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  1. Can anyone recommend a gastroenterologist good at treating gastro diseases like diverticulosis and colitis and an autoimmune conditions? Any suggestions lakeside or in Guadalajara welcomed. Thank you
  2. There is a common cleaning product here that removes calcium buildup called BAM. But the one that says suaro, which means calcium scale. Contains some acid so be careful.
  3. Anyone have a phone number for Cavalario TV repair?
  4. I'm so sorry I missed this. I did not hear he had passed. Julie when did that happen?
  5. I asked the respiratory specialist about the cleaning machine. She said the ozone that cleans your CPAP generated by the cleaning machine sometimes destroys delicate seals in your machine. She did not recomment it. I clean my machine water tray, maks and hose with Dawn dishwashing liquid.
  6. You will need a prescription from a doctor and a Mx doctor will do that to you. You can email or fax it to a CPAP company in US and have someone bring it down for you. If you know your setting (pressure) the US company will set it for you. They are way too expensive here. This is the company I have used and they are having a sale right now on a $500 machine for $249 and shipping to a location in US is free. https://www.cpap.com/cpap-machines/cpap-machine
  7. Way too expensive. Dr. Claudia Camacho (33) 3403 3857 does cataract surgery. She will do the consult in her clinic in Chapala above the immigration building. and you can hire a driver to Guadalajara and back for the surgery. I think Dr. Camacho charges 800 to 900 pesos for the consult. Miramontes 766-1142 has many drivers who will take you in and bring you back and all speak English.
  8. Emily's Soups this week Sept. 17 - at It's Kinda Bazar and Kinda Not" open Tues. through Sat. 10 tp 3pm. Inside the Bazaar in Riberas del Pilar. 16 oz for 65 pesos Chicken veggie Broccoli cheese Italian beef Split pea And Cream of tomato
  9. Ooma - you buy the device and program your phone number. Monthly charges around $7 USD. Works like a dream. Great sound quality, and the machine is also an answering machine so you can hear your missed calls.
  10. That happened a few years ago in the Raquet Club. Water built up in the hills and one early evening it let loose, was not raining and I know someone who went out to move his car inside his cochera and he got washed down the street. Police and several by standers helped him out of the water and got him back home.
  11. It pays to shop around for MRIs. I believe the new Hospital San Antonio can do MRIs now, please correct me if I'm wrong. I have had several in Guadalajara and at the time I had Mx medical insurance. So I called several on the list to get the price. Prices varried greatly. And if you have a DIF or INAPAM card you get a 20% discount. Last one was at a imaging clinic near Hospital Del Carmen. When I called they told me they were having a sale on MRIs. Yes a sale! Their price was the best and I had been sent there previously by a doctor. So shop around. I have found that Tolsa and Rios are the most expensive for MRIs. Why does your doctor send you there? Many doctors get a "cut" of the fee for your exam.
  12. I have a friend who has since passed away. He had no medical insurance and needed 3 surgeries in one year, paying out of pocket. His doctors knew that and found him reasonably priced hospitals and negotiated the price for him. One doctor, the third surgery, took intallment payments for his work since my friend had money coming in but did not have enough to pay the doctor his whole fee immediately. So try to get help from your doctor.
  13. I have a friend who is available to do house sitting. Short term or long term is OK. He does not have a car so a remote location could be an issue. He has references, single man, no pets, experienced house sitter. Contact Magnus Robertson at magnus125@ymail.com
  14. Dr. Jessica Flores is my recommendation.
  15. Looking for a mechanic who used to work at Francisco's garage in Riberas. I believe he is back in business, I think it's Ricccardo. Does anyone know where he is working now?
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