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  1. 4 hours ago, lindaru said:

    Gary, there is no drop off location.  We make arrangements to get your donation from you or you can donate electronically. I can make arrangements for drop offs at aexico, though.

    Fantastic! We have been wanting to go to Viva Mexico for dinner. We are planning going this Saturday afternoon. Can they collect them then? Is there a color that works best? Is it better to donate pesos or towels? Thanks!

  2. 4 minutes ago, Lexy said:

    I did a search on this forum but did not find Oscar the upholsterer's contact info. Does anyone have it? Is he still in business?

    There was also an upholsterer I thought was very good out toward Villa Nova on the right hand side on road going west. His workshop sits back behind a private house. Anyone know his name and number? I lost it sometime ago.

    Thanks for help, as usual.


    Oscar Upholstery

    765-2366 work

  3. Oops the discount percentage I had quoted was for 2013.

    On our 2014 Simapa bill, these are the discounts:

    Desc. 50% - $720.59 (this isn't actually 50% of the total bill - not sure on what amount they calculate it)

    Bonificationes: $408.64

    I'm figuring the 50% was for being Permanente.

    I paid my water bill today and it went from 1504.74 last year to 2265.51 this year. Correct me if I'm wrong but that's about a 50% increase!!

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