are you a Prepa student?
  12. Although 2 people have recommended José Martinez, finding a guy with that name in Mexico is rather like looking for a needle in a haystack isn't it? Wouldn't it be a good idea to provide contact information?
  13. If he applied to the University of Guadalajara he will find out on Monday and will start orientation courses on Wednesday. They don't give you much notice!
  14. Not with leather. I learned that the hard way.
  15. Here is a post I saw on Facebook this morning, where a lady is looking for work as a caregiver. Perhaps you might be interested in her. Martha Jimeno shared her first post. 12 hrs Hello everyone! I'm new in town and I'm looking for a long-term position in Chapala or Ajijic as a: *caregiver *pet sitter *house sitter *Spanish teacher *professional translator/interpreter (English-Spanish-English). I'm fully bilingual honest, reliable, and have excellent personal & job references. I Have computer skills and am an excellent driver; I can drive you to your doctor's appointments or, as a change of scenery, out for lunch. Name: Martha. Whatsapp: 3327994203.
  16. We don't let them into our development. Our guard signs for the package and sends them away, and then calls us to come and get it at the gate. Perhaps your development would consider doing the same. This also saves you having to open your door to someone you don't know. I hope this was reported to the delivery service they worked for.
  17. If you write a letter explaining your complaint and sign it for example as "Susan R.", how on earth is anyone going to know who that is and plan retribution against them? This is hardly something to be fearful about. When people want a change they have to help make that change. This is an opportunity to possibly have something actually done for a change but if no one will tell their story, and there are many stories out there if they can just be found, then nothing will happen so everyone should stop complaining when they get pulled over for a bribe the next time. I see Facebook posts complaining about mordida regularly, yet apparently there are only 4 people who have stepped up so far.
  18. Up to six months, as long as you are just visiting and not moving there.
  19. We have flushed Costco's Kirkland toilet paper through our 4 inch PVC pipes into our septic field for 12 years without a problem.
  20. Try Arbel Marquez at 766 5161 or 331 447 4647
  21. No one else has even close to the number of choices Diane Pearl has, and she makes a specially packed box up for transport home if you are not from this area. They are extremely delicate, especially their fingers, and therefore hard to transport.
  22. This is an excellent group who provide school sponsorships for children , including uniforms. http://www.saveafuturewitheducation.com/about_us
  23. You have chosen the worst time to come and look for a place, in my opinion. Yes, in the winter we are saturated. With the rental market being so tight right now, all the rentals will be full and the property management companies and individuals who run the rentals won't be able to get you in to look at properties. I think you would do much better in April or May when the snowbirds are gone. More places will be available. Last year and this year the number of people wanting to move here has increased substantially and it is making it difficult to find accommodations if you are a renter. There used to be a lot more rentals available but new arrivals took a lot of them, and the rule of supply and demand drove prices up, and then a lot of houses which used to be rentals were sold because real estate prices went up as well due to all the new arrivals. I have heard that some renters rent all year long now even though they are snowbirds, just to ensure they have their spot for the winter, although they don't want to buy into the market. I don't know if that happens much but perhaps some people do it. Things have definitely changed here. If you still want to come Jan through Mar, you need to book something very soon.
  24. Scorpions do sting dogs, absolutely. My cleaning lady lost her 10 lb. dog to a sting once.
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