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  1. When I lived in Sydney Australia I never felt the need for a car. The fact that you can raise your hand for a cab anywhere ot anytime did not impact my freedom. It also did not impact the convenience and time saving. Locals often use cabs even tho they have a car given the convenience often avoiding parking and driving hassles. I managed here without a car for about 6 months. It's not an experience I want to repeat.
  2. A friend is in the process of trying to sell her house at 1/3 less than she paid for it. It is still on the market going on 8 months. Meanwhile she has a permanente and driving a foreign plated car. She wants to get a returno when the house sells and drive her personals back to the states. The car is 15 years old and does not have a lot of value. If she is caught driving now what are the consequences? Impound the car. Okay, she can live with that. Any others?
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