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  1. Come on hearing and actually seeing or different in English. Seeing is normally appreciated as actual proof.
  4. Does anyone have current contact info for Antonio Enciso or another electric fence company. TIA
  5. Appreciated your private response, however this does not address his qualifications & other possible problems . These need further response.
  6. Would appreciate any experience, negative or positive. Please PM if you wish. Thanks
  7. As a property owner in RQ &a dues payer I would appreciate an answer as to who provided this invalid information . This would allow the RQ BOARD to stop misinformation of this magnitude. I believe ( hopefully) this would require a SPECIAL ASSEMBLY VOTE to approve, if not GOD help us This would preclude potential lawsuits & injunction relief as this is a private fracc. .
  8. Would someone please comment on current situation as I have an appointment scheduled in PM today that will be difficult to cancel. Thanks in advance
  9. The owner is not dead. He was deported on criminal charges. The real problem was the theft of the dog which is being addressed by others (breaking &entering, theft of property etc.). This was all avoidable by examining the situation & not listening to a person who had a vested interest. Much thanks to the realtor & Kens father who spent in excess of 1400.us to return Dalton. I will always cherish my time as he was a very sane & honest individual.
  10. To put the portion of this topic concerning Dalton, Ken's dog to bed, here is what transpired. The realtor came today with airline personnel & a prepaid ticket to US. The dog was taken & will arrive in US tomorrow. This all took place as promised & the dog had no problems. The only problem that exists is who will pay for gate repair. Again, in the future it is probably advisable to pursue the evidence & check on your sources to insure validity before posting.
  11. My understanding is the dog is to be returned this next week to his family.He is not in stress. I live across the street & have not heard him barking all night.I am in my office until 10-10:30 & don't hear excessive barking.The question then becomes is the dogs conditon important or the desire to own the dog. As previously stated I have no desire to own the dog as I have three.I want him to be reunited with Ken,s family.
  12. The dog as previously stated is being fed & watered twice daily & played with at least three times per day. In addition the maid & gardner play with & provide companionship regularly. I took on the responsibility to feed & water the dog when I discoveed him on a wall where he had 2 choices, to jump 12 feet or turn around in a space he could not negotiate. The gardner & I turned him around & & I began feeding him & playing with him. I do not consider myself to be his owner or father. I talked to the kind lady neighbors boyfriend on Thursday & he agreed to let the situation play out but he wanted the dog if it were not returned to US. I told him this would not be my decision. On Friday the boyfriend came to my house & stated he had pried gate apart & taken dog. I told him I did not know if this were legal or not , that it would be considered theft in US. The dog was returned Saturday & its return to US is imminent. In response to the post about mistreatment & violation of Jalisco, the only broken law would be prying gates apart & taking dog. The dog has an extremely large exercise area. If you are concerned come pet him thru the fence.He loves it. In the future you might consider your sources & pay a prior visit before posting inflamatory e-mails. Thanks ,
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