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  1. Good story, HG! Good for mom. I vote for Gloriosa and Sasha as well. Edited to add Edith's Salon on Ocampo.
  2. Thanks, Tomgates, I've wondered about the food there, seems all people do there is buy the drinks that they're famous for. The church in SLS has recently been restored and is worth a look, the comedors fronting the church have good food, the plaza and malecón are nice, there is a B and B called Los Crotos that serves meals just west of the plaza, and Dani, west of the plaza and on the south side of the carretera, has some of the best chicken anywhere. If you walk west of Dani's chicken stand/restaurant just a few more yards, there is a restaurant called La Huerta that serves pretty good food and has a pleasant place to eat. Stop and visit the broom man of San Luis a little west of the plaza on the carretera and on the south side. San Luis is a nice town.
  3. But that wouldn't include a nice ride on the lake though would it? Sometimes it's not the destination but the journey. . .somebody famous said that but I can't remember who. San Juan? Doesn't it go to San Luis Soyatlan? Thanks for the info.
  4. I love this thread! When I got here in '04 this thread would've been about 3 posts long. Guess it has to do with the downturn in the US economy. Whatever, so glad there are younger people here now and I'm looking forward to running into you when I move back into town soon.
  5. Hi,

    I will be in Ajijic in May for a couple of weeks and then again in August. I would very much like to attend one of your meetings.


  6. OMG Travis, you made me spew my grilled cheese sandwich all over the keyboard. Hahaha, too funny.
  7. Tuesday night meeting info? address? thanks.

  8. Once again, you nailed it! Girl, you should have been a lawyer, you're good.

    How stupid can some people be. . .



  9. BTW, you can't receive messages, did you know that?


  10. Thanks Marci!

    Couldn't have said it better myself. I was going to respond this morning but got closed out. Seems that the line is drawn between writers and non-writers.

    You nailed it.


  11. Hey Trailrunner, where is this rubbish pile? I'd like a small piece.



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