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  1. Yes I think that's it. He always refers to it as a hospital though and looking online I see they have an IMSS hospital there so maybe that is what she has rather than Seguro Popular. I thought she would have the free one due to lack of money.
  2. A young man I know from a very poor family has a mother who needs daily dialysis and she was loaned a portable machine to keep at home for her daily treatments by Seguro Popular. She got it from the hospital in Tlajamulco, where she goes for regular checkups but at least has the machine at home. Does your young man have Seguro Popular coverage? If not its time to sign up. Its not great coverage so many locals don't want to sign up for it, but its better than nothing.
  3. Try Cadillac Furnishings in the little store on the carretara just west of Juarez. Across from the big new building that is going up.
  4. To practice here your wife would have to obtain a Cedula, which is a professional registration number received from the government. It is a long process and here is one description I found online. She would also need to be fluent in Spanish.
  5. Keep in mind that cantera gets very hot in the sun, unlike cool deck. It is very hot on bare feet once the stone is dry.
  6. Could this be him? I saw someone posting about him wandering in Villa Nova since the beginning of April, on a Facebook page for lost and found animals. They say his owner hasn't been seen in months.
  7. Edith has been here for years and charges 600p for cut and highlights. I think she does a good job.
  8. I heard on Facebook that the fire is up above the street in Ajijic centro that has the school with all the skulls on it, across from the church. I can't recall the name of that street.
  9. La Ceiba is easy to find as they have good signage. We tried it and were happy with what we had. There are many different types of burgers such as ostrich and buffalo. I hope they'll get busier and we would definitely go again.
  10. You've got to be kidding. When I correct you for twisting my comments you respond with "Now you've twisted my comments completely". I do agree with you that you made a mistake "by taking a chance to offer a little education", because your information was wrong. Those are not students doing their service.
  11. That is a saying I always use too. Those are the ones I hope not to work with. I would prefer someone who graduated in the top half of the class, especially when it comes to doctors and my health. Someone who settles for making less in a day than the lady who cleans my house would not be my choice for a doctor. If you have a sore throat, you might go there but as soon as there is anything seriously wrong wouldn't you too prefer someone from the top half of the class?
  12. Where did I say that they didn't train at university? Where did I say the service period is not mandated by the government? If you put your reading glasses on and go back you will see that I clearly stated all the students have to do a year of service AT A GOVERNMENT FACILITY, NOT A "FOR PROFIT" BUSINESS. They are not doing their service there.
  13. After they do 5 years of training at the university, in which the last 2 years they spend most of their time in the IMSS hospitals, the students are required to do a year of free service to a government institution as a way of paying the government back for what was considered a free education. They would not send a student to a "for profit" business like one of the pharmacies. They send them to IMSS hospitals and clinics, and Centros de Salud, for example. The best doctors are not going to sit at one of those pharmacies for 200p a day after going to school all those years. Who would? Only someone who can't find anything better, or someone who is a doctor and owns the pharmacy and makes money from selling the medications.
  14. Yes I think it does. The doctors who work at those Pharmacies are paid a wage similar to that of an uneducated construction worker, ( or less) after attending university and doing their service for 6 years. That wage will not attract the best graduates of medical school, nor will the very limited and repetitive nature of the patients' complaints they will hear. Anyone good at medicine will not settle for a job like that, in my opinion. To me its shocking that any doctor will work for those wages. I have seen jobs advertised in the past at those pharmacies offering a wage of 200p a day. For a doctor. Imagine.
  15. They claim they honor "Medicare Advantage Plans".
  16. I noticed the very light traffic too, and it was a welcome relief.
  17. I thought they were "Mediterranean " for a while in between too. It's a long and winding road.
  18. Be civil or leave the conversation. That's an ignorant comment and completely uncalled for. Who is the "we" you think you represent?
  19. Worth reading before doing any stem cell therapy. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/miraculous-stem-cell-therapy-has-sickened-people-in-five-states/2019/02/26/c04b23a4-3539-11e9-854a-7a14d7fec96a_story.html?utm_term=.f733319ffdf2
  20. Yes it does. You probably got them through an agency and that person doubled what she was paying the ladies.
  21. Go see Notario #2, Luis Enrique Ramos Bustillos. He is actually not in Chapala, but near the Chula Vista golf course in San Antonio. The address is Calle del Parque Ote #60, Chula Vista. Call for an appointment to 766 0190 or 766 0290. He is an excellent person to deal with and perhaps he can help you more than the other notario you saw.
  22. I too ordered something from the American site recently on a Wednesday night and received it on Saturday. Amazingly quick!
  23. Where are you studying? Are you a Prepa student?
  24. Although 2 people have recommended José Martinez, finding a guy with that name in Mexico is rather like looking for a needle in a haystack isn't it? Wouldn't it be a good idea to provide contact information?
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