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  1. How many do you know who have paid for IMSS as a backup system however pay for normal medical care and prescriptions out of pocket? Let's be real. Surely you are aware that one of the primary reasons people return NOB is medical. I know four at present in the US for medical treatment and plan to return to Mexico. Do you have the numbers on what group has cost the system the most? Mexicans, Canadians, Americans, Central or South Americans, other?
  2. It is the responsibility of Mexico to determine if offering health care to retirees, foreign workers is in the long term profitable or not. It is not the responsibility of a retiree to turn down a senior entitlement because some foreign fools try and shame them into believing they are robbing the poor, when actually they do not have any statistical imformation to support that premise.
  3. Health insurance is offered by most countries trying to encourage retiree migration. It makes no sense for them not to, to expect people to relocate from an area they are covered to one where they aren't. Wish I had gone for it. My out of pocket was hefty. I know some who expect others to contribute to their care and I can't explain that other than "when in Rome...."
  4. Delicious stroganoff, Francine. Thank you.
  5. I've had enough surrealism in the last few weeks to last a lifetime. I would pack if I could walk. Dang.
  6. You're suggesting they have a tiger by the tail? Perhaps. So did the US in respect to slavery, but eventually they did what needed to be done and also dealt with the consequences and reconstruction afterwards. Mexico does not have the desire or the will.
  7. Inflation here in mexico has been obvious for sometime, food being one of the highest increases.
  8. I've heard it referred to as a birthday. LOL. Would you prefer-- Good morning, America, I love you.
  9. Happy Birthday America
  10. Maybe a clue. The last mega outdoor concert and attended was Altamont. And that was probably the last outdoor event. No crowd control, poor organization, poor security, too many with a lot of energy on various substances. My point was that drug use is pretty common around here without the concerts. Meth, yeah. Kids and drugs use is a problem. They don't need the rave for that.
  11. Young folks show up every week-end, somtimes they bring the drugs, sometimes buy them here, or simply drink a lot. Y'all just had more of them then usual at one time.
  12. Living in the village on a daily baisis mexicans are quiet, private and reserved. Their language is formal and more polite than engish. However, when there is a festival or event the table turns and they are noisy, outrageous, uninhibited. I had the pleasure last night watching a soft mannered waiter I know dancing half dressed on a pool table with a pool stick as his partner. The whooping and screaming were over top. The language dramatically changes. This doesn't envolve simply young people. Festivals and events seem to provide some kind of release. I sure somebody more knowledgeable could write a PHd on the subject.
  13. I can't see why those who have opted for Mexican citizenship can't organize a group of representatives that can directly and politically adress their concerns to the local government.
  14. Sounds like Banda. Yup, 10-20 member playing loud percussion instruments, incorporating various Mexican genres. The singers seem to scream out something now and then. It's too loud for me, and I find if I'm a distance away from it it gets worse, because some instruments carry and other harmonies get lost in the distance so you end up with this pounding/driving beat.
  15. Scottsdale az is upscale, trendy kinda place. They actually initiated sign ordinances that were challenged and ended in the Supreme Court. Those ordinances are pretty common today in the states. Maybe the poster views some of the suggestions made as like that of Scottsdale.
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