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  1. Call Carlos Taylor Of Taylor Pool Services at 331 410 4414. We have used his service for 13 years and he will look after you well. He speaks English which makes it easy for foreigners.
  2. I'm really surprised to hear that the San Antonio Hospital can't deal with a heart attack. Are you sure?
  3. There is new construction going on at the former location of Lomwell's Car Wash on the carretara in west Ajijic, and although its been going on for months, I have never seen any speculation whatsoever on what it's going to be. Does anyone know for sure? A lady in the store across the road told me that it will be a third private hospital.
  4. Another guy who was rather expensive but really seemed to know what he was doing is Raphael Granados 333 486 4706 or 766 3797.
  5. gimpychimp

    Real Chef's

    Mexico has been winning quite a few prizes in the world of Gastronomy. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/mexican-named-worlds-best-female-chef/ https://www.wearelatinlive.com/article/12643/mexico-wins-gold-silver-and-bronze-in-the-culinary-world-cup https://www.sanpellegrinoyoungchef.com/en/winners-of-latin-america-regional-final-2019
  6. gimpychimp

    Real Chef's

    There is a 4 year Gastronomy program at the Instituto Tecnologico on the libramiento now, and the first generation will graduate in about a year. There are also Gastronomy programs in Guadalajara of course, but the one out here will put more trained people into the workforce locally for sure.
  7. If it is the 2013 model of the Nexus 7 tablet, it is quite easy to change the battery as shown in the video and it only costs about 15 USD to buy one. I have a spare one I bought a year ago which is unused, if you need it.
  8. You can pay at OXXO or even pay online right on your phone using the MiTelcel or Telcel Pay app.
  9. To buy one locally the best selection by far will be at Diane Pearl's store in Ajijic. She always has lots of them in stock and she makes special boxes for them for a small fee which help visitors get them home without breakage.
  10. Yes I think that's it. He always refers to it as a hospital though and looking online I see they have an IMSS hospital there so maybe that is what she has rather than Seguro Popular. I thought she would have the free one due to lack of money.
  11. A young man I know from a very poor family has a mother who needs daily dialysis and she was loaned a portable machine to keep at home for her daily treatments by Seguro Popular. She got it from the hospital in Tlajamulco, where she goes for regular checkups but at least has the machine at home. Does your young man have Seguro Popular coverage? If not its time to sign up. Its not great coverage so many locals don't want to sign up for it, but its better than nothing.
  12. Try Cadillac Furnishings in the little store on the carretara just west of Juarez. Across from the big new building that is going up.
  13. To practice here your wife would have to obtain a Cedula, which is a professional registration number received from the government. It is a long process and here is one description I found online. She would also need to be fluent in Spanish.
  14. Keep in mind that cantera gets very hot in the sun, unlike cool deck. It is very hot on bare feet once the stone is dry.
  15. Could this be him? I saw someone posting about him wandering in Villa Nova since the beginning of April, on a Facebook page for lost and found animals. They say his owner hasn't been seen in months.
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