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  1. I use a service online called OFX. They charge $15 and take the money from my TD Canada Trust account and drop it into my Bancomer account. I just transferred $10K and they waived the service fee. As with all foreign exchange the rate they give you changes constantly. It was a bit of paperwork to get it set up but now it is super easy every time I use it. I used to write a cheque to Bancomer from the Canadian account but they give a poor exchange rate and you have to sit and wait to see someone and wait while they call Mexico City for a rate, etc. Then I couldn't get access to the money for weeks while the cheque cleared via pony express. OFX is much more convenient. I can do it from home on my computer or phone and check rates any time. I'm very happy with it. https://www.ofx.com/en-us/
  2. A young lady I know who works at a medical clinic in Jocotepec told me that they see about 15 covid patients a day, with about half being first visit new patients and the rest being previous visit patients. I think that's a lot.
  3. The free insurance I saw advertised by Air Canada was very limited to certain dates.
  4. This has been the worst couple of weeks for bobos in our opinion, in 14 years here. More so about a week ago. They were in unbelievable quantities at our house.
  5. Why are the local residents supposed to be looking for a new location? Is it not the responsibility of the municipality to find a suitable location? Are the local residents and neighbors supposed to find and buy land for this shelter? That will never happen. The municipality needs to be responsible for and correct the mistake they made by placing this shelter in a high density housing area.
  6. Is that the Royal "we"? Or are you offering your help to work to get them all adopted?
  7. My experience with her was not good. It was years ago and she didn't strike me as being on the ball. One example is that she had me go to Guad for a special thyroid test and she wanted the results sent to her office in the city. We had an appointment to discuss the results here in town and when she showed up for it she hadn't brought them so couldn't discuss them. A waste of time. Then I went to another Endocrinologist about my thyroid and after talking with me she wanted me to go for a mammogram and then come back. What would that have to do with my thyroid? I went to a third one and he just wanted to push some vitamins of some sort that he produced with his name on the label. 3 strikes for me on Endocrinologists. Sorry there isn't one I can recommend for you.
  8. This post is two years old. It would be better to start your own new post.
  9. I don't understand what you mean. They won't have what support programs to assist them? An emergency will put them in what kind of distress?
  10. More about these two doctors and their "statistics". https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/04/28/cue-the-debunking-two-bakersfield-doctors-go-viral-with-dubious-covid-test-conclusions/
  11. You should give her full pay! Her bills didn't just drop by 60%, did they?
  12. There has been a Caremongering group for this area set up on Facebook but it is geared towards helping foreigners who need help, I think. Language is the issue that would keep the Mexican community from reading it and taking part. https://www.facebook.com/groups/3660232657383288/ Operation Feed in San Juan Cosala is asking for help to feed extra families who have lost their employment. https://www.facebook.com/OperationFeedsjc/
  13. Not in the Laguna Mall. He is located in Interlago Plaza. I would recommend him too.
  14. The workers are not allowed to enter homes, so don't worry about it. They will conduct the survey at your door.
  15. Pesos for Paws are set up to take donations through the Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities, which provides tax receipts for Americans. I don't know how they differ from Tails of Mexico but I think they are set up that way too.
  16. Would you be willing to contribute so that they can do more? There is a new organization to raise funds for this named Pesos for Paws. You could also volunteer at the spay and neuter clinics to be of help if funding is not possible. https://pesosforpaws.org/about-pesos-for-paws/
  17. We ate there today too. I had the 125p chicken gyro which was a little messy to eat but delicious. My husband had the 80p American style hotcakes which are topped with fried eggs, bacon, and grilled ham slices. He enjoyed it very much. Both were well worth the price!
  18. There is no reason to do that and as many have said, there are Ophthalmologists like Dra Camacho right here in town who speak perfect English. A translator is unnecessary. In fact Dr Rios of Alta Retina in Mirasol can consult with you in perfect English (755 1521) and then does the surgery here in town too at the new hospital in San Antonio. That's another option.
  19. Using the CBX is a little bit risky in my opinion, because there is no INM office there for registering that you are leaving and re-entering Mexico. There is an INM office somewhere in Tijuana (a couple of miles away I think) and if you were following the rules you would have to go there to do that process, before coming back to the airport and crossing to the United States. There is no one at the airport to turn your documents in to. To do what you are suggesting, you would be leaving Mexico without registering that you are, and although you would probably never be found out, what if you were? For that reason, when I went to San Diego last week to cruise on the Oosterdam, I flew direct to San Diego. I have a Permanente visa and wouldn't want to have problems with it.
  20. This product is outstanding in our opinion. There is a large bottle and a spray bottle combo available at Costco which is not much more than buying a single spray bottle here. It also works on blood stains, we found, as long as you don't use something else on the stain first.
  21. If your friend is Canadian, Twizzlers are best as RedVines are an American product and they don't taste the same.
  22. One piece of advice would be to start looking for a place NOW. That is "Prime Time! " For only 9 days a B&B is probably best or maybe an Air B&B. You can easily get a taxi from the airport or you can hire a driver to pick you up. I recommend Alex Peterson and can send you his email if you PM me. Search B&B's for Ajijic, as there are numerous, and all are nice. It is SO easy to meet people here. Just talk to anyone you see. The Plaza in Ajijic has many foreigners in the surrounding restaurants and if you talk to them they are almost always friendly. Stop in at the Lake Chapala Society and talk with anyone you see for information. If you like music look up Francis Dryden on Facebook who has a weekly newsletter about all the bands who are playing around town. Have a great vacation!
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