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  1. A friend who tested there yesterday had her results emailed to her within an hour.
  2. I think you are confused between which vaccines the European Union has chosen to order and give to their population ( the ones you listed plus Astra Zeneca which a few have put on hold now), and what you will need to have as proof of vaccination possibly down the road to enter European countries. There is talk of a "vaccination passport" or some thing similar, but nothing is agreed to at this point. For now proof of vaccination is not required and it may never be agreed to that it is necessary. All countries are using different vaccines and no country is going to say that they will only let
  3. The reported numbers in Mexico can't be believed. Here is an article on the opinion of the UNAM university. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/official-count-is-2-million-coronavirus-cases-but-university-says-its-at-least-17-million/
  4. I read that there will be rolling blackouts in several states between 6 and 11pm, and that the power is for those States in Northern Mexico who have experienced the bad weather and snow.
  5. Costco won't let you in if you are over 60, so I bet Sam's won't either.
  6. If you think you can do better than him (and I bet you didn't even talk to him) especially in our area, then you are living in a dream world. Good luck with that. https://www.chapala.com/elojo/163-articles-2014/april-2014/2475-miguel-mora-a-muralist-for-the-ages
  7. He painted a large painting for us when we moved here in 2006, and it was at that time he told us of his work for the museums. I have not had restoration done.
  8. Maestro Miguel Mora lives in Chapala and has done many restorations of art for the museums in Mexico City. He has many years of experience and if anyone local could help you I bet it would be him. He is the artist who recently supervised the touchup of the big mural on the carretara near Chapala and also painted the art inside the dome at the end of the Chapala malecon.
  9. Bancomer doesn't charge me anything. When I sent the money the other day the $15 fee applied if I was sending 5K, but they waived it with 10K.
  10. I use a service online called OFX. They charge $15 and take the money from my TD Canada Trust account and drop it into my Bancomer account. I just transferred $10K and they waived the service fee. As with all foreign exchange the rate they give you changes constantly. It was a bit of paperwork to get it set up but now it is super easy every time I use it. I used to write a cheque to Bancomer from the Canadian account but they give a poor exchange rate and you have to sit and wait to see someone and wait while they call Mexico City for a rate, etc. Then I couldn't get access to the money f
  11. A young lady I know who works at a medical clinic in Jocotepec told me that they see about 15 covid patients a day, with about half being first visit new patients and the rest being previous visit patients. I think that's a lot.
  12. The free insurance I saw advertised by Air Canada was very limited to certain dates.
  13. This has been the worst couple of weeks for bobos in our opinion, in 14 years here. More so about a week ago. They were in unbelievable quantities at our house.
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