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  1. gimpychimp

    Faux painting

    Try Arbel Marquez at 766 5161 or 331 447 4647
  2. gimpychimp


    No one else has even close to the number of choices Diane Pearl has, and she makes a specially packed box up for transport home if you are not from this area. They are extremely delicate, especially their fingers, and therefore hard to transport.
  3. gimpychimp

    School uniforms/sponsorship

    This is an excellent group who provide school sponsorships for children , including uniforms. http://www.saveafuturewitheducation.com/about_us
  4. You have chosen the worst time to come and look for a place, in my opinion. Yes, in the winter we are saturated. With the rental market being so tight right now, all the rentals will be full and the property management companies and individuals who run the rentals won't be able to get you in to look at properties. I think you would do much better in April or May when the snowbirds are gone. More places will be available. Last year and this year the number of people wanting to move here has increased substantially and it is making it difficult to find accommodations if you are a renter. There used to be a lot more rentals available but new arrivals took a lot of them, and the rule of supply and demand drove prices up, and then a lot of houses which used to be rentals were sold because real estate prices went up as well due to all the new arrivals. I have heard that some renters rent all year long now even though they are snowbirds, just to ensure they have their spot for the winter, although they don't want to buy into the market. I don't know if that happens much but perhaps some people do it. Things have definitely changed here. If you still want to come Jan through Mar, you need to book something very soon.
  5. Scorpions do sting dogs, absolutely. My cleaning lady lost her 10 lb. dog to a sting once.
  6. Wow, your neighbor is a very special kind of cheapskate, trying to justify not paying her because in his mind she is having some kind of a holiday at his house. That's despicable, really. Most people pay 200p or 250p a day.
  7. gimpychimp

    New nuisance caller on cell phone

    Can someone tell me please how to clear a "new Voicemail" notification off my cell phone? When I dial *86 to hear it, it is a recording in Spanish, but I don't know how to erase it so the notification on my home screen will go away. Thanks!
  8. I feel like I just saw that dog recently in a post where they were looking for a home for her. I will search a bit.
  9. gimpychimp

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    I think they were trying to use the word "menos". 🤣 The drink "menos azucar" was being touted as a "normal" Coke.
  10. gimpychimp

    Crem Ajijic Music School

    I will PM you a contact for the school.
  11. There is a dog which a lady rescued, being advertised on Facebook as needing a home. She looks medium sized and sounds fantastic. Here is her ad: Connie Webb 41 mins · Miss Maya is still looking for her forever home. We are going to be moving again, and the house is much smaller. That is only one of the reasons I can't keep her. She would do much better in a home with children to play with or another playful dog to keep her company, my Chihuahuas just aren't interested in playing. She's a little love bug, smart as can be, and figured out how to open the screen doors here in the house within days of arriving. She is crate trained and doesn't make a sound when you lock her in. She loves to chew pigs ears, and plays gently with her stuffies. She has been spayed, and vaccinated. She can be flown to Canada or the US. Wont someone please adopt her, or share, share , share and lets find her a home!
  12. gimpychimp

    Pool servicing

    Call Carlos Taylor from Taylor Pool Servicing 331 410 4414 He is bilingual and has looked after our pool for many years.
  13. gimpychimp

    Renewing Perm. Resident card

    I don't think you can renew if it is expired. I think you have to apply again from the beginning in your own country. This would be a good time to pay for professional advice from someone like Spencer. ( Intercasa on this board ) I think you should make an appointment right away to see what your options are.
  14. gimpychimp

    M & J Pizza's New Location

    No different than trying to park near the old location with all the Tapatios in town for the weekend.
  15. gimpychimp

    ordering from amazon

    I have found the Mexican site to be much more expensive than the American one.