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  1. simpsca

    New TELCEL internet experience?

    A friend told me it's a TELCEL modem and you pay a monthly fee for service. I'm just guessing buy imagine you can use it for any device that uses wifi.
  2. Anyone using the new TELCEL internet? Are you happy with it? I'm tired of the problems with Telmex internet.
  3. Anyone using the new TELCEL internet? Are you happy with it? I'm tired of the problems with Telex internet.
  4. simpsca

    Rug Wanted

    Sent you a private message.
  5. simpsca

    Epsom salt

    I got some at farmacia Cristina - they sold it in very small packages. Haven't looked for it recently.
  6. simpsca

    EXCELLENT auto body repair!

    How long did it take for them to do your car?
  7. simpsca

    Excellent plumber experience

    Yes I use him for plummbing, electrical and handy man - liight construction projects and have for years.
  8. simpsca

    Francisco Mechanic

    Oh no, they are my favorite mechanic. They have fixed problems that no one else could even diagnose properly. What about Hugo the son?
  9. simpsca


    I'm not afraid to drive into Guadalajara, but was in a pinch time wise since cousins were arriving from the US and had a trip planned. So I was glad to get to see Dr. Ortiz lakeside on a Saturday. Otherwise I would have driven in to Guadalajara to see someone. And Ortiz got the problem caused by my cardiologist in US who cut back my medication too much.
  10. simpsca


    Thanks for posting Intercasa. I've heard some horror stories, from close friends, especially Puerto Hierro, guard standing with a gun so they couldn't leave, wanted payment but wouldn't give a factura. I hadn't heard all the heart related stuff though.
  11. simpsca


    Harry thanks for the info. Yes a friend went to Sta. Margarita and it was a joke of a hospital. Dr. B is excellent, I have been to him many times but was unable to get in before my trip. Was finally able to see a Dr. Ortiz Cardioligist who comes lakeside two days a week. It was a matter of increasing medication, so I was fine for my trip. So glad your stent surgery went fine.
  12. simpsca


    Thanks for letting me know about Dr. B's new cardio assistant. Maybe I can get in sooner with her there.
  13. simpsca


    Sent you a PM. I have been to Dr. Brisena but was unable to get an appointment before my trip. Went to a Dr. Ortiz who comes lakeside usually on a Sat. He was thorough, not as good English as Dr. B. But didn't know what to do to get in before my trip. Ortiz was thorough and increased my meds so I was fine for my trip. Thank you all.
  14. simpsca


    Thanks, I got your message and sent a reply.
  15. simpsca


    Does anyone have experience with the cardiologist Dr. Salvador Flores who comes to the Ajijic Clinic? Need to see one soon and most of the others have a wait to get in.